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An Alphabetical INDE X of the

chief Matters of this Book.


107 617


Benefirs of God's Children, what they are. 195 Bhaiting from external 184s of Sin, not afficient to Bodies, how fall we know they shall be raised at the Reentitle us to Solution.

Pag. 598 Acts of sin, hcio me orany keep from thera. 591 Since they must ly long in the Giave, wh.ut fiul fara Adam, low lung ke contund in Parsi di fe bercre bu Jell.

%5 till there?

Toid. 99 Bodies of the Saints ...l be Glorious at the Reapestica. Adam's Sin, bum mode ours. 91

203 Adopred Son, how the


C. Adoption, the ini'rumental Cause of it. Ibid. Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, what meant. Adultery, the Heino, ness of it, wlrein it appears. § 14 Afflictions of the Godly, how they difir jien those of Call effectuel, the Me.111s of it.

144 tle Wicked. 229 The Qualifications of it.

145 Aftlicion, what Kindness there is in it, when God seemns Cerinthian Hereticks, their Error. mafund.

493 Change in the new Creature, wizrein it confis. Affictions, how they contribute to our Hapiness. 497 Charity, tie Excellency of it.

310 Aflictions, how they magnifie us.

583 Children. wherein -lay ore to show their reßut to their Aggravations of Adam's Sin.


29? Aggravations of the loss of the Kingdom of Heaven. 451 Child of God, how it appears that he has worldly Things Angels, their Society, how can it add to the Hippiness of

in Love.

387 Souls, when God is infinit to fil the Soul with delight? Christ, why called the IVord.

· 107 435 Christ a Prophet, how he teaches.

109 Anthropomorphites Objeflion answer d.

Christ, whist are the Lefjörzs he teaches.

Ib d. Apoftacy from Religion, whence it proceeds. 447 Christ's Teaching, how it differs from others Teaching Appearance of Evil, the mischief of it.

589 Arguments tó erjuade us to seek after the obtaining the Chrift, what we shall do to have hinn for our Teacher. UL Kingdom of Herrven.

468 Christ, the parts of his Priftly Office Arrian Errors abeit the Holy Ghos, refuted. 74

Christ's Sufferings, wherein the Greatness of them did Arminiaus dczy S.zints Perseverance, and wky. 457


Ibid. Afurance, what it is.

Christ, why he did Puffer.

114 Irxe Ailurance, the difference between it arul Prcfump- Christ, who he intercedes for, and what he doth in the tion.

Work of Intercefsion

117 Afurance, how to know if ye have right to it. 156 How we may know that Christ interceeds for us. Assurance, what we must do to get it. 164 Christ, how he comes to be a King. Assurance, they that have it, how they must carry them- In what Sente he is a King, and where ke Rules, and felves

what he Rules by:

123, 124 Atheist, the wiskedeß Creature that is.

When will Christ deliver his people.

Chrift, why born of a Woman.

126 Paptism, what it is.

Why born of a Virgin.

Ibid believers, why they have not all the full enjoyment of Christ, why made Flejb.

127 Pece.


Christ, how we shall know that he is formed in #5. 130 Believers, Privilege at Death.

189 Chrift, in what Sence God exalted him, and how many How they come to have thoje Privileges. 191 Ways.

133 Ilow shall we know that we shall gain their at Death? Chriit's fitting at the Right-Hand of God, what is meant

by it.

134 believers, Privelege after Death.

196 Christ, how he was made a Curse for us, 238 Believers, when they enter upon Porrfion of Glory. 198 Chrift, homo he will preserve the Saints Grace till they Benefits of Believers at the Resurrection.

come to Heaven,












Christ's Glory in Ikonen, low it can fiand with it to Comfortable to the Godly, and frightning to the Lave a Feticwo-fitling in our Miferies.


42, 43 Caril, tow he taccours chem that are tempted. 508 Evidence of Paraon, why it may not appear for . Time. Commandments of God, but we must keep ther. 262

535 Comforts of a pardoret soul.

539 What Evil we should pray to be delivered from. Cornforts for those that bewail their wanit of growth. 431 Examine we must our sins and Graces. Convictions; what makes them prove burtive. 422

Covenant, wly God mude mlin, with Adam, and his Faith, why more the Condition oj the New Covenant,
Potcrity in innocency, and wisst it was.

than any orkier Grace.

103 Why he give is to Adam, force ke forfaw he would Justifying Faith, what it is. transgress Ibid. Faith, how it is wrought.

Ibid. Covenant of Grace, mhat it is.

102 Faith, the Preciousness of it, wherein it lies. Ibid. U my God wouli jich a Covenant with us. Ibid. Faith, why it should jul fe and save more that any other Covenant of Grace, how is dijfers from thui made with Grace.

147 Adam. Ibid. Faith, how to know if it he true.

Ibid. Covenan: of Grace, if Works be required in it. Ibid. Faith, a must precious Grace, and how it comes to be fo. To Cover, wh.1t it is. 329

348 Coverouiness, the danger of it.

339 True Faith, how it

he known.

310 Creation, what is is.

75 Fallen Mun could be restored no other way but by God's Creation and Generation, difference between them. Asuming Flejh.

126 D.

Falle Withilling, what is condemned under it. 325 Darling-Sin, otherwise cabled, our own, how it may Father, whu meant by it in the fifth Command. 292 be known.

455, 588 Father in Heaven, how we sbow our Honour to him. 385 Day of Judgment, how it appears there shall be one. Forgiveness of Sin, what it is.

520 204 Forgive others, bow can we when God only forgives Sim, Why of it be Ibid.

545 Deceir, how many sorts of it there are.

597 Forgive, how we nie. Decrees of God, what they are, and Execution of thom.


is Gifts, whether sufficient for the Miniftcrial Office. 900 Deliverance of the Godiy mnd Wicked out of Trouble, howe Wty 'tis frid give us in the they dofir.

233 Why 'tis called our Bread. Deliverances, how it may be known that it comes out of Bread, what is meant by it.

512, 513 Love. Ibid. Glory, what is com preluded in it.

432, 433 Deliverances, m'en we are fitted for it. 234 7o glorifie God, wiaren it confifts.

6 How we praise Gol in a right Marmer for it. Ibid. Glorifie God, -oh, we nuujt do it.

7 Deliers unfciga:d, how they may de known. 423 God's Glory, low we shall aim at it.

3 Detires after Hiaven, wh:crein they come llort. 450 God's Glory, who fight is gain't it.

Ibid Dignityvj fuckvis hittieksod for their Father wherein it lies Glory of God ongist tu be preferred before our Perfon al Con

382 Directions to obtain Parden of Sin.

543 God is the chicf God, and how. Loirg o Gord's Hill, wly fo riquisite. 479 God, that he is proved.

26 Dong Duty unijenjenably, on efect of Satan's Temptation. God is a Spirit, what is meant by is.

31 562 God, how he differs from other spirits.

Ibid Loves, we bould be like them in three Rilpetfs. 608 God, bow we may cenceive his being a Spirit without Drunkenneís dejaces Gua's Image as much as any Sin. making an Ii.nge or Refemblance of him.

32 605 God, what kind af Spirit he is.

54 Duty of Christians, is to be fettled iu the Doctrine of God, froin what, and to what he calls Men. 144 Frich. Prelim. Disc.

God is a king, and how.

414 Duties of such as have their Sins forgiven 541 What it requires of us

415 E.

'Tis a Confort to the Godiy,and Terror to the Wicked Earth, wherein it didt bear 7/-oras in hinocence.

416 Elect People, how we all know that we are of it. 53; God, what it is to make him a God to As.

241 Encouragements to Faith in Prever.

402 God, what it is to have others besides the true God. Encouragements to Perseverance. 406

246 Chief End of Man what it is.

5. [God (pake all these Words saying ) how we ui? unEnjoying of God, swe-fold, and what.


derstand them since he has no bodily Organs. 250 Eternity of God.

41 God, how he comes to be exs: God, and what it implies.

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Gad, in Sence he is a Futher.

380 Judgment general, when it will be God's being Father to Christ, and to the Eleff, how differ. Justice of God, wat it is.

38i Justice of God, how it flants with it for Sin commited W'est mahes God our father,

Ibid, A Moment, to punish it with eterna i Torment. 237 God, that he is Father, bun ca kow it 385 Justified Persons, in what Sence they are rodeemed from Thai God is in Hiven, what wo may learn from it. 399

N11., what is meant by it.

404 Juftification, what is meant by it. God's Name' diflonoured by all sorts of persons, and home. The Material, Meritorious, and Efficient Cause of Justi-?


149 Grace, bow a Clyffian may be said to grow in it.

The Instrument of it.

Ibid. Why Grace mult weeds grow. Ibid. The End of it.

Ibid Grace, why we should grow ir. it.

179 Orr Justification whether from Eternity. Ibid. How to Comfort them that don't


in it. Iší Justification and Sanétification, how they differ. Grace, why called a King dorn.


K Greatnes of Sin, an Argument for Pardox. 535

What Kingdom is meant in the Lord's Prayer. 41; H

Kingdom of Darkness. how many Ways a Natural Min Happiness of having God for our Father, wherein it lies. 389 is in it.

418 Hallowing of God's Name, what is meant by it. 404 Kingdom of Grace, why we should pray that it may come How we may Hallow God's Name.

into our Hearts.

42) Heart, 1000 it may be bettered,

629 Kingdom of Grace, what we shall do to obtain it. 428 Hell, how we Maal know we are delivered from it. 238 Kingdom of Grace, when it increases in the Soul. Ibid. Hell's Torments confits of two parts.

584 Kingdom of Glory, what is meant by it. 437 Holiness of God, what it is.

55 Kingdom of Heaven, what it implies. Ibid. and 418 Holine's, how we may resimhle God in it. 58 Kingdom of Heaven, wherein it excels all other KingWhat Honow is due to Spiritual Fathers.


433 Holy Ghult, what is ine ant by its Poiper overshadowing This Kingdom, when it had be beftoped.

4.40 the Virgin

126 Kingdomof Heaven,why we should so earnestly pray furit. House of Bondage,aTypeof Israel's Deliverance from Sin.

442 234 Kingdom of Heaven, how we shall know it is prepared House, wly 'tis put before the Wijo in the Tenth Corn

for us.

443 inguement.


Wiszt we soll do that we may not miss of it. 452 Hunilation, wherein it comes short of Grace. 422 Knowledge the Chief Work of Conversion. I

Knowledge to do Good, why not foilow.d with Praise Idolatry, how we may be kep: from.

250 Idolatrous Places, a greai Blefng to be delivered from

L them. 225 Law, whether we may go to it for Debt.

545 Idolatry, why we are so prove to it.

Ibid. Lead us nor into Temptation, the meaning of it. 449 Illumination, when it comes short of Grace. 122 Live to God, what it is. Image Worship, the Evil of it. 249 Lord's Supper, what it is.

365 Image of Ciriji, whether we may lawfully make it. Lord's Death, how we are to remember it in the Sars350

Ibid. Image, resemblance, of God, if none lawful, low fball Lord's Supper, whether it be off to be admin tred. we conceive of God aright. 422

Ibid. In dwelling Presence of the Spirit, how to know if we

How we may receive it Worthily.

Ibid. have it.

166 Loss will befal #s, if we give over doing God's Will. Infallibility and certainity of the Kingdom of Glory,

485 wiercin it appears. 441 Love, what it is

212 lafant Baptiím proved.

Love to God, how it must be qualified. Ibid. The honefit thereof

Ibid. Love to God, what are the visible Signs of it. 213 Intercession of Christ, what the Fruits of it. 119 n Love any Thing more than God, is to make it a God. Invocation of Sai its unlawful. 599

2445 Divine Joys, whenGod usually gives his people them Ibid. Love to God, how it majt be qualified.

299 Joys, Wordly and Spiritual, the difference between them. Love to God, how we may know whether we do it. Ibid. 167 Love to God, incentive to inflame it.

261 This Joy to be fought for, and why.

M 2bis Joy, those that wait it, how we shad Comfort them Man being in Honour, abidech not; howe read 91




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Mercy, bow we may know if it belong to us. 258 Pray in Faith, home we may do it.
Mifery of Man by the Fall, imo-fold, and whas. 98 Prayer a sovereign Means to elude Temptations.
Mistakes of Sin being pardoned when it is not 543 Power of God, how it is seen.
Moderation, in what Cafe 'tis good:

612 Prefumptuous Sin how we may keep from it
Moral Law, is it fill in force to Believers? 238 Promises of God, to Tlings in them to Comfort us.
Morions of the Spirit, how they may be known from a. Properties of bad Debtors, wherein we have them

462 Prolperity, the danger of it.
Morion, how to know when it comes from our own Hearts, Providence of God, That and What it is.

79 and when from Satan.


Providence of God, how exerted towards Sin. 81 Murder, how many ways 'tis commited.


Prudence and Holinels, whereix a Christian joins them
Murder, the Heiroufnefs of it.


Punishment of Sabbath breaking

• 291 Name of God, how we may take it in vain. 266 Necellity why the Kingdom of Grace Showld be increafed. Qualifications of our Interceffor, what they are, 111

430 Qualifications and Properties of the Kingdum of Heaven. Nighbour,low we may be kept from covetingwka: is kis.

437 335 Qualifications of God's Mercy.

255 New Creature, what it is.


New Creature, does God give a new Soul in it? Ibid Redeemed, hovo shall we know that we are of the number.
New Creature, what kind of Work it is.

139 New Creature, the Counterfeits of it.

615 Regenerate Persons, what Comfort he may have under New Creature, the ncceflity of being so. 621 the imperfections of his Obedience.

339 O

Repentance, the Counterfeits of it.
Obedience, how it must be qualified so as to be accept able. Repentance, the Ingredients in it.

522 209

Resignation to God's Will in Affliction, how it may be Means in der to attain it.


491 Obedience, perject to the Noral Low, cannot be given. Resurection, by what Argurnents may it be proved.

337 Original Sin, what Names it bas.

Righteous, Mall they only de raised.

Original Sin has somuthing Privative and Positive in it. What Rocks of Support there are for tempted Souls.

Ibid. Rule of Obedience, what it is.
--- The Effects of it.


Originalšin,why God leaves it in ys after Regeneration. Sabbath, why God appointed it.

Seventh Day Sabbath, why we do not keep it. 273
Sabbath. why the forft Day of the Week fubstitute in Place

Ibid., Pardon of Sin, wly so fem seek after it.

2,6 Parents, how they should carry it towards their Children. wbbath, how we are

, to fanétifie it!
Sacrament, what Names and Titles are given it in Scrip-

Right Participation of the Sacrument in three Things. Saints in Glory, whether know each other.


19? 393 Peace, the feucral kinds of it.

Saints, why God Juffers them to be buffetted by Satan's

270 Peace, whether greacless Persons have it.


505 True Peace, the signs of it.

--- The Counterfeits of it.


Sanctification its necessity, wherein it appears.
Perseverance, by what means effected,


200 201

566 208



of it.


Utint are the signs of it. Perseverance, notives to it. 186

159 Perseverance of Saints built upon 3 ummovable. Pillars. Sanctified Persons, have they all Affæreance ?

How it may be attained.

192 Pcople of God, winy jo frequently in an affli&cd State

. Sanctified Persons, whether they have such an Afurance As excludes all doubting.

Ibid. 228

Sanctified Persons, whether they have all true Peace. People of God, how he delivers them out of Trouble. 231

171 Pleasing God, what it implies. 70. Satan's Malice in Temptation.

550 Prayer, what it is. "Satan's Temptation, the Subtilty of it. ***

92 Why made to God only. Ibid. Satan's Diligence and power in tempring.

551 What are the parts of it. 376 Satan's Subtilty in Tempting.

Ibid Prayers, in what ordèr se mul direct them to God. Saran comes upon us*at two Times in our Weaknefs. 553

380 Satan tempes five fort of Persons more than orkers. 54 Praying in Faith, what it implies. 400








Satan, why he sets chiefly on cur Faith.

Sudmision to God's wil, what may sand with it, and
Saran, by wyrar Methods he difturbs the Saints Place

wl:at not.

564 Subnillion to God's Hill, what it is.

Satan, in what Repeat he is the Evil One.


When we de 1100 Subnit to God's Will in Afflictims. 491
Scriptures, how proved to be the Word oj God. 18 Subiiliyof Satanto make Mien miscarry in tke use of Meat.
Scriptures, why called Canonical.

Scriprures, a compleat Rule.


Scriptures, what is the main scope and End of tlıcm. Temptations , whence they come.

Ibid. Tempted, two Cafes of them {poken to.

Scriptures, rewould we fo search them as to find Life. Temptations of Satan, Means to defeat them.

Seasons Satan tempts in:.


Tempration, what good may come out of it.
What it is.
Ibid. Theft, whence it doth arisë.

Seafons when God delivers his people out of Trouble, what How many sorts of it there are.

they are.

What are the Aggravations of it.

Sult Murder, how many ways one may be guilty of it. Vain Thoughts, how they come in, in hearing the Itera.

Self-Examination, what is required to it.

369 Vain Thoughts, how we may get help against them.
What it is.

By what Rale it may be done.
Ibic the Evil of them.

141.y it must be done before we approach the Lord's Vain Thoughts in Prayer, 1:00 ms may cure thein, 377


Tongue, how it is Evil
Servant, how he m47 Honour lis Muster.


Evil Tongue, the leveral sorts of. 623, 624, 623
Serrpenis, how we must b like them, and wherein 10t Tongue, Rules for governing it

632 Tongue-Sins, Motives to of them. 639
Sin, cormited in Time, wky it should be paibid to Torments of Hell, what they are.

Eterni y.
42 Trinity of Persons proved.

72, 73
Sin, the Evil of it obvious in its original and Nature. Truth of God.

66, 67

In the Price paid for it, and the Effeets of it. 89 Visiting Iniquity, what is meant by it. 2;2
Sin of our first Parents, what it is.


Unchargeablenefs of God.
Sin, wly called a Dibt.


Unchangable God, how to get a Part in him,
In what Sonce it is the worst Debt.

Ibid Unpardoned Soul, how miserable it is.
Sin, kuw we may kriow that it is forgiven.

Voritious Objesion againsi God's Uviguity answered. 34

Sin, the Evil o it.


Sir, wore than Afliction.
581 Several Ways of Satan tot ompt Men

Tin, how we may jo reprove it, as to love the Perks. Wearinets in Will-roing, what occalicas it. 622

610 The Evil of it
Sins, how we may kulow they are pardoned.

Means to keep us from being weary in Well-doing 63 ;
Sisso Grid's Peuple more provoké kim than those of tlie Will of God, what is meant by it.

593 Will of God, how we are to do it, that we may find 6-
En, wirje than Death and Hell.


117.. Sin wc fliould particularly take heed of. 988 Wii of God, how we may Evangelicaly do it. 483
Socinians Error about the Second Perfor of the Triniry. Will of Gud, how we may come to do it áright.

73 Wildom of God, wol.crein it appears
ulat Sorrow goes before Forgiveness.

522 Widom and Innocency, neceffary Qualifications of
Soul-Aarder, who are gurity of it.
310 Chriflian.

Paul, the Excellency ej it,
516 Wisdom, wherein ít chiefly comfifts.

Ecul drets.for receiving the Sacrament, wherein it conills. The Word's effectuelly Working, what is mean by it. 356

309 Word low we w ay read offe Etually
Soul dierted; that want how they may be Cuir --- How it may be heard effettually.

107 World, why God made it

Shrirual, what it is to be lo.
32 World, in what Sence it is Evil.

Spirir. how it can be said to be grieved.
88 What Worship is most futable to God.

S.ce of Nature, is a kingdon o Darkness. 418 To Worship God in the Spirit, what it is Ibid.
Submillion to God's Vill, what it is nict. 486 Wrath to come, what we shall do to escape it. 347


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