Address of John Quincy Adams to His Constituents of the Twelfth Congressional District, at Braintree, September 17th, 1842

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Page 26 - ... uncle, My father's brother, but no more like my father Than I to Hercules: within a month, Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears Had left the flushing in her galled eyes, She married.
Page 34 - An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands, and to grant preemption rights...
Page 12 - Houses at their last session, acting separately, passed resolutions "that the independence of Texas ought to be acknowledged by the United States whenever satisfactory information should be received that it had in successful operation a civil government capable of performing the duties and fulfilling the obligations of an independent power.
Page 31 - AICC except by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting at a meeting...
Page 29 - States can not but take a deep interest in whatever relates to this young but growing Republic. Settled principally by emigrants from the United States, we have the happiness to know that the great principles of civil liberty are there destined to flourish under wise institutions and wholesome laws; and that, through its example, another evidence is to be afforded of the capacity of popular institutions to advance the prosperity, happiness, and permanent glory of the human race.
Page 15 - I recommend that an act be passed authorizing reprisals, and the use of the naval force of the United States by the Executive against Mexico to enforce them, in the event of a refusal by the Mexican Government to come to an amicable adjustment of the matters in controversy between us upon another demand thereof made from on board one of our vessels of war on the coast of Mexico.
Page 30 - Instead of reproaching us with a want of constitutional power to make an equitable and just distribution of the proceeds of the sales of the public lands among all the...
Page 31 - They ought to enure, therefore, to the common use and benefit of all the states, in just proportions, and cannot be appropriated to the use and benefit of any particular state or states, to the exclusion of the others, without an infringement of the principles, upon which cessions from states were expressly made, and a violation of the spirit of our national compact, as well as the principles of justice and sound policy.
Page 33 - Tariff should be levied only as a defense against the foreign governments which levy tariff upon or bar out our products from their markets, revenue being incidental. The residue of means necessary to an economical administration of the government should be raised by levying a burden on what the people possess instead of upon what we consume.
Page 15 - Houses providing for the outfit and salary of a diplomatic agent to be sent to the Republic of Texas whenever the President of the United States may receive satisfactory evidence that Texas is an independent power and shall deem it expedient to appoint such minister...

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