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1. Consider whom thou are going to. 2. What thou standest in need of to be

prayed for. 3. Renew thy Resolutions against sin,

Pfal. lxvi. 18. 4. Forgive whatsoever thou hast against

any Person, Mat. vi. 14, 15. i Tim.

ii. 8. 2. In Prayer. 1. Acknowledge thy fins agairft GOD,

before thou askeft Mercies from him, Ezra ix. 6. Neb. i. 7. Dan.

ix. 4, s.

2. Ask Spiritual before Temporal Mer

cies, as in the Loru's P: yur. 3. Let thy Thoughts 6 Hong with

thy Tongue. 4. Remember others as well as thy felt

in Prayer, i Tim. ii. 1. Eph. vi. 18.

Fane. V. 16. Mat. V. 44. s. Bless GOD for what thou hast, as

well as ask of him what thou

wanteft, Phil. iv. 6. 6. Ask nothing but in the Name of

Christ, Eph. iii. 12. Jolin xvi. 23, Qui recte invocat deum per filium invocat, & qui prope accedit per Christu19 accedit, Greg. Thaumat, ärav uer Sencils dc. evaru léov πάσι θεώ δια τα επί πάντων αγγέλων :

αρχιερέως εμψύχε λόγο και θεά. Orig. . 7. Ask in Faith, Jam. i. 6. i Tim. i. 8.

Mark xi. 24. 8. If thou woul st be sure to make a

right Prayer, amongst thy others use that which Christ himself made and appointed, Luke xi. 2.


3. After

3. After Prayer.

1. Consider how thou hast prayed.
2. What thou hast asked.

3. Expect a gracious answer, Psal. v. 3.
1. By Prayer, thou drawest nigh to GOD,

and enjoyeft Communion with him. 2. If thou call upon him, he will draw nigh

to thee, Psal. cxlv. 18. 3. Call on him and he'll deliver you, Psal.l.

۱۲. 4. Thou hast a promise that he'll hear thee,

Fob xxii. 27. Pfal. Ixv. 2. 1 Jobu v. 14 15

PSAL. lvi. 3.
What time I am afraid, I will trust

in thee.


Hensoever we are afraid of any evil, we are still to put our truft upon

GOD. 1. What is it to put our trust in GOD? 1. To keep your Hearts from desponding or

finking down under any fears. 2. To comfort our felves in GOD. 3. To expect deliverance from him.

II. What is there in GOD we ought to put our trust in? 1. In his Promises, Pfal. cxix. 42. Ifa. xliii. z. Jer. xxxiii. 3.

2. His Properties. Psal. xxxiii. 21.

1. His Power.
2. Wisdom.
3. Justice.
4. Mercy, Pfal. lii. 8.
5. All-lufficiency.

III. Why should we in all our fears put our trust in GOD? 1. Because there is none else that can secure us

from our fears, Prov. xi. 28. Whereas, 2. There are no fears but GOD can secure us

from them, either by removing the thing feared, or by subduing the fear of the thing,

Job xi. 16.

Exhort. In all your fears still trust in GOD.
1. Are thy fears Spiritual?
1. Delertions of GOD? Pfal. ir. 18.

Lam. iii. 31. Ifa. liv. 8.
2. Temptations from Satan? Rom. xvi.


3. Transgressions committed by thee? Ifa.

xliii. 25

4. Corruptions remaining in thee, Mic.vii.

19. Ezek. xxxvi. 27.

1. Poverty? Isa. xiii. 5. Isa. xliii. 20.
2. Disgrace? 1 Sam. ii. 30.
3. Enemies? Deut. xxviii. 7. Psal. xviii. 3.

Isa. xli. 11.
4. Loss of Friends?
5. Sickness? Fer. XXX. 17:

6. Death? Psal. xxiii. 4. Job xiii. 15. MOTIVES. 1. This is the best way to allay thy fear's,

Psal. cxxy. 1, 2. VOL. I.


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2. 'Tis part of the Honour and Worship thou

owest to GOD. 3. It is one end of GOD's bringing thee

often into fears. 4. To trust in GOD for deliverance is the

best way to obtain deliverance from GOD, Psal. xxxvii. 40. Psal. cxxv.

1, 2. Therefore is this Grace so often promised,

Psal. xl. 3.

PSALM lvii. 1.

Be merciful unto me, O God, be mer. ciful unto me, for my soul trusleth in thee : yea, in the ph.idow of thy wing's will I make my refrige, until these calamities be overpast


חנני אלה סחנני מ בך מפיה נפשי.

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II. We are also to trust on him alone. Psal. 2. What is requir’d to our trusting in GOD

XX. 7:

1. What are we to trust in him for?

1. This Life, i Tim. iv. 8.
2. That to come.

2. What

aright? 1. A thorough perswafion that none else can

do us good, Hof. xiv. 3. 2. Frequent meditations upon the goodness

and greatness of GOD, Psal. xxvi. 8. 3. A looking on him as our GOD, John,

XX. 28. Pfal. xvi.. 2. 4. An experimental Knowledge of GOD,

Psal. ix. 10. 2.Cor. i. 9, 10. 5. Uling all lawful means, 1 John iij. 3. 3. How may we be perswaded to this Duty? 1. It is put for the whole Duty of Man,

Psal. cxv. O, 10. 2. GOD brings us into troubles on purpose

to exercife our Trust, on him. 3. This gives all glory to GOD. 4. It keeps the Soul in a calm and quiet

eftate. s. It endears GOD to us, and obligeth him

to preserve us, Psal. xvi. 1. Pfal. vii. 1.

Pfal. Ivii. 1. III. We are to hide our felves in GOD 'till calamities be patt. Considering,

h Noalamity so great but he can help us. 2. And will, if we trust on him, Pfal. xxxvii.

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3. By this means our very Miseries will turn

to our good: : USE. Truf low in GOD. 1. Nothing can do you hurt, so long as you

trust on him. 2. All things thall do you good. 3. You will be happy whatsoever happens.

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