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PSALM lxviii.

Ixviii. 18.

Thou hast ascended on high, thou haft led caprivily captive, thou hast received gifts for men : jea, for the rebellious alfo: that the Lord God might dwell among


עליק למרום .them

1. C

Hrift ascended.


1. This was typified, Lev. xvi. 2, 3.
2. Foretold in the Text, Epb. iv. 8.
3. Performed by Christ, John xx. 17. Luke xxiv.

50. 51. Ats i, 9, 10, 11.
This Ascension was,

1. Local.

2. Visible, because no more was he to be

seen on Earth.
2. Why did he ascend?

1. To confirm our Faith.
2. To make intercession for us, 17obn ii. 2.

3. To prepare Mansions for us, Fobn xiv. 2.
Use. Is Christ ascended?
1. Ascend to him with your Affections,

Col. iii. 1.
2. Long to be with him.

II. Thou baft led Captivity Captive. '70 n'ju
1. We are naturally Captives.

1. To fin, Rom vi. 16.
2. To Satan, 2 Tim. ii. 26.
3. To the World, Mat, vi, 24.

2, Chrift

2. Christ delivereth us from this Captivity,

Luke iv. 18. Asts iii. 26. 3. He makes us his own Servants, and so

captivates to himself the Captives of Sa

tan. Use. Let us serve him who hath redeemed us

to himscif, i Cor. vi. 20.

2. —

IJI. Thru haft received gifts for Men, on? ΟΙΝΟ Π3ron έδωκε δίμα]α τους ανθρώποις, So allo the Targum 1. What Gifts?

i Repentance, Acts ii. 38.
2. Pardon, 1 Fibn ii. 1.
3. His Spirit, Afts ii. 1. 7obu xvi.

1. To convince us, foln xvi. 9, 10, 11.
I. Of fin

Righteousness. 3.

Judgment. 2. To guide us, John. xvi. 13. Rom. viii.

14. 3. To sanctifie us, Tit. iii. 5. 1 u. 4. To quicken us, Rom. viii. 2. 5. To help us in Prayer, Rom. viii. 15,16. 6. To discover our Estates to us, Rom.

viii. 16. 7. To comfort and support us, Jobri xiv.

16, 17 IV. Tea, for the rebellious, 017710 px, that is, even for finners, Roni. v. 8. who rebell,

1. Against GOD, Isa. i. 2, 3.
2. Against Christ, job xxiv. 13.

V. That the Lord God might dwell amongst t?em, which implies, I, Our Relation to him, Deut. iv. 7.

2. His

B b 3

2. His favour to us, Lev. xxvi. 11. Exod. xxxiii.

1, 2, 3, 16. Exod. xxxiv. 9. 3. Our Communion with him, 1 John i. 3. 4. His gu dance of us, Psal. Ixxviii. 14,52, 53.

Psal. Ixxvi. 2. 5. His Protection, Numb. xxiii. 21, 22, 23.

Ffal xlvi. 5,6,7. Pfal. xxiii. 4. 6. His providing for us, Psal. xxiii. 1,5,6. 7. His being our GOD, Lev. xxvi. 11, 12.


1. Believe the Ascension.
2. Live like those who believe it.

Psal. Ixxiii. 25.

Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earib that I desire besides thee.


OD is to be desired before all things in the

1. What is it to defire GOD? 1. To prefer him in our Judgments, Pbil. i. 8. 2. To chuse him in our Wills. 3. To be more Zealous in our endeavour after

him than any thing else.

II. What is it in GOD we are to desire?
1. His Glory, Exod. xxxii. 32.
2. His Favour, Psal. xxx. 5. Psal. Ixiii. 3.
3. His Presence, Pfal. Ixxxiv. 10.
4. His Enjoyment, Psal. xlii. 1, 2.

III. Why

IJI. Why should we desire GOD above all things? 1. Because he is more desirable than all things,

Like xviii. 19. Prov. iii. 15. 2. All other things are only defirable for his

3. He alone can satisfie our desires, Isa. Iv. 1.

Psal. xvii. 15:
I. Uše. Reproof, to those that defire all things

before GOD.
1. That think of other things more than

GOD, Psal. xviii. 4. 2. That are unwilling to part with any thing

for GOD. 3. That regard not the Ordinances. 4. That make it not their business to seek

after GOD. 2. Exhortation, As Solomon, 1 Kings iii. 5,1l,

12, 13

1. This is the end why we have desires.
2. 'Tis gross Idolatry to desire any thing be-

fore GOD, Col. iii. s.
3. To desire GOD above all things, is a

good evidence of Heaven.
4. Desire GOD here, and enjoy GOD

Defire GOD above,

1. Riches.
2. Honours.
3. Friends.
4. Relations.
5. Pleasures.
6. Liberty.
7. Knowledge, Si Cbriftum difcis satis

8. A

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8. A good Name.
g. Health.
10. Life, Temporal, Eternal, Exod.

xxxii. 32.

And manifest that you desire GOD more than these things. 1. By being willing to part with them when

GOD calls for them.
2. By being more serious in looking after

GOD than these things.
Vide Vol. 4. Serm. viii. of this Author.

PSA L. xc. 12.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

xxxi. 4.

DOCTRINE. IT T is our Duty to number our days, Psal,

4 1. What Arithmetical Operations should we perform each Day? 1. Addirion. Add each day, 1. To the number of your Graces, 2 Pet. i.

5,6 2. To the Degrees of each Grace, 2 Pet. iii.

18 2. Substraction. Substract,

1. From the sins of your Souls, Col. iii. 5. 2. From the itrength of your

sins. 3. Multiplication. Multiply,

1. Your thoughts of GOD, Psal. cxxxix.

17, 18.

2. Your

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