God's Revenge: The Greatest Tribulation -- A Tribulation Such As Has Never Been Before And Will Never Be Again

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, 2010 M12 9 - 571 pages
An ancient Koine Greek manuscript is discovered that sheds fresh light on a host of long-held beliefs. History professor, Etienne Naude, discovers that the past, present and future are inextricably linked and intertwined. Things are not always as they appear to be a first glance. This rollercoaster ride accelerates at an alarming pace. Our unlikely team of unlikely heroes uncovers ancient mysteries that are directing present realities. As they peel back the layers that hide the malevolent beast that has systematically burrowed into the fabric of all society from ancient times, they uncover convoluted “wheels within wheels.” At last the hidden enemy is revealed in its true reality. They discover that God’s revenge is indeed an awesome thing. We read the eye-witness testimony of a survivor – one who has witnessed this reality from the inside. He describes a sickening holocaust of epic proportions that history has conveniently swallowed up and glossed over. Man does not learn from the lessons of the past, and is viciously inhumane towards his fellow man. Our team members also see that God’s love and grace to those who obey Him, are infinite. The helter-skelter ride builds up inexorable velocity until it comes to a crashing climax, which has included the international security forces, as well as the CIA and the KGB. Life can never be the same again!

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