Bibliotheca sinica: Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à l'Empire chinois, Volume 3

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E. Guilmoto, 1906

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Page 1937 - A Collection of Voyages and Travels, consisting of Authentic Writers in our own Tongue, which have not before been collected in English, or have only been abridged in other Collections.
Page 1727 - Lettre de Pékin sur le Génie de la langue Chinoise, et la nature de leur écriture symbolique, comparée avec celle des anciens Egyptiens ; en réponse à celle d'un Membre de la Société Royale des Sciences de Londres sur le même sujet.
Page 1573 - EDKINS.— CHINA'S PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An attempt to show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a common origin.
Page 2073 - Travels into divers Parts of Europe and Asia Undertaken by the French King's Order to discover a new Way by Land into China...
Page 1917 - Bretschneider. — ON THE KNOWLEDGE POSSESSED BY THE ANCIENT CHINESE OF THE ARABS AND ARABIAN COLONIES, and other Western Countries mentioned in Chinese Books.
Page 1595 - BELLOWS. — ENGLISH OUTLINE VOCABULARY for the use of Students of the Chinese, Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With Notes on the Writing of Chinese with Roman Letters, by Professor Summers, King's College, London. Crown 8vo, pp.
Page 1775 - THÉÂTRE CHINOIS, ou choix de pièces de théâtre composées sous les empereurs mongols, traduites pour la première fois sur le texte original, précédées d'une introduction et accompagnées de notes, par M.
Page 1931 - Hakluytus posthumus or Purchas his Pilgrimes. Contayning a History of the World, in Sea voyages & landeTravells, by Englishmen & others.
Page 1761 - Chinese Novels, translated from the Originals ; to which are added Proverbs and Moral Maxims, collected from their classical Books and other sources. The whole prefaced by Observations on the Language and Literature of China. By Sir John Francis Davis, FRS London, John Murray, 1822, 8vo.

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