Flora of the Northern and Middle Sections of the United States: Or a Systematic Arrangement and Description of All the Plants Hither to Discovered in the United States North of Virginia, Volume 1

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T. and J. Swords, 1824 - 518 pages

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Page 93 - ARUN"DO. 3—2. (Gramiaea.) [Latin, signifying reed.] canadenftsis, (Au. 2_£.) panicle oblong, loose ; glumes scabrous, pubescent, as long as the corolla ; corolla awned on the back ; hairs at the base equalling the valves; culm and leaves smooth.
Page 460 - J. 2i- ) cespitůse, pubescent: stems erect, terete: leaves lanceolate-oblong, sub-acute, shorter than the joints : flowers terminal, shorter than their pedicels: petals obovate, bifid at the tip, twice as long as the calyx. 6 — 12 i.
Page 143 - M. (Ju. 21 •) culm simple: nodes smooth: leaves broad-lanceolate, smooth, sub-ciliate on the margin: panicle much branched, smooth, many-flowered; spikelets oblong: abortive floret antheriferous, with the upper valve sub-herbaceous, shorter than the lower one.
Page 192 - ... betwixt this body and the embryon is at first a minute and. nearly central funiculus which enlarges and becomes more distinct during the progress of germination; but what appears to be most singular in it, is the length of time which it continues attached to the growing plant, apparently inert at the base of the caudex for twelve or even eighteen mouths. covered by the connivent calix, 1 of them sometimes abortive. (Stamina 1, 2, and 4.) Small herb...
Page 501 - M. £>.) segments of the calyx lanceolate: leaves oblong or oval, gradually acuminate, somewhat rugose, smooth and green on both sides: branches straight, erect.
Page 221 - M. 0.) leaves pinnatifid, the lobes undivided; segments of the corolla tirnbriate. 6-12 i. parvijlo'ra, (b. M. ^.} stem diffuse, pubescent; leaves sub-sessile, pinnatifid ; segments oblong, rather obtuse, entire; racemes solitary; pedicels short; segments of the corolla round, very entire. 6-8 i.
Page 260 - July on, it produces fragrant white flowers in upright, oblong clusters. The leaves are said to have been used as a substitute for tea during the American Revolution. This shrub grows about 4 feet tall. New Jersey-tea is difficult to transplant. Set plants out very carefully in spring. They will do well in full sun or partial shade. Ocean-Spray (Holodiscus discolor var. ariaefolius) Zones 4 to 10 Ocean-spray is a spirea-like shrub that produces large drooping plumes...
Page 143 - P. macrocarpon Torr,: culm erect, simple ; leaves linear-lanceolate, erect, a little hairy beneath ; joints naked ; sheaths hispid; panicle rather compound, smooth ; spikelets ovate-globose ; abortive floret neutral.

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