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Christ's kingdom universal.

1 Thy will, great Father, I obey;

Pleas'd I accept the offer'd sway,
And through the earth's extended frame

The counsels of thy love proclaim.
2 “ Thou art my Son, on this blest day

“ Begotten ; (thus I hear Thee say ;) « Prefer thy wish, and to thy hand,

« Lo ! I consign each heathen land. 3 " I bid Thee rule the nations round,

“ Far as to earth's remotest bound; “ Though join'd in firmest league, thy foes

“ With vain attempt thy pow'r oppose.” 4 Ye kings, from error's sleep arise,

Ye judges of the earth, be wise ;
And, warm’d with duteous zeal, conspire

To serve with joy th' eternal Sire. 5 0, lest ye perish from the way

That leads to realms of endless day,
With awful love, with holy fear,
His Son, the world's great hope, revere.


The security of God's protection.

1 Thou, O great God, art my defence,

On Thee my hopes rely ;
Thou art my glory, and shalt yet

Lift up my head on high.
2 For whensoe'er in my distress

To Thee I made my pray’r,
Thou heard'st me from thy holy hill,

Why should I now despair ?
3 Guarded by Thee I laid me down,

My sweet repose to take ;
For 1 through Thee securely sleep,

Through Thee in safety wake. 4 Salvation to the Lord belongs,

He only can defend :
His blessing he extends to all

That on his pow'r depend.

PSALM IV.-(0.V.)

Commune with your own heart."

1 STAND ye in awe before the Lord ;

From sinful ways depart; And in your chamber secretly,

Examine well heart.


2 Offer to God the sacrifice

Of righteousness and praise ;
And look, that in the living Lord

Ye put your trust always.
3 While many still on earthly stores

Their hopes and wishes place,
Grant me, O Lord, thy countenance,

Thy favour, and thy grace.
4 Then I in peace will lay me down,

To take my rest and sleep;
For Thou alone, my God and King,

Dost me in safety keep.

PSALM V.-(0.V.)

A prayer for grace and spiritual instruction.

1 HEAR me from heav'n, and to my prayer

Have Thou, O Lord, respect,
When in the morn I still to Thee

and voice direct.

2 I patiently will put my trust

In Thee, O God, alone;
Thou art not pleas’d with wickedness ;

No ill comes near thy throne.
3 I, therefore, in thy courts attend,

To supplicate thy grace,

And reverently in worship took

To thy most holy place.
4 Teach me thy righteousness, that I

May ne'er thy will oppose;
And still the way that I should walk


face disclose.


Supplication for God's mercy.

1 Lord, in thy wrath reprove me not,

Though I deserve thine ire ;
Nor in thine anger chasten me,

O Lord, I Thee desire.

2 But let thy wonted goodness, Lord, Relieve


troubled soul; And, for thy wondrous mercy's sake,

Vouchsafe to make me whole.

3 For after death no more can I

Thy glorious acts proclaim ; No prisoner of the silent grave

Can magnify thy name, 4 O hear, and grant my humble pray'rg

That they who wish my fall, May blush with shame to see that God Protects me from them all.


God the avenger of innocence.


1 Arise, and let thine anger, Lord,


defence engage ; Exalt Thyself above my foes,

And their insulting rage.
2 Awake, awake, in my behalf

Thy judgment to dispense,
Which Thou hast righteously ordain'd

For injur'd innocence.
3 God me protects, nor only me,

But all of upright heart ;
And daily marks the path of those

Who from his laws depart.
4 Therefore will I the righteous ways

Of Providence proclaim;
I'll sing the praise of God most high,

And magnify his name.


God's glory, and his goodness to man in creation and

redemption. 1 O God, our Lord, in earth how great

Is thy most glorious name ! Above the highest firmament

Exalted is thy fame.

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