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In a measure, extent of thoughts with us is very limited. Blundering is the name to be applied for those who defining for the common sense are slack. "I thought" means very little. Artemas Ward lecturing the spendthrift said, "It would be money in your pocket if you'd never been born!"

When earliest of mankind selected one only of the polarities of being, the male, as leader, as god or chief, a costly mistake was made; it made the tyrant, the slave-driver, the aristocrat. This blunder made War.

Our United States had added to its formation, one state inclusive, Pennsylvania, that had the humble people called Quakers, who would not call any man master; and no woman of this sect (formed in England) had for husband a master. The keynote with them was Equality. This feature in the population is bound to grow, so today we have a free and enlightened country, and it stands foremost of all the nations of earth. No nation, says Lincoln, (of Quaker descent), can endure, half slave and half free. He might have added, no true marriage is made half slave and half free. Want of thought is a bad basis, if you ever want to care for any creature we call domestic animal; you must give it soul equality, as you best understand freedom in life.

All religion was founded upon the autocratic basis of having God or gods to rule. "The kingdom of God is within you," so there is no truth in slavery if life with both predominate—the positive and negative polarities. Franklin and Edison in curbing the elec


tric fluid, very sensibly used both the positive and negative, in other terms, he and she. Either element to act alone is unthinkable.

This belief is that upon which I base the rebirth theory, advocated in this work.

If "no more war," we must have no more gods of the nations, conquerors.

As mistakes occur in all early life, so recorded in bibles and scriptures for the less enlightened, we should strive to turn ahead to the known principles of that great Hebrew prophet, Jesus-who was the first to startle the world for higher principles in mankind. Plato, the Grecian philosopher advocated also for peoples of enlightened states to follow his teachings in The Republic.

No human records are long kept. Palmyra of the ancients had a throng in life. The Grecian unknown god and the others are not now named. But the despised slave on the path, sings, "Carry me back to old Virginia," meaning to his old home. An equally lasting thing is the stigma, a flesh mark that lasts through all Christian times. So books and creedskept alive in only the mind's eye, the soul. Jehovah was a big name long ago, yet is passing with idolatries and scriptures. Cain killing Abel was a soul offense, to last as murder may last. The coming Age of Compassion may glimpse that promised Age of Heaven!

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Physical Life and Higher Light


This is an age of Change. The past, we hope, ends the long era of wars, and for the first time in modern history peace conferences of the nations have produced general rejoicing.

"War is Hell," was an expression of General Sherman, in 1865. As the Great Prophet, Jesus, 2000 years ago, based His work upon peace hopes-then so unpromising, let the prayers, the hopes ever since, of countless millions of peoples everywhere, be of account. Prayers for peace are heard and may be answered from on High! Very few with love for our humanity but can incline to join a general chorus"May the Prince of Peace be born again-to meet less brutality and greater general intelligence."

There is no place like home. Oldest of our Christian sects, and we have many, worship the mother, as is proper for every one of us. As to the father, Jesus, the Divine One, recognized this as highest-in names -Our Father.

We of to-day mix the clean with the unclean, the man of blood, soldier, thief, conqueror, with the righteous, the divine. As Adam was scourged, driven out of the Garden of God, so we must drive the unclean out of our society, or submit to a weaker polarity of existence.

The kingdom of God, Jesus said, was always within us-whatever use you may make of a Creator and Preserver. If the starters of religions or governments

have failed to point out this kingdom, they made calamities and failures-this even down to the lowest savage tribes on earth. Gentlemen are reckoned our highest type of enlightenment, their failure in duty distressing and calamitous. Talk means little to idol worshippers, more than mere priestly formality, so remnant of this worship is too prevalent. Jesus was not the graven image to bow to, for that little we know of His teachings is as real for us as is the nation's government.

Beauty a living presence of the Earth,
Surpassing the most fair ideal forms

Which craft or delicate spirits hath composed
From Earth's materials, waits upon my steps:
Pitches her tents before me as I move.
An hourly neighbor, Paradise, and groves
Elysian, Fortunate Fields-like those of old
Sought in the Atlantic Main, why should they be
A history only of departed things,

Or a mere fiction of what never was?
For the discerning intellect of man,
When wedded to this goodly universe
In love and holy passion, shall find these
A simple produce of the common day. * * *
Such grateful haunts for growing, if I oft
Must turn elsewhere-to travel near the tribes
And fellowships of men, and see ill sights,
Maddening passions mutually inflamed; ***
Descend, prophetic Spirit! that inspirest
The human soul of universal earth,
Dreaming on things to come: and dost possess
A metropolitan temple in the hearts

Of mighty poets; upon me bestow

A gift of genuine insight, that my song
With star-like virtue in its place may shine!
Shedding benignnant influence, and secure
Itself from all malevolent effect.


The first great reformer was Jesus of Jerusalem. But the Holy Land fanatics murdered Him. He came,

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