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Tuesday, November 9.— During the past fiscal year thirty-four railroads, it is said, have passed into the hands of the courts... Rear Admiral Rhind, U. S. Navy, and Ex-Senator Nathan Fellows Dixon are dead ... The report that a native officer and thirty-five Sikhs belonging to the Kurram column had been intercepted by tribesmen in a ravine and killed is officially confirmed... The Prince of Wales's birthday was celebrated in England.

Wednesday, November 10.— President McKinley received Sir Wilfrid Laurier, premier of Canada; Secretary Sherman introduced Sir Wilfrid, who was accompanied by Sir Julian Pauncefote, British Ambassador; Sir Louis Davies, and Professor Thompson, the British seal expert. ... Peru seeks a reciprocity arrangement with the United States under the Dingley tariff act ... The Turkish ambassador at Berlin, who left his post without leave because his salary had been unpaid for nine months and he was harassed by creditors, was dismissed by the Sultan on arriving at Constantinople. The sitting of the Austrian Reichsrath was again suspended.

Thursday, November 11.- At the meeting of the British, American, and Canadian seal experts statistics were presented showing that the seal catch had been greatly reduced in the past year. ... The president has appointed Charles Page Bryan, of Illinois, minister to China to succeed Mr. Denby. ... A memorial with 64,572 signatures attached, in favor of an Anglo-American arbitration treaty, has been presented to Lord Salisbury by the arbitration alliance.... The decree granting autonomy to Cuba will be gazetted on November 23. ... There are 33,000 Spanish soldiers in the hospitals in Cuba.

Friday, November 12.- Canada, in return for the concessions which it may make in regard to the seal question, is expected to ask for more rigid protection of its northern fisheries from American fishermen. ... Arrangements have been made for conferences looking to the negotiation of a reciprocity treaty between the United States and Canada... A conference of engineers and explorers has been called at St. Petersburg to discuss the feasibility of constructing an ice-breaking steamer to penetrate the Arctic seas... The proposal to impeach the Austrian ministers was rejected in the lower house of the Reichsrath; the lefts retired from the chamber.

Saturday, November 13. - The Pennsylvania monuments on the battlefield of Chickamauga were dedicated.... Resistance of British claims in Africa has aroused the spirit of jingoism in France. ... Cecil Rhodes, ex-premier of South Africa, is seeking to defeat President Krüger for reëlection in the Transvaal. ...German warships were ordered to the scene of the recent outrages on missionaries in China.

Sunday, November 14.- Postmaster-General Gary in his annual report, just issued, recommends the establishment of postal savings depositaries. . . Governor-General Blanco has modified the edict regarding the reconcentrados in Cuba, owing to the destitute condition of many of them.... The new premier of New

foundland will demand for that colony an equal share in any reciprocity arrangement between Canada and the United States Rich strikes have caused a rush of prospectors to the gold fields of New South Wales.

Monday, November 15.— The thirteenth annual Horse Show was opened in Madison Square garden, New York; bad weather kept down the attendance and helped to make the social side of the affair less prominent than in many former years. ... President Low of Columbia university has withdrawn his resignation ... The statement of the gross postal receipts for last month, compared with October, 1896, at fifty of the largest postoffices, shows a net increase of $142,667, or 4.3 per cent. ... The Democratic Honest Money league of America has issued an address to sound-money Democrats in favor of a continuation of the contest. ...The relations of Japan and Russia are strained over the latter's efforts to control the Korean customs.

Tuesday, November 16.— The seal experts made a unanimous report, and the diplomatic representatives reached an understanding by which they hope at a later date to bring about a settlement of all the questions.... The suggestion for the establishment in Washington of a great nationaluniversity is taking a more definite form, a number of representative American women having taken hold of the project. ... The Pope does not accept the Laurier-Greenway settle ment of the Manitoba school question .. The Newfoundland ministry, headed by Sir William Whiteway, has resigned. ... In repulsing an at. tack of the tribesmen in the Maidan valley the British force used star shells, which illuminated the scene of the encounter sufficiently to enable the tribesmen to be seen.... Prof. W. H. von Riehl,

the publicist and historian, died in Munich, Bavaria, aged 75.

Wednesday, November 17.— The Competitor prisoners were released from prison in Havana, and will sail for New_York on the steamship Yumuri... The Rev. Dr. George H. Houghton, rector of the Church of the Transfiguration (“the Little Church Around the Corner"), New York, died, aged 77. ...German troops seized three forts at Kiao-Chau, China, as a measure of retaliation for the killing of German missionaries. ...Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria, in receiving the Hungarian delegation, referred to the shaping of Austria's relations with Russia on an additional guaranty of peace.

Thursday, November 18.— The committee on organization of the Citizens' Union of New York has decided to continue the organization as a permanent political force in the city; the enrolled membership of the Union is 32,661; the expenditures during the recent campaign were $33.472. ... In swearing in the guards recruits at Berlin the troops were warned by the emperor that they might be called upon to fight an enemy within the empire. ... Dispatches from Madrid announce the surrender of all the important insurgent chiefs in the Philippine Islands and the complete pacification of the colony.

Friday, November 19.— The Government is preparing its case against the Central Pacific



railroad in anticipation of a default on January Treasury Gage have agreed upon a plan for I. ... Commodore Dewey, president of the naval currency reform, which will be set forth in the trial board, has returned to Washington from president's message to Congress. ... The United the sea trial of the Iowa, which he declares is States consul at Woodstock, New Brunswick, “the best ship of her class in the world ”... reports that since the Dingley tariff went into The Tammany Hall executive committee, on effect trade relations between that part of CanRichard Croker's motion, voted to give $20,000 ada and the United States have been at a stand. to Cuba and a like amount to the poor of New still.... The national committee of the middleYork.... A destructive fire occurred in the Crip- of-the-road Populists, which has been meeting plegate district of London; two acres in St. Louis, called a national convention of burned over, and nearly one hundred ware- that party for April 6, 1898. ... The semi-official houses and other buildings were destroyed; the organs in Germany regard the Hayti trouble as loss is estimated at $5,000,000. ... Official dis- settled, and acknowledge the “friendly attitude patches from Peking assert that the Chinese of the United States, which has materially asgovernment had taken steps to punish the mur- sisted the settlement "... The opposing elederers of the German missionaries before the ments in the lower house of the Austrian ReichsGerman troops landed at Kiao-Chau. ... The Ca- rath fought in the chamber for about a quarter nadian cabinet agreed to the proposal of this of an hour. Government for a joint commission to settle ex

Thursday, November 25.- Three hundred isting controversies.

Americans had a dinner at the Hotel Cecil in Saturday, November 20.- - Deep snow has

London, at which Ambassador Hay was among fallen on the mountain passes leading from the speakers; Ambassador White was among Skaguay to the Klondike gold fields. ...The the speakers at the dinner of Americans in BerChicago Inter Ocean has passed into the hands lin...The Hawaiian minister in Washington of a syndicate headed by Charles T. Yerkes.... said he expected an amicable settlement of the The monetary commission has taken a recess trouble between his country and Japan at an until December 15, when it will again meet in early day....The sitting of the lower house of Washington. ... Count Goluchowski, Austrian the Austrian Reichsrath was again closed on minister for foreign affairs, defended the concert account of the disorderly tactics of the opof Europe in a speech to the Austro-Hungarian position. ... The flag of Austria was duly sadelegations. ... The German contingent of the luted at Mersina by Turkish guns, with all the Cretan army of occupation has sailed for the ceremonial demanded by the government of far east on the cruiser Kaiserin Augusta, to Austria.....A letter from Georgetown, British reinforce the marines occupying Kiao-Chau. Guiana, says that Great Britain's legal experts Sunday, November 21.- - Rapid progress is

have found documents which fully confirm the being made in the preparations for the Trans- British boundary claims. mississippi and international exposition, which Friday, November 26.— The report that Canis to begin June 1, 1898, at Omaha, Neb.... The ada would refuse consent to a suspension of imperial authorities in London are believed to pelagic sealing caused much disappointment favor the plan for settling disputes between the among officials in Washington. ...Police proUnited States and Canada by a joint commis- tected the president of the lower house of sion. ... The steamer Victoria has returned to the Austrian Reichsrath from violence and Tromsoe, from Spitzbergen, without having ob- ejected eleven disorderly members of the optained any information regarding Andrèe. ... A position. ... Reports come from the We Afri, destructive fire occurred in Melbourne, Aus- can coast of a conflict between French and tralia; nearly an entire block was burned, and British forces in the hinterland of Lagos.. the damage is estimated at $5,000,000.

Germany has made demands upon China in Monday, November 22.— It is stated that in connection with the murder of German missionthe event of Great Britain and Canada consent

aries. ing to a suspension of pelagic sealing for one Saturday, November 27.-President McKin. year, the United States will agree to a suspen- ley promised to send a special message to Consion of all killing of seals for one year on gress in behalf of the Pan-American Exposition the Pribilof Islands, constituting the Ameri- to be held on the Niagara River in 1899.... The can seal possessions in Bering Sea....Gen. Lock- Canadian government, in declining the proposal hart has announced the English terms of sub- of the United States to suspend pelagic sealing, mission on the part of the Afridis and given says that such action can be taken only by the them a week in which to accept them.

British Parliament. ... An official forecast says Tuesday, November 23.- Secretary Lyman J. that the German government's naval bill will Gage delivered an address at the annual dinner provide for sixty-nine new warships, to be built of the New York Chamber of Commerce in in the next seven years. ...In connection with which he urged prompt action in revising the German naval operations against the Chinese, currency system. ... Chairman Bynum, of the and the possible seizure of territory, Emperor gold Democratic party, has issued an address William is reported as saying: “We must forecalling attention to the sound-money victories stall England." in the recent elections....General Weyler ar

Sunday, November 28.—According to Repubrived at Barcelona, Spain, and was greeted by lican computation a comparison of the first 20,000 cheering people; he made several speeches four months under the Dingley act with the Premier Sagasta declared that the govern

corresponding period under the Wilson act ment of Spain would in no way modify its pro- shows that the Government's receipts were over gramme of autonomy for Cuba.

$7,000,000 greater under the present tariff law Wednesday, November 24.— It is announced Two steamers arrived at Seattle from that President McKinley and Secretary of the Alaska, bringing $130,000 in drafts and gold dust; twenty-five returning gold-seekers, who of mission property. ... The Cuban insurgents left Dawson the middle of October, declared have captured the village of Guisa ; the garrison that the food shortage at that time almost surrendered after losing ninety soldiers killed amounted to a famine. ... The members of the and wounded ; the insurgents secured a quanBadeni ministry tendered their resignations tity of supplies. to the emperor of Austria, and they were accepted; Baron Gautsch, a member of the retir

Friday, December 3.- Commissioner of Ining ministry, was asked to form a new cabinet;

ternal Revenue Forman anticipates an increase

of $8,300,000 in internal revenue receipts in the the news becoming public, a number of riotous

current fiscal year. . . . Marshal Blanco proposes demonstrations in the streets of Vienna ended.

to employ white and negro guerrillas against Monday, November 29.—The gale which the Cubans, replying to the rebel tactics with swept the English coasts was one of the worst similar warfare. ... The British forces in India in recent years; many lives were lost and a large have inflicted severe punishment upon the renumber of vessels have foundered. ... Baron Von bellious tribesmen. ... The German navy deHalleben, the recently appointed German am- partment has ordered more reinforcements to bassador, presented his credentials to President China. ... Prague continues under military conMcKinley, qualifying as the diplomatic repre- trol, and business is being resumed. sentative at Washington. ... The estimate of the armor factory board of the cost of the proposed

Saturday, December 4.- President McKinley

took leave of his dying mother at Canton and armor plant for the Government is $3,700,000

left for Washington. ... The Nicaragua canal As soon as the new cabinet is formed in Austria Baron Gautch will enter into negotia

commission sailed from New York on the gun

boat “Newport". ... There was an exciting detions with the leaders of the Germans and

bate on the Dreyfus case in the French ChamCzechs to bring about a modification of the ordinances making the Czech language coördi

ber of Deputies, after which a vote of confidence nate with the German.

in the government was passed ; Count Esterhazy

is to be court-martialed. ... A British expedition Tuesday, November 30.— The cabinet con

left Bombay for the island of Mombasa, off the sidered the subject of sending relief to the coast of Zanzibar....The Hungarian premier people in the Klondike. ... Secretary of the will introduce bills in the Hungarian Diet mainTreasury Gage estimates the deficit for the fis

taining the status quo in Austria-Hungary. cal year ending June 30, 1898, at not more than The Italian cabinet has resigned. ... The definite $25,000,000 Dr. Henry Dresler, emeritus

treaty of peace between Turkey and Greece was professor of Latin and Greek in Columbia Uni

signed. versity, died in New York. ... Emperor William opened the last session of the present Reichstag ;

Sunday, December 5.- It was officially anthe increase of the navy occupied the principal

nounced in Washington that Governor Griggs place in the speech from the throne. ... An im- of New Jersey had accepted the office of attorperial ukase, issued in Russia, orders the coinage

ney-general, to succeed Mr. McKenna... Prince and issue of five-rouble gold pieces, equal in

Hohenlohe, German imperial chancellor, has value to one-third of the imperial, which weighs

refused to recommend that the emperor declare 12.902 grammes, .900 fine.

Captain Dreyfus innocent of the charges made Wednesday, December 1.- — Justice Field's re

against him.... Admiral Von Steinect, com

mander-in-chief of the Austro-Hungarian navy, tirement from the United States Supreme Court

died in Vienna. took effect; Justice Harlan becomes the senior associate... The gold output of the Cripple Monday, December 6. — The first regular Creek, Colorado district, in November, was session of the 55th Congress met in Washing$1,258,600, the largest for one month in the his- ton ; a message of unusual length was received tory of the camp.... The demand of the United from the President. The House adjourned out States for an indemnity from the Turkish goy- of respect to the memories of Senator George, of ernment for the pillage of American missions at Mississippi, and Representative Wright, of MasKharput, Marash, and Haskonj, Armenia, has sachusetts, who had died during the recess. been received. The Porte denies any responsi- Comment in the financial community on the bility for the pillaging on the ground that the President's message was most favorable.... Two government acted under stress of unavoidable German cruisers arrived at Port au Prince and circumstances. ... There was a renewal of riot- delivered an ultimatum to the Haytian governing in Prague; the windows in a number of ment, giving it eight hours to pay the Lueder buildings were broken, and German shops were indemnity. ... The debate on the naval bill began plundered. ... In the Italian Chamber the min- in the Reichstag.... To a deputation from the ister of finance showed a surplus of 34,000,000 Parliament Emperor William spoke strongly of lire for the financial year of 1896–97.

his determination to increase Germany's effiThursday, December 2.- Mrs. Nancy Allison

ciency as a naval power.... King Humbert has

intrusted the Marquis di Rudini with the task McKinley, mother of the President, was stricken

of forming a new ministry: ... The campaign of with paralysis at her home at Canton, Ohio.

Sir William Lockhart against the rebel tribesPresident McKinley left Washington for Can

men in India will be suspended until spring. ton....Representative Dingley, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, says cur- Tuesday, December 7.— The President's rency legislation cannot be expected from the mother still lingers and the President has refree-silver majority in the Senate. ... The em- turned to Canton... Further rioting in Bohemia peror of China has declared that he would rather is suppressed by the troops.... A special session forfeit his crown than agree to the conditions of the Illinois state legislature is called for todemanded by Germany as redress for the mur- day. The Anglo-Egyptian expedition occuder of two German missionaries and destruction pies Metemmeh on the Nile.




ILL the editor of SELF CUL- ville, N. C., and Aiken, and Summerville, S.C.

TURE kindly name a few of Savannah, Ga., is another delightful winter rethe more noted winter health sort, and Augusta and Thomasville, Ga., in the resorts on the continent that Pine Belt, are highly spoken of. Florida pre

would be favorable to an in- sents a combination of influences conducive to valid ? Is there not some book that healthfulness, and the seeker after pleasant indicates these resorts and gives some winter resorts is referred to Jacksonville, St. account of them?

Augustine, Tampa, and the resorts on the In

dian River, and the upper St. John. The Hot There are several works published in which

Springs of Arkansas, San Antonio in Texas, and such information is given as is sought by our

the Italian climate of southern California comcorrespondent; any librarian or bookseller will indicate what they are. Among these, perhaps

plete the list, with mention of Monterey, San

Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Los Angelos, and the most inexpensive and handy is Appleton's "American Winter Resorts” (price 50 cents).

San Diego. In these resorts, pure air and sun

shine are, as a rule, plentifully to be had, and We would, however, specially commend the

these are the prerequisites of health, and are perusal of an intelligently written article on the

indispensable for restoring it, when from any subject of “Winter Health Resorts,” which ap

cause it has become impaired. peared in a recent issue (that of Nov. 27th) of the “Medical Record(Wm. Woods and Co., Publishers: E. ioth St., New York), price to

Please inform me who first quoted the

line: “The pen is mightier than the cents. In the article, the writer descants on the

sword;" also kindly explain the mean-. advantage of an ocean voyage to those who suffer from insomnia or other nervous disorder and

ing of the phrase "to out-herod Herod." to persons predisposed to consumption or who Oblige also by informing me if, by conmay be in the incipient stages of it. The tonic

tinuing my subscription to SELF CULeffect is very helpful to such, for every breath

TURE, it entitles me to membership in the

Home University League. at sea, as he rightly says, is brand new, and when exhaled “it never hovers around to taint The line "the penis mightier than the sword” the next inspiration, but is wafted away and occurs first in Bulwer-Lytton's play of “Richespeedily transformed into the pure elements of lieu," Act II., Sc. 2. the atmosphere."

The phrase "out-herods Herod” is ShakesNot everyone, of course, can profit by an peare's. See his “Hamlet,” Act III., Sc. 2. ocean voyage, and in winter the discomforts It occurs in his instruction to players on the are apt to nullify all the advantages. To those stage, not to tear a passion to tatters, and not to who are not good sailors and have not the en

overdo the simulated character of “a termadurance for a long sea voyage, the writer com- gant,” or even a Nero or Herod. The phrase mends the Bermudas, which can be reached is a common one in modern literature, as in the within forty-eight hours from New York; he expression “to out-Darwin Darwin,”- meaning also instances Jamaica, and Nassau, the capital of

thereby that a writer on Evolution may carry the Bahamas, as congenial winter resorts. The Darwin's hypothesis, to account for the origin mean winter temperature of Nassau is about of life, farther than Darwin himself intended it. 70° F. A physician, writing in another health No! subscription merely to Self CULTURE article in the issue referred to of the "Medical does not carry with it the privileges of the Home Record,” cites the Bahama Islands as being University League. specially beneficial to those suffering from acute or semi-acute affections of the lungs; from nery- In an article on “ Discovery Day and ous afflictions, especially those of a diabetic Independence Day,” in your issue for character; from rheumatism in all its chronic or August, 1895, SELF CULTURE states that semi-chronic conditions; as well as to those “if Columbus had not discovered the who suffer from stomach troubles, from nervous American continent, the Cabots would prostration, or are in a run-down condition. St. have discovered it." Such, in my view, Thomas, St. Kitts, and Caracas, the capital of is not the case, as Cabot ridiculed ColVenezuela, are also cited as favorable resorts. umbus's idea at the English Court, and

Of inland resorts, the Carolinas are indicated it was not until the latter had made two as offering many healthful and salubrious re- successful voyages that Cabot set out gions for invalids, the chief of which are Ashe- on his expedition. Had it not been

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for Columbus, America would probably ful Information”) we extract the following for not, at that early era, have been discov- you:ered.

The society titles of wedding anniversaries

are: Ist cotton; and paper; 3rd leather; 5th Your advocacy of Columbus, against the

wooden; 7th woollen; noth tin; i2th silk and claims of other early discoverers, does credit to

fine linen; 15th crystal; 20th china; 25th silyour sympathy with the man and his struggles,

ver; 30th pearl; 4oth ruby; 50th golden; both but is hardly consistent with historical facts or

diamond. legitimate deductions from them. What is said in SELF CULTURE in the article you refer to, Will SELF CULTURE favor an interested though, perhaps, a little lacking in appreciation reader by giving, in an early issue, the full of the great Genoese sailor, is a fair presenta- text of Tennyson's “Crossing the Bar''? tion of the circumstances, and reasonably makes

Here is the Laureate's Poem:a case for Cabot, rather than for Columbus, as the discoverer of the North American Continent. “Sunset and evening star, Columbus, we know, did not set out to discover And one clear call for me! America, but to seek a western passage to the And may there be no moaning of the bar, East Indies; and when he and Cabot did

When I put out to sea. stumble upon outlying portions of the Western

“But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Continent, both had at first the idea that they Too full for sound and foam, had reached the dominions of the Grand Cham When that which drew from out the of China. It is idle to refute the idea that if

boundless deep Columbus had not discovered the New World, Turns again home. Cabot would have discovered it; while it is still

“Twilight and evening bell, more idle to say that if neither had made their

And after that the dark! voyages, the Continent would have remained

And may there be no sadness of farewell, ng a terra incognita. It is rue, that every

When I embark. great discovery excites expectation of others like it; yet towards the close of the fifteenth century, “For tho' from out our bourne of Time and with the invention of the mariner's compass and

Place the spirit of maritime adventure then abroad,

The food may bear me far, discovery was in the air. The Cabots and the

I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have cross'd the bar." English Court were more likely to be better informed as to what lay to the unknown Westward than were Columbus and the Courts of

Please explain in an early issue of Portugal and Spain, since the geographical

SELF CULTURE on what principle curved position of the British Islands, and intercourse

balls are thrown in playing base ball. with Norse navigators who had for centuries

The matter has been discussed among a made voyages to the New World, were favor

number of my friends who are players, able to enlightenment on the subject. Hence the but some of them scout the idea that voyages of the Cabots must have been made un

there is a scientific principle involved; der more assured conditions than were those of

others hold that there is, but do not Columbus, while they established England's know what the principle is. claims to territorial sovereignty on this conti

Curve-pitching, as practiced in modern base nent, by right of discovery,— a claim far beyond

ball playing, is a scientific fact, the practice of that which Columbus, or Spain for him, would

which preceded the discovery of its principle. have been justified in making.

For a long time after its existence was familiar

to every ball player and spectator of the game, Will you kindly publish, in your ex

there were men who proclaimed the impossibilcellent magazine, a list of Wedding Anni

ity of there being any law that governed the versaries, and indicate the nature of the

motion, and who declared it to be simply an presents (wooden, china, silver, etc.)

“optical delusion.” It has, however, been that are suitable to each?

practically demonstrated in a way that leaves no

room for doubt, and a scientific explanation has You will find such questions, with much else been found for it. In the “Scientific Ameriof a like kind, answered in an exceedingly valu- can," of August 28, 1886, will be found a very able and instructive volume (price $1.50) issued explicit demonstration of the theory of the by the publishers of this magazine, The Werner

The demonstration is, however, accomCompany, Akron, O. From it (“Manual of Use- panied with figures of a ball moving through


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