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2. Your desires of heaven, Pfal, xlii. 1, 2. 3. Your endeavours after Salvation, 2 Pet.i.


4. DiviGon. Divide, 1. All your da s into Holy and Common,

ifa lviii. 13: 2. Each day betwixt your general and parti

cular Calling 5. The Rule of Proportion. 1. Proportion the Repentance of each Day

to your fins. 2. Your thankfulness to your Mercies, 1 Thef.

V. II.

II. Directions how to number our days.

1. Caft up your accounts each Night.
2. Count that Day loft wherein you have

not either, Eph. v. 16.
1. Done,

2. Or gotten good. 3. Number the days gone not to come, fam.

iv. 13•

4. Count every Day the last, Luke xii. 20. s. To substract every Day you have lived

from the whole of your life, that you may live, counting a day less to live.

Job, vii. 1. 6. Devote the residue to the Glory of

GOD. 7. The more days you live, the greater

account prepare to give, Ecclef. xii.

14. 8. Count all your days as a Cypher to Eter

nity, Psal. xc. 4. 2 Pet. iii. 8. 9. The fewer days you expect to number, the more diligence use in them.

10. Examine s. Souls.

10. Examine the numbring of your Days

by the ordering of your Lives.
11. So number your Days, as to apply

your Hearts to Wisdom
1. To know GOD.
2. Your selves.
3. Christ, 1 Cor. ii. 2.

Learn this Art, beg of GOD. to teach you it,

1. You have spent much Time already.
2. You know not how little more you have.
3. You have a great Work to do, Phil. ii. 12.
4. Time once spent cannot be recalled.
5. You must give Account of it at the Day

of Judgment, 2 Cor.v. 10.

PSAL. XC. 3: Thou turnest Man to destruction, and Sayest, Return, ye children of mexi


THis World is full of Turnings and Changes


1. In our Conditions or Estates, 2 Sam. xix.

43. and xx. 1.
2. Employments.
3. Names
4. Bodies, Job ii. 7,8. Fob vii. 3449 .


OBS. II. The last Turn will be to Deftrution. 1. Of the whole Man, consisting in the Se

paration of Soul and Body, Heb. ix. 27.

Job vii. 1. 2. Of the Body, in its Diffolution into its

first Principles, Eccles. xii. 7. 3. Of the Soul too (without Repentance

ntanc and Faith) in Hell-fire. 1. From GOD's Presence, 2 Thes. i. 9. 2. Its own Conscience, Mark ix. 44.

OBS UI. GOD will hereafter bid us return again, 1 Cor. xv. 12, 51. At this our Return 1. Our Bodies shall be gathered together,

Mat. xxiv. 31. 2. Ou: Souls united again to them, Phil. iii.21. 3. Both of them brought before Christ's

Tribunal, Heb. ix. 27. 2. Cor. v. Jo, 4. There receive their Sentence, Mat. xxv.

34, 41. s. And so live together for ever, Mat. xxv.


Use. 1. Live above the Turnings of this Life, 1 Cor.

vii. 29, 30, 31. 2. Prepare your selves to be turned out of it.

By turning, 1. From your selves to Christ, Mat. xi. 29. 2. From Sin to GOD, Ezek. xxxiii. 11. 3.

From Earth to Heaven, Pbil. iii. 20.


PSA L. cl. 6.


Praise ye the Lord. Ho is this Lord? .717 Three Names. WHO 1. .

. .

.his Sovereignty אדני .1 .his Unity אהיהוה יהוה .2

,his Trinity אלהים .3

II. How are we to praise the Lord? 1. With our Heads, by minding and acknow

ledging him. 2. Our Hearts. 1. By our Love and Thankfulness for his

2. Our right rejoycing in our Mercies.
3. Our Mouths, Psa. xxxiv. 1. Pfa. Ixxi.

14, IS.
4. Our Hands.

III, What should we praise GOD for?

1. In general, for Jesus Chrift.
2. In particular, in Chrift
1. For all his Spiritual Mercies. -

1. His Graces.
2. His Comforts.
3. The Means of these his Ordinances.

1. Prayer.
2. Hearing.
3. Sacraments.
4. Afflictions, Heb. xii. 10. Cor. iv.17.

2. Temporal Mercies.

1. His making us.

2. His maintaining us. Neither must we praise him only for Personal, but likewise for National and Ecclesiastical Mercies,

IV. Why should we praise the Lord ?
I. Consider the Greatness of that God that

vouchsafeth thy Mercies.
2. Thine own Unworthiness.
3. 'Tis all the Tribute and Impost that GOD

expects from thee, or thou canst give to

him. 4. The Praising GOD for what we have, is

the best way to get of him what we

want. For s. It hath always been the Practice of the

Saints. David seven times a Day, Psa.

cxix. 164. continually, Psa. lxxi. 6. 6. Hereby we glorify GOD, Psa. I. 23. 7. 'Tis a good Evidence of our Sincerity. 8. 'Tis Angels now, and will be our Work

to Eternity.


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