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assist Christians in hearing with profit. By the REV. EDW. BICKERSTETH, Author of “A Scripture Help," "A treatise on Prayer," etc. etc.

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TERM REPORTS in the Court of King's Bench: By Charles Durnford and Edward Hyde East, of the Temple, Esqs. Barristers at Law. Eight Volumes in Four.

Second American, from the Fifth London Edition, corrected; with many additional References to later English and American authorities.

Si quid novisti rectius istis,
Candidus imperti ; si non, his utere mecum.


A PRACTICAL TREATISE of the LAW of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates. By Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, Esq. One of his Majesty's Counsel. Bonæ fidei venditorem, nec commodorum spem augere, nec

incommodorum cognitionem obscurare oportet. Valerius Maximus, l. vii. c. 11. From the Seventh London Edition ; With Notes and References to American Decisions, By Thomas Huntington, Counsellor at Law.

CASES ARGUED AND ADJUDGED in the High Court of Chancery, originally published by order of the Court, from the Manuscripts of Thomas Vernon, late of the Middle Temple, Esq. With References to the proceedings in the Court and to later Cases; together with Tables of the Names of the Principal Cases, and of the Cases cited in the Notes; also of the Principal Matters and of the matters contained in the Notes. By John Raithby, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Barrister at law. First American, from the third London Edition, with References continued to the present time. In two volumes.


For sale by Peirce & Williams, Boston-Whipple & Lawrence, Salem-Charles Whipple, Newburyport-Dorr & Howland, Worcester-Collier & Bartlett, Plymouth-Jona. Leavitt, New York-0. Steele, Albany-Clark & Hosford, Troy, N. Y.-U. Hunt, Philadelphia-D. F. Robinson & Co. Hartford. J. C. Allen, Windsor, Vt.


MERRIAM'S AMERICAN READER. The American Reader : Containing extracts suited

to excite a love of Science and Literature, to refine the taste, and to improve the moral character. De signed for the use of Schools. Price 75 Cents.


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Having examined the “AMERICAN READER,” recently published by E. & G. Merriam, of Brookfield, we cordially recommend it, as a School Book to be used by higher classes in common schools. It contains a judicious, chaste, and valuable selection of pieces from standard writers. The moral tendency of the selection we consider highly salutary. While it is calculated to assist the pupil in acquiring the art of reading, it will also furnish him with many valuable hints in regard to the formation of character. The merits of this compilation, when known, will, we think, secure for it exten sive patronage.


April, 1829.


From the N. York Journal of Commerce. The business of puffing has become so common, that we are almost ashamed to recommend a book, however worthy it may be of approbation. In the present case, however, we can easily avoid this dilemma, by saying in one word, that the American Reader consists of extracts from such authors as Mrs. Hemans, Pollok, Jane Taylor, Addison, Cowper, Gray, Mrs. Opie, Campbell, Henry Kirk White,--and among our own writers, Irving, Webster, Wirt, Beecher, Humphrey, Hawes, Wayland, Everett, Whelpley, Griffin, W. Jay, Ames, Dwight, &c.

Letter to the Compiler.

Hadley, Nov. 25, 1328. Dear Sir,

I have examined the copy of the American Reader you sent me. The selection of the materials appears to be judicious, and I think it possesses merits superior to any work of the kind which has fallen under my observation.

GEO. NICHOLS, Preceptor of Hopkins Academy.

From the Massachusetts Yeoman. The American Reader is a handsomely printed duodecimo. It is, the greater part of it, a collection of elegant extracts from some of the best English and American writers, in prose and poetry. Many of the pieces are of very recent publication, giving to the book an interest which is wanting in some other similar works. We think it will be found exceedingly well adapted for the use for which it is designed. It is certainly an interesting miscellany for families, and even for literary readers.

From the Boston Recorder. The character of the book may be estimated by the writers chosen by the compiler. Among the European are Jane Taylor, Mrs. Hemans, Mrs. Opie, H. K. White, Montgomery, B. Barton and Pollok. Among the American are W. Irving, Dennie, Webster, Griffin, Whelpley, Wayland, Dwight, Humphrey, Wilcox, Beecher, Willis, Mrs. Sigourney and Miss Francis. The whole comprizes a very judicious and chaste selection.

From a Notice of the Work. This compilation, in point of moral sentiment, is, in our judgment, superior to any recent publication which we have seen. We recommend the work to the early consideration of School Como mittees, and hope it may be extensively circulated.

THE FOURTH CLASS BOOK: Containing Lessons in Reading, for the younger classes in Schools.

Price 20 Cents. This little work contains a selection of Reading Lessons, adapted to the capacities of young scholars, and admirably calculated to interest and instruct them.

It has gone through three editions, within fourteen months from its first publication.

CONTENTS. Praise to God. Fretful Benjamin. Careless Robert. William and the Bees. Latin and Labour. The Passionate Pedler. The Liar and the Boy of Truth. The Cruel Boy. Every body may be of some Use. The Halyard Family: Mr. Halyard's manner of instructing his children. The Bread and the Čake. Animals. What Animals are made for. Self Denial. The Way to get a Lesson. A Person of Consequence. The Elephant. Honesty the best Policy. I know, but I cannot tell.

The little Chimney Sweeper and his Benefactor. Little Susan and her Lamb. Little Charles. Attention and Industry rewarded. The Benevolent Blacksmith. The Honest Boy, and the Thief. The Acorn and the Pumpkin. Charles' Scheme to make a Fortune. The Camel. The little Dog. Creation. The Good Boy. The Gun. The Good Neighbour. The Day of Life. Why an Apple falls. Indian Mode of taking the Buffalo. Avarice punished. The wicked Young Man who killed his Brother. The Children's Friend. Courage and Cowardice. The Kite ; or, Pride must have a Fall. The Bee and the Spider. Dr. Watts. Rewards. Punishments. The Positive little Girl. Essay on Nothing. The Rat with a Bell. The Young Mouse. The Real Value. The Rein Deer. The virtuous Hernhutter. , My Dog and my Shadow. The Horse and the Gonse. Generosity Rewarded. The Father who loved his Son. Do not be too greedy. A Minute. Spring. The Works of God. Select Extracts.

THE CHILD'S ASSISTANT in acquiring Useful

and Practical Knowledge. Price 12ż Cents.

The Book comprises brief, comprehensive and interesting Legsons, chiefly in the form of Question and Answer, on the following subjects :-Geography-History-Aborigines of America, Ameri. can History-The United States-American Revolution-Astronomy-Clouds, Winds, &c - The Human System-FalsehoodReading-Manners and Customs-Natural History—Industry Governments-Instances of Ul Manners-Obedience--The Ten Commandments—Intemperance- Improper modes of Pronunciation corrected-Maxims-Etymological Table of Narnes, important for explaining Texts in the New Testament, Explanation of common French and Latin phrases—Definitions of the most difficult words in this book. It also contains tables of Weight, Measure, Time, Money, &c. &c.

It has been introduced into the primary schools in many of the principal towns in Massachusetts and the neiglıbouring States.

RECOMMENDATIONS. Extract from a notice of the work, in the Boston Recorder. This little volume contains information on subjects chiefly práč



tical and important in the transaction of the ordinary business of life.-By an easy introduction of the young mind to an acquaintance with some of the principles of science, it is calculated to give a relish for learning, which can never be lost. A copy of this little work ought to be in the hands of every child between four and eight years of age. It deserves to be introduced into all our primary schools, and to be deeply engraven on the memory of every scholar.

From the Massachusetts Yeoman. We have felt the need, in our own family, of just such an sissistant” as this little work. It is designed, by questions and answers, to impart to the inquisitive minds of young children, a knowledge of facts important to be understood by them, and fitted to excite the curiosity to know more.-

With such a book at hand, many a leisure moment may be passed pleasantly to the parent and profitably to the gratified children.

THE AMERICAN PRIMER: Designed as the first book for Children.

Price 12ź Cents. This Book consists of Easy Lessons in spelling and reading, adorned with Cuts, and is well adapted to assist in acquiring the first rudiments of education.


Principally consisting of Questions on the Maps. By Joseph Muenscher, X. M.

Price 25 Cents.

It is believed that this book contains a more full and minute explanation of mathematical Geography than can be found in any other elementary treatise on this subject.

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