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Wells (JOHN EDW.), A manual of the writings in middle English 1050-1400. New Haven etc. 1916. 80.

Connecticut Academy of art and sciences.

Weston (JESSIE L.), King Arthur and his knights. A survey of
Arthurian romance. London 1906. kl. 8°.

Popular studies in mythology, romance and folklore, 4.

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Weston (JESSIE L.), The legend of Sir Gawain. Studies upon its

original, scope and significance. London 1897. 80.

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Weston (JESSIE L.), The legend of Sir Lancelot du Lac. Studies upon

its origin, development, and position in the Arthurian romantic cycle. London 1901. 80.

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Whistle The times' : or a new daunce of seven satires, and other

poems: compiled by R. C., gent. Ed. with introd., notes, and glossary by J. M. COWPER. London 1871. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 48. Whittier (JOHN GREENLEAF) - The poetical works of With notes etc. ed. by W. GARRET HORDER. London 1910. 80.

With portr. Wills – The fifty earliest English in the Court of Probate,

London. A. D. 1387-1439; with a priest's of 1454. Copied and
ed. by FRED. J. FURNIVALL. London 1882. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 78.
Williams (Orlo), The essay. London (1915]. kl. 80.

The art and craft of letters.

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Wollstoneraft (MARY), Original stories. With introd. by E. V. LUCAS,

London 1906. 80. With ill.

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Wood (BUTLER) Charlotte Brontë, 1816–1916. A centenary memorial prepared by the Brontë Society, ed. by -. With foreword by

Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD, maps and ill. 2d ed. London 1918. 80. Wordsworth (WILL.) The poems of With introd. and notes

by THOM. HUTCHINSON. London 1916. 80. - With portr. Wordsworth (WILL.) The poetical works of Ed. by WILL. KNIGHT. 8 vol. London 1896. 80.

With pl.

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Works - The -- of the English poets. With prefaces, biographical and

critical, by Sam. JOHNSON. 58 vol. London 1779–90. kl. 80.


With portr.

I, II, Cowley. III--V. Milton. VI, VII. Butler. VIII. Waller. IX. Denham

and Spratt. X. Rochester, Roscommon and Yalden. XI, Otway, Duke and Dorset. XII. Milton's smaller poems. XIII–XIX. Dryden. XX. Garth and King. XXI. J. Philips, Smith and Pomfret. XXII. Hughes. XXIII. Addison. XXIV. Blackmore. XXV. Buckingham and Lansdowne. XXVI-XXVIII. Rowe and Tickell. XXIX. Congreve. XXX, XXXI. Prior. XXXII-XXXVIII, Pope. XXXIX, XL. Swift. XLI, XLII. Gay. XLIII, Broome and Pitt. XLIV. Parnell and A. Philips. XLV. Savage. XLVI. Watts. XLVII. Somervile. XLVIII, XLIX. Thomson, Hammond and Collins. L--LII. Young. LIII. Dyer and Mallet. LIV. Shenstone. LV. Akenside. LVI. Lyttelton, West and Gray. LVII, LVIII. Index.


Wright (Jos.), The English dialect grammar. Oxford etc. 1905. 80.

Wright (Jos. and ELIZABETH MARY), Old English grammar. 2d ed.

Oxford etc. 1914. 80.

Woelker (Rich.), ERNST GROTH und EWALD FLUEGEL, Geschichte der

englischen Literatur von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart. 2e Aufl. Neuer Abdr. 2 Bde. Mit Taf. Leipzig usw. 1911. 80.

Wuellenweber (WALTH.), Ueber Tennysons Königsidylle The coming of

Arthur und ihre Quellen. Marburg 1889. 80. - Diss. .

Wulfstan. Sammlung der ihm zugeschriebenen Homilien nebst Unter.

suchungen über ihre Echtheit. Herausgeg. von ARTH. NAPIER. le Abt.: Text und Varianten. Berlin 1883. 80.

Sammlung englischer Denkmäler. IV 1.



Wyelif [JOHN] - The English works of -- hitherto unprinted. Ed. by
F. D. MATTHEW. London 1880. 80. With facs.

Early English text soc. No. 74.

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Wylie (LAURA JOHNSON), Social studies in English literature. Boston
etc. 1916. 80.

Vassar gemi-centennial series.


Ywain and Gawain. Mit Einl. und Anm. herausgeg. von Gust.

SCHLEICH. Oppeln usw. 1887. 80.


Zachrisson (R. E.), Pronunciation of English vowels 1400–1700.
Göteborg 1913. gr. 80.
Göteborgs Kungl. Vetenskapg- och

Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhälles Handlingar
4e F. XIV 2.



Zijderveld (ARIE), De romancepoëzie in Noord-Nederland van 1780 tot 1830. Amsterdam 1915.


80. Diss.

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Tudor facsimile texts.
Texts - The Tudor facsimile – Under the supervision and editorship

of John S. FARMER. ... vol. London 1907–. 40, gr. 40, fo. Farmer (JOHN S.), A hand list to the Tudor facsimile texts. Old

English plays printed and Ms. rarities exact collotype reproductions in folio and quarto. [London] 1914. 40.

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Apius and Virginia. [By Rich BOWER?] 1575. London 1908. 40;
Arden of Feversham. 1592. [London) 1911. 40.
Armin (ROB.), The history of the two maids of More-clacke. 1609.

[London) 1913. 40.

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Bale (John), The chief promises of God unto man. (God's promises).

1538. London 1908. 40.

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Bale (John), A comedy concerning three laws of nature, Moses

and Christ. 1538. London 1908. 40.

Inte de

Bale (John), The temptation of Our Lord. 1538. London 1909. 40,

The bloody

By T. D. 1620? [London] 1914. 40.
Barnes (BARNABE), The devil's charter. 1607. [London] 1913. 40.
Barry (Lo.), Ram-Alley or merry tricks. 1611. [London] 1913.40.
Beauty The -- an good proporties of women otherwise Calisto and

Melibaea. c. 1530. London 1909. 40.


Beguild WILY 1606. [London] 1912. 40.
Book The - of Sir Thomas Moore. (Harleian Mss. 7368, ;

1590-96). [London] 1910. fo.
Brandon (SAM.), The virtuous Octavia, 1598. [London] 1912. 40.
Castle The

of perseverance; The Macro plays. No. 3: London 1908. 49.

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Chapman (GEO'.) a. o., Eastward hoe. 1605. [London] 1914. 40,

Grissill. 1603. [London] 1911. 4o.
Chettle (HENRY), The tragedy of Hoffman or a revenge for

father. 1631. [London] 1913. 4o.

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Chronicle history

1910. 40.

The true

of King Leir. 1605. [London]

780 to



between liberality and prodigality. 1602. (London] 1912. 40. Contention The first part of the between the two famous

houses of York and Lancaster, etc. 1594. [London] 1913. 40.


Contract A of marriage between Wit and Wisdom. c. 1579.

London 1909. 40.

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Cooke (Jo.), Greenes Tu-quoque or the city gallant. 1614. [London

1913. 40.

Cromwell (THOMAS Lord). By W. S. 1602: [London] 1911: 40.

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Damon and Pithias. (By Rich. EDWARDS.] 1571: London 1908. 40.

Darius mi King

An hitherto unknow edition. London 1907. 40.


Day (John), The blind beggar of Bednall Green. 1659. [London)

1914. 40.

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Dekker (THOM.) and JOHN WEBSTER, The famous history of Sir

Thomas Wyat. 1607. [London] 1914. 40.



Dekker (Thom.) and JOHN WEBSTER, Northward hoe. 1607. [London]

1914. 40.


Dekker (Thom.) and JOHN WEBSTER, Westward hoe. 1607. [London

1914. 40.



The merry

-- of Edmonton. 1608. [London] 1911. 40,


Drum (JACK)'s entertainment. 1601. [London] 1912. 4..




Fair 1631. [London] 1911. 40. Everyman. [London 1912. 40.


Fletcher (John) and WILL. SHAKESPEARE, The two noble kinsmen.

1634. [London; 1910. 40.

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Fulwell (ULPIAN), Like will to like. 1587. London 1909. 40.
Gascoigne (GEORGE), The glass of government. 1575. [London] 1914. 40,
Gentleness Of and nobility. [By JOHN HEYWOOD? 1535?]

London 1908. 40.

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George a Greene the pinner of Wakefield. 1599. [London] 1913. 40.
Goosecap (SIR GILES). 1606. [London] 1912. 40
Greene (ROB.), The honorable historie of frier Bacon and frier

Bongay. 1594. [London] 1914. 49.





Grim the collier of Croydon. 1662 [London] 1912. 40.
Gurton (GAMMER)'s needle. 1575. [London] 1910. 40.
Haughton (WILL.), Englishmen for my money or a woman will have

her will. 1616. (London] 1911. 40.

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Heywood (JOHN), John John the husband, Tyb his wife, and Sir

John the priest. 1533. London 1909. 4o.
Heywood (John), The pardoner and the frere, the curate and neybour

Pratte. 1533. London 1909. 40.
Heywood (John), The play called the four P. P. 1545? London

1908. 40.
Heywood (John), A play of love. 1534. London 1909. 40.
Heywood (John), The play of the weather. An unrecorded edition.
(1906). London 1908. 40.

The play of the weather. [Rastell edition] 1533. London 1909. 40.

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Heywood (John), Witty and witless. London 1909. fo.

Hickscorner. C. 1497-1512. London 1908. 40.

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History - The - of the two valiant knights Syr Clyomon and

Clamydes. 1599. [London] 1913. 40.

Histrio-Mastix. 1610. [London] 1912. 40.
Hood (ROBIN). c. 1561—9. [London] 1914. 40.
Hughes (THOM.) a. o., The misfortunes of Arthur. 1587. [London)

1911. 40.

Ingelend (Thom.), The disobedient child. 1570? London 1908. 40,

Jacob and Esau. 1568. London 1908. 4o.


John the Evangelist. [London] 1907. 40.
Juggler (JACK). C. 1553–61. [London] 1912. 40.
Knack A to know an honest man. 1596. [London] 1912. 4o.
Knack A to know a knave. 1594. [London] 1911. 40.
Ladies The three of London. By R[OB.] W[ILSON ?] 1584.

(London) 1911. 40.
Larum A for London. 1602. [London] 1912. 40.
Lawyer The honest By S. S. 1616. [London] 1914. 40.

The and death of Jack Straw. 1593. [London] 1911. 40
Lingua. 1607. [London] 1913. 40.
Locrine. Newly set foorth, overseene, and corrected, by W. S. 1595.

[London, 1911. 40.




Lodge (Thom.) and ROB. GREENE, A looking glasse for London

and England. 1594. [London] 1914. 4o.
Look about you. 1600. [London] 1912. 40.
Lords The three and three ladies of London. By R[OB.]

WILSON] 1590. [London] 1912. 4o.
Lupton (THOM.), All for money. 1578. [London] 1910. 40.
Maid The fair -- of Bristow. 1605. [London] 1912. 40.
Maid The 's metamorphosis. 1600. [London] 1912. 40.
Man How a

may choogle a good wife from a baid: i 16102,
(London 1912. 40
Mankind. The Macro plays No. 1. London 1907. 40:
Marlowe (CHRIST.) and THOM. NASH, The tragedy of Dido Queen

of Carthage. 1594. [London] 1914. 40.

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