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Thou canst not say the thing came e'er from NE:
'I'was thy own heart that first enticed thee,
To pride and inalice, and to every ill,
And in rebellion thou the heavens didst fill.
So, foolishly thou canst not charge ihy God;
But now I'll make thee tremble at my rod,
And thou shalt surely find thou art undone :
And to thy very words I now shall come,*
And ask what evil spirit loved thee,
That thou with Satan didst so much agree,
By every art that thou to her hast spokes
And now I'll make thee tremble at the stroke;
For all thy jesting thou hast carried too far;
And all thy power I'll make it to appear;
And all thy arts to men are no ix made known,
And all thy hellish lies before them shown;
Forward and backward thou in lies didst go ;
And now I'll make the tremble at the blow.
Unless to me thou humbly now submit,
Confess thy guilt, and now repent of it;
And all thy witchcraft thou wilt throw aside,
That by thy hellish arts are here applied:
For, as thou'st spoke into the woman's earnt
I know in man thou daily dost appear,
With every subtle art lo lead astray;
As in this page thy subtle arts do lie;
And tempt them daily for to leave their God,
And full as many ways before them show'd
How they in earthly grandeur all may shine,
And so thou com’st and robb'st the souls that're mine,
That I at first created from the dust:
And from thy very words, I say, thou’rt cast;
Unless thou’lt promise to renounce them all,
And a new life thou instantly wilt call.
For, as thou say’st, thou art but Satan's friend,
To vindicate thy master thou art sent;
And with thy master I do bid thee go.
Art thou his friend? then now bis friendship know;
For, as thou'st threatened, thou shalt feel the blow;
Unless thou instant turn'st another way,
And act thyself, as thou to ber didst saj.
Confess thyself, that all thou'st done is wrong;
Renounce thy master, and break every bond,
That thou in union with thy friend hast made;
Confess, by Satan, thou hast been betray'd;
* Read page 9, Dispute with the Powers of Darkness.

+ The ear of Eve in the beginning, and Joanna's at the ending.

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And that his ways thou dost then all despise,
Thou seest thy folly, and thou’rt grown more wise ;
And all thy friends persuade them now the same,
And say, thy guilt and folly thou dost blame;
Because thou now dost see that all is

I've show'd thee mercy, and I've show'd it long :
But now, I tell thee, I'll show it no more;
I tell thee that thy shipwreck's near the shore.
For here thy foaming did toss mountains high ;
Close to the woman thou didst surely lie ;
And now, I tell thee, l'il lie close to thee;
Look back to Pharaoh, there thy ruin see,
And from thy mouth condemned thou shalt be.
Thou sayesi, be still and know that I am God;
Then thou should’st stop, and never one pursu'd,
When that my chosen vessels I did seal ;
And to the woman did my mind reveal,
That whosoever would with her should come.
I've seen the afflictions of my people long;
Heavier and heavier is the burden made,
The tale of bricks, but straw is now denied.
Then now their burden I will surely free;
The blood upon the door-posts now shall be
Of every house, whereon I

put my

And now the mysteries I to all reveal:
Where'er the Second Star it doth appear,
Sealed with the woman's hand, I tell thee here,
If e'er thou aimest one for to molest,
I tell thee, Satan's Friend, thou’rt surely cast.
Thou sayest, my wisdom it was in the deep-
And there, like Pharaoh, thou wilt find the pit;
If thou, like Pharaoh, ever dost pursue,
I say, like Pharaoh, that shall be thy door.
So now be still, and know that I am God,
Or else I'll make thee tremble at my rod;
For all thy chariot wheels I'll now take oti';
I'll be a wall to them that do not scoff,
To gain protection from the woman's hand,
Who did so boldly for her Master stand.
As Moses did with Pharaoh, to contend,
You'll find a Moses, and you'll find a Friend,
As Miriam did with Moses then appear :
You'll find a Moses and a Miriam here.
For, I'm the Moses, every soul shall see,
And here's the MIRIAM testifies of Me :
And now before


lies the promis'd Land.
It was but shadows Moses did command;
Because the stronger Pharaoh he was there ;
But now the substance I'll begin to clear:

For Satan is the Pharaoh that now is tried,
By whom my children they are ail denied.
As a free people he'll not let them go;
But now a Moses he shall surely know
Doth in the camp of Israel appear ;
And all shall know a PROPHETess is bere,
I say, like Miriam now shall be applied.
And mark that Moses said his tongue was tied,
That he a spokesman could not be at all-
Miriam and Aaron, now behold


But this l'm speaking to the sons of men,
That ye may now awake and see it plain ;
For now, like Moses, I will sure go on;
And now a spokesman I have found in man,"
For to deliver all that I do speak :
'Twas but a shadow at that time did break;
But now the substance every one shall see ;
For I'm the Moses, and conceald from ye ;
And Satan is the Pharaoh now become;
And here's the spokesman I shall make of man.
Because a Miriam doth in thee appear,
And now my pleading every soul shall herr,
How I with Satan shortly shall begin.
But know, as yet thou art not come to him;
But then, I say, thou'lt hear a different sound;
Like Pharaoh's witchcraft will his friends abound.
For now, I tell thee, he will follow on,
And on many he will be working strong;
Because their wisdom they pretend to boast;
And there, I tell thee, every soul is lost,
That on their wisdom they will now rely ;
Like Pharaoh's witchcrafts, Satan's arts will fly ;
For liasty after he will now pursue,
And miracles, I tell thee, now he'll do.
To work by witchcraft in the sinner's heart,
Thou little know'st the way he'll fix his dart.
Wave after wave, I tell thee, will come on,
The raging seas will now be known to man;
But, Oh, my friends ! if you stand safe on shore,
The raging of the seas you need not fear;
Because the seas I surely shall divide,
And, in the Pillar now myself I'll hide.
A Light before my people now I'll go,
And be a Wall to them, they all shall know;

* Alluding to her friends copying the communications, which she reads from her own writing, and which no other person whatever can read.

That now like Israel if they do appear,
They'll find a Moses and a Saviour here,
Tbai now is come my people to redeem :
I am the FOUNTAIN, and the living STREAM;
I am the Rod that shall the Seas divide ;
I am the Pillar that from you is hid :
And, 'tis by Faith the Light you all must see ;
For unbelief in thousands now will be,
And will pursue, like Pharaoh's haughty host,
And of their knowledge they'll pretend to boast.
And so with Pharaoh they will now pursue ;
But in the deep their madness they will know;
Because their wheels, I say, will run too fast ;
I mean their wisdom will like fury burst,
To judge the Seas I never can divide-
“ O, where's the Moses, to bring back the tide ?
“ The fail of man,” they'll say, “ for to redeem ?
“ The Promis'd Land,” they'll say,

“ how can we gain ?"
And so men's faith they'll try for to keep back,
With all the rage of hell that now can break.
But this, thou say'st, is madness to believe,
That men will wish ever to sit and grieve,
Oppressed wsth burdens so, by Satan's power ;
Thou judg'st that all with joy should see the hour,
To have their burdens all be took away ;
Men should rejoice to see the glorious day,
That Man's Redemption nearly now is come,
And the fulfilling of the Promise made to Man.

Now I shall answer in plain words. The deliverance of the Children of Israel, bringing them out of Egypt into the Promised Land, was a type of the Last Days—Pharaoh was a type of the Devil. Now as Pharaoh's magicians used witchcraft to blind the eyes of the Egyptians, that they might not believe that the miracles Moses wrought were from the Lord; so Satair will work in the hearts of men, to prophesy the same as the True Prophets of God, and some of their prophecies will come true, as the Magicians' miracles came some of them like the miracles of Moses. For Satan has worked in men, wl.o have prophesied out of their own hearts, and have seen nothing; yet some things may come true without the spirit of prophecy; and many false Prophets are gone out in the world, by the arts of Satan, working in men, that the true Prophets may not be believed. But let them trace the manner of Prophecies, they will find that the Prophecies of the LORD, like Moses's Rod, will swallow

the rest.

For, it is not all the Prophecies Satan can invent, nor all the arts of earth and hell, can bring their Prophecies to the Bible, as this is; and men who have a right and true faith in God, and weigh the whole together, they will see it is like Moses's Rod, that swallowed up all the others; and confess, that none but a God could prophesy in such a manner; and they will be like the children of Israel, who dipped the hysop in the Blood of the Lamb, and struck the lintels of their door-posts, when the destroying. Angel went through their land : that meaneth, they will be led by faith to believe, that their being sealed will be as great a protection to them, as striking the door-posts was to the children of Israel, But now I shall come to the


When Moses disputed with Pharaoh, it was man disputing with man, visible to each other; and now the shadow is brought to the substance: it is Satan, instead of Pijaraoh, that is now to be cast; then it must be a SPIRITUAL Moses, and not a temporal one, to cast him. But, as Satan's words are on record, so shall my answer, which is the answer of the Lord. It begins at the twenty-first page, answered backward.*

Now, Satan, here thy God his silence breaks ;
From heaven's high courts to thee I now do speak,
As all thy words are laid before my view,
And in this page thou sayest, 'tis God thou'st know,
That guides my servant, and directs her hand;
Then now I bid thee trembling for to stand.
lf in one word thou answer'st me again,
Thou wilt see my power to increase thy pain :
And backward now to all thy arts I'll come.t
Didst thou not tell her, hell was sure her doom,

See page 21, Dispute between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness; to which buok the Reader is desired to reler, whenever the page is quotede

+ From the Fall.

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