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Robbers, The

One Coat for Two Suits,

One O'Clock,

Opposite Neighbors,



Orphan, or the Unhappy


Our Gal 8

Our Jemima 8


Our Wife 7

† Out of Place,

Out to Nurse.
Paddy Cary 12
Paddy the Piper 13
Parents and Guardians,
Party Wall,
Pas de Fascination,
Passing Cloud, The
Past Ten O'Clock,
Patrician's Daughter,



Paul Pry,


People's Lawyer,
Perfection 6

Perplexing Predicament
Personation 2
Peter the Great,
*Peter Wilkins,
*Pet of the Petticoats,
Phenomenon in a Smock
† Philip Quarl, the Her-
Pilot, The

Pirate's Legacy, * Pizarro,


Pleasant Neighbor 5


Plot and Counterplot,
Poor Gentlemen,
Poor of New York,
Poor Pillicoddy 5
Pope of Rome,
Popping the Question,
P. P.; or Man and Tiger 8
Presumptive Evidence,
Pr'ty Piece of Business 5
Pride of the Market,
Principles form Char'ter
Promissory Note, The
* Promotion,
Provost of Bruges,
† Puritani,


Queen of Spades,
Queen's Heart.
Rag-Picker of Paris 16
Raising the Wind 10
Rake's Progress, The
Raman Droog,
Ransom, The

* Raymond and Agnes,
Recall of Momus,
Red Mask,


Rendezvous 8

Rent Day, The 16
Retribution 7

Robber's Wife,
Robert Emmett,

* Robert Macaire 11
* Robin Hood,
*Rob Roy 16
*Roland for an Oliver,
Romance and Reality,
Romance after Marriage
Romance of a Poor
Young Man,
Romance under Difficul-
Romeo and Juliet [ties
* Romp, The
*Rory O'More 17
Rose of Ettrick Vale 13
* Rosina,

Rosina Meadows,
Rough Diamond 9
Royal Oak,
*Rural Felicity,
Ruth Oakley.
Safe and Sound,
Sailor of France,
Sailor's Daughter
Satan in Paris,
Scan Mag,
Scholar, The 7
School for Authors,
School for Friends,"
Sch'l for Grown Childr'n
School for Prodigals,
School for Scandal 16
School of Arrogance,
School of Reform,
Sea Captain,
Sea of Ice,
Second Love,
Secret Marriage
Secret Service,
Secret, The 6
Seeing Warren,
Self 20

Senor Valiente,
Sent to the Tower 3
*Sergeant's Wife, The
Serious Family 11
Servants by Legacy,
Seven Clerks 11
Shaker Lovers,
Shakspeare's Dream,
Shandy Maguire,
She Stoops to Conquer,
Shoemakers of Toulouse,
Shylock (Burlesque) 13
Siamese Twins 6

Siege of Belgrade,
Siege of Rochelle,
† Sights for England,
Simpson and Company 8
Six Degrees of Crime,
Sixteen String Jack,
Skeleton Witness,
Sketches in India 7
Slasher and Crasher 7

*Snow Storm,
Soldier's Courtship,
Soldier's Daughter,
Soldier's Return,
Somebody Else,
Son of the Night,


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St. Cupid,

Steward, The


t St. George and the
Still Waters Run Deep,
St. Patrick's Eve,
Stranger, The 16
Students of Salimanca,
Sublime and Beautiful
Sudden Thoughts,

Surgeon of Paris,
Sweethearts and Wives,
*Swiss Cottage 5
Swiss Swains 5
Take care of Little Char-
Tam'g of the Shrew [ey
Tarnation Strange,
Teddy Roe 6
Teddy the Tiler.
*Tempest, The
Temptation 9
That Blessed Baby 5
Theatrical Budget,
*Therese 10

Three Guardsmen,
Three Weeks after
Marriage 7
Thumping Legacy 8
Ticklish Times,
Time Tries All 8
Time Works Wonders,
*Timour the Tartar,
'Tis all a Farce,
Tit for Tat 9
*Tom and Jerry,
Tom Cringle,
To Oblige Benson 5
Toodles, The 12

Too Many Cooks, [£5 10
To Paris and Back for
Town and Country,
Trial by Jury,
Trip to America,
Trip to Calais,
Trip to Niagara,
Trip to Scarborough,
Trumpeter's Wedding,
Trying It On 6
*Twelfth Night,
Twenty Minutes with a
Twice Told Tale [Tiger
Two Bonnycastles 6
Two Buzzards, The 5
Two can Play at that
Game 3

Two Faces under a Hood
Two Friends 6

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Voice of Nature.

* Wandering Boys, Wandering Minstrel, Wanted a Widow with immediate possession Wanted, 1000 Milliners * Warlock of the Glen, Watchword, Ways and Means, Way to keep him, * Weathercock, The 9 Wedding Day 9 We fly by night, Wenlock of Wenlock, Wept of the Wish-tonWerner, Westend; or, the Ir + West Indian, [Heires Wheel of Fortune, Whistle for it,

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*White Horse of the White Lies, [Pepper

† Whittington and E Cat,

Who speaks first 5
+Who's to blame, [bo
Who stole the Pocket-
Who wants a Guines,
Widow's Victim 5
Wife, The
Wild Oats,
Wilful Murder,
William Tell,
Willow Copse,

Winning a Husband.
Winter's Tale,
Wizard of the Wave,
* Wizard Skiff,

Wolf and Lamb,
Woman of the World
Wonder, The
World, The

Wreck Ashore,
Wrecker's Daughter,
Writing on the Wall,
Yankee Land,
Yankee Pe ler,
Yeoman's Daughter,
Yes or No,

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