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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeaf.


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A CARONOLOGICAL SERIES of Events, continued from the preceding volume.

To cach article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in wbich it is to be found. 1784. 08. Morris Keaton and several others seize upon a ship, and murder most of the crew, in a voyage from America to the West Indies, p.95.

1785. Jan. 7. M. Blanchard and Dr Jefferies cross from Dover to France with a balloon, p. 32. 11. The magistrates of Dantzick and the King of Prussia reconciled, p. 198.

Great inconvenience occasioned at Edinburgh, &c. by the stoppage in the circulation of the copper coin of George III p. 150.

Feb.4. A petition from the operative weavers of Glasgow, Paisley, &c. presented to the House of Commons, for a repeal of the tax upon linens and inulins; p. 70.

7. A mason lodge under the name of the Roman Eagle instituted at Edinburgh, the bufiness of which is to be conducted in the Latin language, p. 149.

8. High Bailiff of Weftminster examined by the House of Commons regarding the Westminster scrutiny, p: 73. 117.

11. Eleven resolutions respecting a commercial intercourse between Great Britain and Ireland, agreed to by the Irish House of Commons, p. 102.

16. The Irish House of Peers fignified their concurrence therein, and both Hou. les voted addreffes to his Majesty in consequence, p. 102.

March 3. Mr Pitt introduces into the House of Commons propositions for regula. ting the trade between Great Britain and Ireland, p. 217.

The High Bailiff of Westminster ordered by the House of Commons to put an end to the scrutiny, and to make an immediate return; in consequence of which he returned Lord Hood and Mr Fox, p. 218.

9. A mutual agreement entered into by the courts of London and Paris, to de. liver up the felons of either kingdom who take refuge in the other, p. 199.

14. An alledgeance, that whipping was inflicted in examining criminals in the feriff-court of Edinburgh, refuted, p.15!.

April 2. The winter-Teason, from the first fall of snow on O&. 7. 1784 to that which fell this day, lasted 177 days, and, if about twelve days towards the end of January be excepted, the whole of this period was frofty or snowy, or both.

A great many petitions from different bodies in Great Britain against the propofitions for regulating the trade with Ireland presented to the House of Commons, P. 200.

22. A new French East India Company inftituted, p. 199.

25. A board of General Officers appointed to inspect the fortifications at Ports. mouth and Plymouth, assemble at Portsmouth, p. 303.

27. Several counties in Scotland enter into resolutions for obtaining an alteration of the distillery•laws, and for levying the duty by an annual tax upon the contents of the ftill, p. 203.

The Lord Advocate of Scotland moved, in the House of Commons, for leave to þring in a bill for regulating and altering the system of the courts of exchequer and fession in Scotland, p. 278. 332.

A court-diartial appointed to try Gen. Ross, find it incompetent to try an officer upon half pay, p. 303.

viay. A treaty of confederation entered into between the Kings of Prussia and Sweden, the Electors of Hanover, Saxony, &c. p. 402, 458.

23. Bridget Bonner, discovered on Blackheath by the driver of the mail-cart, fruggling for life, p. 294.

June 1. John Adams, ambassador from America, introduced to the King, p. 305. 3. A grand musical concert performed in Weftminster Abbey in honour of Han

14. The shops in London, &c. fut, to how the abhorrence in which the shoptax is held, p. 304. 355.

15. M. Pilatre de Rofier and the Sieur Roman killed by the balloon with which they ascended from Boulogac having taken fire, p. 305.

June 18.

del, p. 394.

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June 18. Prince William Henry appointed a Lieutenant by the Lords of the Admiralty, p. 305.

24. The tenants on the estate of Auchinleck address the King upon the proposed alteration's in the court of feffion, p. 358.

27. John Lawson of Weftertown indicted before the High Court of Justiciary for perjury, for voting at the election of a member of parliament upon a qualification which was said to be nominal and fi&itious, P: 308. 412. 565.

27. Lord Derby presents a petition to the House of Lords, from the manufacturers at Manchester, against the Irish propositions, sigoed by one hundred and twenty thousand, p. 432.

Fuly 2. A grand expedition set on foot by the Empress of Ruffia for exploring the western parts of her dominions, p. 458.

17. An arret published by the French King, prohibiting the importation of English manufactures into France, p. 351.

19. Mr Crosby ascends with a balloon from Dublin, intending to cross over to England; but falls into the sea, and is taken up by a beat from the shore, p.356.

29. Lords and Commons present a joint address to bis Majesty, after having agreed to the Irish propositions, p.440.

Aug. s. The foundation stone of the South Bridge laid, at Edinburgh, by Lord Haddo, Grand master mason of Scotland, p. 410.

2. A bill presented to the House of Commons, for regulating the commercial in. tercourse with Ireland, p. 440.

15. A bill for regulating the commercial intercourse between Britain and Ireland, founded upon the twenty resolutions of the British parliament, presented to the Irish House of Commons, and given up, p. 488.

Sept. 15. A meeting held at F.dinburgh to consider of applying to the treasury, to get paper upon which a stamp-duty is imposed, in Scotland, to be ftamped at Édinburgh, p. 464.

18. A letter fent by the King of Pruflia to the States.General, respecting the rights of the Stadtholder, p. 507.

20. Preliminary articles of peace between the Emperor of Germany and the StatesGeneral, figned at Paris, p.506.-Nov. 8. Definitive treats figned, p. 556.

Odt. 5. Mr Lunardi ascends with his balloon from Heriot's garden, Edinburgh, and lands within a mile or two of Cupar in Fife, p. 510.-Oct. 22. Makes an aerial excursion from Kelso, p.512.-From Glasgow, p. 567.– From Edinburgh, p. 652.

The workmen begin to level the High street of Edinburgh, p.513. 9. A remarkable darkness at Quebec in North America, p. 611.

19. The convention of delegates from the Royal Boroughs of Scotland meet at Edinburgh, for the purpose of adjusting the propofitions of reform to be laid before Parliament, p.513.

28. Mr Mackay robbed in an extraordinary manner at London by one Chameron, Several county meetings declare their resolution to oppose the proposed reduction of the number of judges in the Court of Session, p.516, &c.

Nov. 9. A Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures instituted at Edinburgh, P. 564.625.

10. Treaty of alliance between France and the United Provinces Gigned at Fontainbleau, p. 558.

13. Col. Dundas and Mr Pemberton, commiffioners appointed to inquire into the claims of the American Loyalists, arrive at Halifax in Nova Scotia, p. 613.

25. Christopher Atkinson, Esq; stood in the pillory in Mark-lane, London, for perjury, p. 615.

25. A memorial presented by the British ambassador to the States-General of the United Provinces, on the subject of a commercial alliance, p. 609.

29. A compensation of 21,580 1. granted by verdict of a jury in the Court of Exchequer, to Mr Forbes of Culloden, in lieu of the exemption from excise-duties which he enjoyed for his lands of Culloden, p. 620.

Number of English bankruptcies during 1785.- Jan. 38. - Feb. 52.-March 48, - April 36.—May 42.- June 37.- July 38.-Aug.41.-Sept. 28.-04.21.-Nov.68. - Dec. 47.-- In all sog.

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speech 4.

с о N т Ε Ν Τ S. PARLIAMENT meets. King's speech i. Blanchard and Jeffries's AERIAL VOYAG

Duke of Hamilton moves the address in from Dover to France 32. the Houfe of Lords, which is carried un Mr Harper's A ERIAL VOYAGE from Bir. animously 2. Commons on their address; mingham 34. speeches of Lord Surrey, Mr Pitt, Lord | Scale of NATURAL BEINGS 35. Norh, Mr Burke, and Mr Fox 2. 3. Ad-Remarkable apecdotes of Mr MATH&W 30. dreis carried

POETRY. Ode for the new year 40. Verses Irish PARLIAMENT. Lord Lieutenant's to Miss Seward by Mr Sedgwick on read

Lords aud Commons on the ing an ill-oacured criticism on her Louisa addseffcs s

40. Winter, an ode 41. On the death of Dr JOHNSON's Lal-Will 6.

a beloved motherib. The soldier's farewell Bad effects of the entertainments of the on the eve of a battle 42. Sonnet to G. STAGE 8.

Denipster, Esq; on his retuling to have his Account of PETER the WILD BOY 9.

carsiage drawn by his fellow.subjects ib. Gov. HASTINGS's letter to the Directors 13.

Anagrali on D. oldys ib. Manger of TRAVELLING in Sweden 17. HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. United Provinces, New Books. Hittory of Modern Europe Germany, Italy 43. America 44. West In

18. Remarks on the Commutacion-act 21. dies 45. England ib. Ireland : Resolutious Reflections on the duties on sugar and röm of the delegates 47.

Scoilaod: Window23. Fielding's Peerage of England, &c. 25.

act trial 49

Trial of Lieur. G. Storie for The Calendar of Nature 27,

the murder of Mr Stuart 50. Trial of Ag. Account of the discovery of MONT BLANC drew Low for theti ib. by M. Bourret of Geneva 29.

Lists. Marriages, Buths, and Deaths sin Anecdote of Queen Caicline 35.

Preferments, Mortality-bill, &ci 54.

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PARLIAMENT. [vol. 46. p. 570.] Irelandras are not yet finally arranged: the Session ad.

iylem which will unite both kingdoms

the most clofel; on principles of recipro. N pursuance of a Royal proclama: cal advantage, will, I am perlivaded, belt tion, dated Nov.26. the parliament enfure the general prosperity of my domet at Weftminster on Tuesday, minions.

Jan. 25. —The King opened the I have the satisfaction to acquaint you, feffion with the following speech.

that, notwithstanding any appearance of " My Lorils and Gentlemen,

differences on the continent, I continue AFTER the laborious attendance of the uniformly 10 receive from all foreign latt letion of parliament, it has given me

powers the frongest assurances of their peculiar pleasure, that the fituation of good disposition towards this country. pablic affairs has admitted of so loog a Genilemen of the House of Commons, rocess,

I have ordered the estimates for the Among the objects which now require ensuing year to be laid before you ; I confideration, I must particularly recom confide in your liberality and zeal to mend to your earnest attention the ado grant the necessary supplies, with a jift justment of such points in the commercial regard, as well to the economy requisite intercourse between Great Britain and in every department, as to the mainteVOL. XLVII.



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