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God, with whom we have to do. A person who never leaves his home, beholds around him sufficient to raise in his mind lofty ideas of the glorious Creator of all things; but, after all, he sees but little of the wonderful works of God, compared with the individual who, year after year, visits the different parts of the diversified globe. It requires not the mind of a philosopher, to enjoy the amazing beauties which nature spreads forth to our view, because there is in most parts of the earth such a richness and grandeur in her works, as to strike the soul of the most untutored with the highest complacency and delight. The person, however, who feels the most refined pleasure in beholding the displays of omnipotence, is the Christian; for, in all, he looks from nature up to nature's God. Whereever he goes, he finds something to engage his attention, and call forth his love ; and with the Psalmist, he lifts up his soul in praise, exclaiming, Lord! how manifold are thy works ; in wisdom hast thou made them all.”

66 Oh

Acquaint thyself with God, if thou wouldst taste
His works. Admitted once to his embrace,
Thou shalt perceive that thou wast blind before:
Thine eye shall be instructed; and thine heart

shall relish, with divine delight, Till then unfelt, what hands divine have wrought.”

In dwelling upon the words of David at the head of this chapter, I would observe, that nature has done a great deal for our own blest country. It is filled with beauties, and clothed with interest. In it, hill and dale, mountain and valley, forests and plains, the expanding river and fertilizing stream, combine in rich diversity to gratify our sight.

If we leave our native shores, and visit foreign lands, it will be impossible to help saying, “ O Lord! how manifold are thy works!” What a charming and beautiful spot is Europe ! in one part, we behold beautifully diversified plains, richly enamelled hills, lovely vallies, and grand mountains; silver bosomed lakes, and magnificent torrents : in another, nature opens to our view in an ocean of verdure, or plains

Sometimes she strikes us in a vast sea of frozen waters, at others with burning volcanoes. Occasionally, she is clothed in the perpetual luxuriousness of smiling spring; and sometimes seen in the dazzling splendour of golden autumn. But whenever and wherever contemplated, it is in all her beauty and magnificence.

of snow.

Afric's burning land exhibits also the works of infinite power, in grand diversity. Its rivers and mountains; its creeping things innumerable; the majestic lion, which roars in its forests, and the splendid birds which glitter in its woods; are the creations of that God, who does all things well.

America too abounds in displays of almighty wisdom: in South America, witness the Cordilleras, * which stretch themselves for thousands of miles, in stupendous majesty and glory. They are for ever adorned in garments of snow, and sparkle in the sun as though covered with brilliant gems. Within those astonishing mountains, are vast mines of gold and silver, which are continually pouring forth their exhaustless treasures. A great part of South America is in a state of nature, and presents a grand picture of amazing rivers, mountains, and woods. The continent of North America is full of natural wonders and beauties; consisting of lofty mountains, vast rivers, enormous lakes, beautiful cataracts, splendid waterfalls, rich plains, and mighty forests; all displaying the glory and wisdom of God.

* The Cordilleras or Andes of South America, measure from 10,000 to 21,000 feet above the level of the sea, and have their highest ranges covered with perpetual snow. They run through the whole of that Continent, a distance of nearly 5,000 miles, and in many parts of them there are large volcanoes.

Let us now turn to India, which may be justly styled the paradise of the world. There, nature reigns in highest glory; and it is there the works of God

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