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many rocks, shoals, quicksands, and currents in your course to glory. You have a base world in opposition to you;

an ensnaring devil watching to slay you; a corrupt nature fighting against you; and a desperately wicked heart continually trying to lead you into sin.

into sin. Though sovereign grace has delivered

you from the power and condemnation of these enemies, you will ever be subject to the annoyance of them. The beloved Apostle laments it in the most pathetic manner, and in the bitterness of his sorrow, cried out; oh! wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from them? It is Christ, believers; seek him therefore at all times, and may you be enabled to cast yourselves upon him, saying:

On arms of love, I will rely,

For then I shall not fall; The saints are safe, with Jesus by,

He is their all in all.



A Leader and Commander to the people.--Isa. lv. 4.

Hark! the proclamation, and the word,
Of our great leader, Christ the Lord;
He calls us to stand in battle array,

Though sin and hell obstruct the way:
To the faithful he'll give the conq’ror's crown,
And load them with honours of endless renown.

The only person on board a ship, enjoying full liberty to do whatever he pleases, consistent with the regulations of the service, is the Captain. A subordinate officer however comfortably he may be situated as regards the common circumstances of life, if he be the subject of sovereign grace, meets with many discouragements and difficulties in the ways of God. If he faithfully serve his Lord and Master, he is made the object of constant and painful persecution; his feelings are wounded with malignant remarks, and his ears assailed with ungodly discourse. Should he be content to keep his religion to himself, and never show by his conduct that he belongs to “ a holy nation, a peculiar people,” he may go on tolerably well; but, if he is, as every child of God ought to be, concerned for the spiritual welfare of those around him, in all he attempts, the conduct of his brother officers will completely verify the words of St. Paul, “ the carnal mind is enmity against God.”

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The captain is the only person who has it in his power to be of great use; therefore, the commander of a vessel is either a great blessing, or curse: a blessing, in promoting the cause of religion; or a curse, in doing every thing to oppose it. If a genuine disciple of Christ, his price is above rubies. His word is law, and whether men will hear, or whether they will forbear, they cannot openly object to any thing he proposes

for their good. The captain of a ship, is the only person who can truly live to God, as a Christian desires : his devotional hours are not subject to interruption, nor his public admonitions to contempt. When he enters into his cabin, (which is a sacred place, and knows no intruder but conscience,) he is shut out from the world, and can there hold peaceful communion

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