Outlines of musical bibliography: a catalogue of early music and musical works, Volume 1

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Georg Olms Verlag, 1976

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Page 38 - The Noble Arte of Venerie or Hunting, Wherein is handled and set out the Vertues, Nature, and Properties of fiuetene sundrie Chaces togither, with the order and maner how to Hunte and kill euery one of them, Translated and collected for the...
Page 74 - The First Set of English Madrigals, to 3, 4, 5. and 6 parts, apt both for viols and voyces ; with a Mourning Song in memory of Prince Henry..
Page 85 - Th' overthrow of Stage-Playes, by the way of controversie betwixt D. Gager and D. Rainoldes, wherein all the reasons that can be made for them are notably refuted; th...
Page 43 - Sonet orderly pointed to his proper Tune. With new additions of certain Songs, to verie late deuised Notes, not commonly knowen, nor vsed heretofore.
Page 37 - Songes of three, fower, and five voyces, composed and made by Thomas Whythorne, gent., the which Songes be of sundry sortes, that is to say, some long, some short, some hard, some easie to be songe, and some...
Page 48 - Musick of 3, 4, 5, and 6 parts: and published for the delight of all such as take pleasure in the exercise of that Art. By WILLIAM BYRD, one of the Gentlemen of the Queenes Majesties honorable Chappell.
Page 62 - ... expressing five partes, with pleasant reportes one from the other, and for two Leero Viols, and also for the Leero Viole with two Treble Viols, or two with one Treble. Lastly, for the Leero Viole to play alone, and some Songes to bee sung to the Viole, with the Lute, or better with the Viole alone. Also an invention for two to play upon one Viole. Composed by Tobias Hume, Gentleman.
Page 85 - Psalmes. Both in Prose and Meetre : With apt Notes to sing them withall. London Printed for the Company of the Stationers.
Page 59 - The First Booke of Ayres, or little short Songs to sing and play to the Lute, with the base Viole.

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