Tropical Sketches: Or, Reminiscences of an Indian Journalist

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Hurst and Blackett, 1855

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Page 16 - I implore you to read their scriptures, as well as your own : but reading is useless without obedience to the doctrine taught ; for God has said, no man shall be saved except he has performed good works. The Almighty will not ask to what tribe or persuasion he belongs. He will only ask, What has he done ? Therefore those violent and continued disputes, which subsist between the Hindus and Moslemans, are as impious as they are unjust.
Page 142 - TRISTAN D'ACUNHA ; the largest of three islands in the South Atlantic ocean, about 1500 miles from any land either to the west or north, very lofty, and about fifteen miles in circumference. A part of the island towards the north rises perpendicularly from the sea to a height apparently of a thousand feet or more. A level then commences, forming what is termed table land, and extending towards the centre of the island ; whence a conical mountain rises, not...
Page 104 - Perfect truth ; perfect happiness ; without equal ; immortal ; absolute unity; whom neither speech can describe nor mind comprehend; all-pervading ; all-transcending ; delighted with his own boundless intelligence ; not limited by space or time ; without feet, moving swiftly ; without hands, grasping all worlds ; without eyes, all-surveying ; without ears, all-hearing ; without an intelligent guide, understanding all ; without cause, the first of all causes; all-ruling...
Page 26 - I myself will be thy Gooroo," said the Almighty, " and thou shalt be a Gooroo to all mankind ; thy sect shall be great in the world, and I will forgive the sins of thy disciples.
Page 305 - They have tubes" (said the same account) " which make a noise like thunder when it breaks upon Jugandere Parivata, and even louder ; and a globe of iron shot from one of them, after flying some leagues, will break a castle of marble, or even of iron.
Page 18 - ... As Mohammed's first object was to reconcile corrupt forms of Christianity with Deism, so it was Nanuk's to conciliate Hindoos and Mussulmans and to inculcate general peace. Nanuk was naturally of a very pious disposition. It is related by Malcolm, that on his visit to Mecca a Mullah said to him, " How darest thou, infidel, turn thy feet towards the house of God?" " Turn them, if you can," replied the indignant Nanuk, " in a direction where the house of God is not.
Page 299 - Eastern side, appear to have been the principal carriers, and from the accounts which they carried back with them, of the Island they had visited, probably arose those Moorish and Malayan invasions, which we have noted as having become exceedingly numerous, in the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. To this trade, the discovery of the passage round the Cape of Good Hope by the Portuguese, put an end, and as that nation supplanted the Moors on the Coast of India, so did they also in the...
Page 319 - They were willing, but for some time were unable, to attempt a diversion in favor of the fugitive prince, and when they did so, the usual difficulties, the inaccessible nature of the interior, and the numbers of Singha's forces conspired to overthrow the project and defeat Wijayapala's hopes, whilst they gave Singha an additional force of artillery of which he well knew the importance. Anxious as Singha was to drive the Portuguese from the Island, he was yet aware that his own forces and the powers...
Page 275 - Even such a man, so faint, so spiritless, 80 dull, so dead in look, so woe-begone, Drew Priam's curtain at the dead of night.

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