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Scott (WALT.) The poetical works of With the author's

introd. and notes ed. by J. LOGIE ROBERTSON. London 1913. 80. - With portr.

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Scott (WALT.), The Waverley novels. 48 vol. Edinburgh 1877–79.

With pl.
Sego The off Melayne and the Romance of Duke Rowland and

Šir Otuell of Spayne. Together with a fragment of the Song of
Roland. Ed. by SIDNEY J. HERRTAGE. London 1880. 80.

The English Charlemagne romances. II.

Early English text soc. Extra series No. 35.
Shakespeare (WILL.) The complete works of reprinted from

the First Folio. Ed. by CHARLOTTE PORTER and H. A. CLARKE.
With introd. by JOHN CHURTON COLLINS. 13 vol. London (1906).

80. With pl.
Shakespeare - The „Garrick” Shakespeare with introd. by GEORGE
BRANDES, and glossary. 12 vol. With pl. London 1905. 80.
I-XI. The works of Shakespeare. XII. The life and work of William

Shakespeare by George Brandes.
Shakespeare, Othello. In Paralleldruck nach der ersten Quarto und

ersten Folio mit den Lesarten der zweiten Quarto und Einl.
herausgeg. von M. M. ARN. SCHROEER. Heidelberg 1909. 80.

Englische Textbibliothek, 14,

Shakespeare's Sonnets and A lover's complaint. With introd. by
W. H. HADOW. London 1907. 80.

Tudor and Stuart Library.

Shakespeare The sonnets of From the quarto of 1609 with

variorum readings and commentary ed. by RAYMOND MACDONALD

ALDEN. Boston etc. 1916. 80.
Shakespeare, Tempest. Nach der Folio von 1623 mit den Varianten

der andern Folios und Einl. herausgeg. von ALBR. WAGNER::
Berlin 1900. 80.

Englische Textbibliothek, 6.

Shakespeare (WILL.) The works of Ed. by WILL. GEORGE

CLARK and WILL. ALDIS WRIGHT. London 1911. 80.

Shairp (PRINCIPAL), Burns. London 1910. 80.

English men of letters.

Shelley (P. B.j - The complete poetical works of Ed. with textual

notes by THOM. HUTCHINSON. Oxford 1904. 80. With portr.

Shelly [P. B.], Epipsychidion und Adonais. Mit Einl. und Anm. herausgeg. von Rich. ACKERMANN. Berlin 1900. 80.

Englische Textbibliothek, 5.

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Shelley (PERCY B.), Prometheus unbound. Kritische Textausg. mit
Einl. und Kommentar von Rich. ACKERMANN. Heidelberg 1908.80.

Englische Textbibliothek, 13.

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Shorter (CLEM.), The Brontës life and letters. 2 vol. London 1908,

With pl.
Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.
Sidgwick (FRANK), The ballad. London (1915]. kl. 80.

The art and craft of letters.



Sievers (ED.), Angelsächsische Grammatik. 3e Aufl. Halle 1898. 80.

Samml. kurzer Grammatiken german. Dialekte.
Skeat (WALT. W.), A concise etymological dictionary of the English

language. New ed. Oxford 1901. 80,
Smith (GOLDWIN), Cowper. London 1902. 80.

English men of letters,

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Smith THOM.), De recta et emendata linguae anglicae scriptione
dialogus (1568). Herausgeg. von OTTO DEIBEL. Halle a. S. 1913. 80.

Neudrucke frühneuengl. Grammatiken. VIII.
Sonnenschein (E. A.), A new English grammar. Part I. Parts of

speech and outlines of analysis. With exercises by EDITH ARCHI-
BALD. Oxford 1916. 80.
New grammar series based on the recommendations of the Joint Com-

mittee on grammatical terminology. I.
Southey (ROB.), Poems. Ed. by MAUR. H. FITZGERALD. London

1909. 80. With portr. Spectator The ['biy R. STEELE a. 0.]. New ed. with preface, historical and biographical, bly ALEX. CHALMERS. 10 vol. London 1808. 12o.

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Spirgatis (M.), Englische Litteratur auf der Frankfurter Messe von

1561-1620. Leipzig 1902. 80. Spurgeon (CAROLINE F. E.), Mysticism in English literature. Cam

bridge 1913. kl. 80.
Stacions – The -- of Rome, and the Pilgrims sea-voyage. Ed. by
FRED. J. FURNIVALL. London 1867. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 25.
Starkey (Th.), A dialogue between Cardinal Pole and Thomas Lupset.
Ed. with pref. by J. M. COWPER. London 1871. 80.

Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 12.

De titel ontbreekt.
Starkey (Th.]'s Life and letters. With app. giving an extract from

WILL. FORREST'S Pleasant poesye of princelie practise. Ed. by
SIDNEY J. HERRTAGE. London 1878. 80.

Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 32.
Stephen (LESLIE), George Eliot. London 1913. 80.

English men of letters.
Stephen (LESLIE), Hobbes. London 1904. 80.

English men of letters.

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Stephon (LESLIE), Samuel Johnson. London 1914. 80.

English men of letters.
Stephen (LESLIE), Alexander Pope. London 1911. 80.

English men of letters.

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Stoelke (HANS), Die Inkongruenz zwischen Subjekt und Prädikat im
Englischen und in den verwandten Sprachen. Heidelberg 1916. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 49.

Stoffel (C.), Intensives and down-toners. A study in English adverbs.
Heidelberg 1901. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 1.

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Stoffel (C.), Studies in English written and spoken. First series. .

Zutphen 1894. 80.
Stone (CHRISTOPH.), Parody. London (1915]. kl. 80.

The art and craft of letters.

The of Genesis and Exodus, an early English song. Ed. with introd., notes, and glossary, by RICH. MORRIS. 2d. ed. London 1873. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 7.
Straus (OTTO), Die Sprache der mittelenglischen Predigtsammlung

in der Handschrift B 14.52 des Trinity College, Cambridge. Wien
usw. 1916. 80.

Wiener Beiträge zur englischen Philologie, XLV.
Sturgeon (MARY C.), Studies of contemporary poets. London 1916. 89:
Swaen (A. E. H.), The authorship of „What if a day", and its
various versions. Chicago 1907. 80.

Repr. from Modern philology.
Swaen (A. E. H.), What if a day. Chicago 1908.80.

Repr. from Modern philology.
Sweet (HENRY), The student's dictionary of Anglo Saxon. New York

etc. 1911. 80.
Swinburne (ALGERNON CH.). The poems of - 5th, 1st impression, ,
6 vol. London 1912, 04. 80.

With portr.
I. Poems and ballads. 1st ser. II. Songs before sunrise and Songs of two

nations. III. Poems and ballads. 2d and 3d ser. and Songs of the
springtides. IV. Tristram of Lyonesse. The tale of Balen. Atalanta in
Calydon. Erechtheus. V. Studies in song. A century of roundels.
Sonnets on English dramatic poets. The Heptalogia, etc. VI. A mid-

summer holiday. Astrophel. & Channel passage and other poems. Swinburne (ALGERNON CH.) The tragedies of

5 vol. London 1905, 06.80.

With portr.
I. The queen-mother and Rosamond. II, III. Chastelard and Bothwell.

IV. Mary Stuart. V. Locrine. The sisters. Marino Faliero. Rosamund,
queen of the Lombards.

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Symonds (JOHN ADDINGTON), Shelley. London 1914. 80.

English men of letters.

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Symonds (JOHN ADDINGTON), Sir Philip Sidney. London 1902. 80.

English men of letters.

romantic movement in English poetry:

Symons (ARTH.), The
London 1909. 80.

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Taill The of Rauf Coilyear. With the fragments of Roland

and Vernagu and Otuel. Re-ed. with introd., notes, and glossary by SIDNEY J. H. HERRTAGE. London 1882. 80.

The English Charlemagne romances. VI.

Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 39.
Tatler The [by R. STEELE a. 0.] 4 vol. London (1710, 11.]

120. With ill.


Terence. With an Engl. transl. bly John SARGEAUNT. 2 vol. London

1912. kl. 80.

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Texts - The oldest English - Ed. with introd. and a glossary by HENRY SWEET. London 1885. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 83.

—; with

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Thomas of Erceldoune The romance and prophecies of

illustrations from the prophetic literature of the 15th and 16th
centuries. Ed. with introd. and notes by JAMES A. H. MURRAY,
London 1875. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 61.
Thompson (ELBERT N. S.), Essays on Milton. New Haven 1914: 80,
Thomson (JAM.)

The complete poetical works of - Ed. with notes by J. LOGIE ROBERTSON. London 1908. 80.

With portr. Thomson (JAM.]'s Seasons. Critical ed. by OTTO ZIPPEL. Berlin 1908. 80.

Palaestra LXVI.
Thomson (JAM.)

The works of with his last corrections and improvements. 4 vol. London 1762. 120.

With portr.
Thynne (FRANCIS), Chaucer. Animaduersions uppon the annotacions

nd corrections of some imperfections of_impressiones of Chaucers
workes .... reprinted in the yere of Oure Lorde 1598. Newly ed. by.
G. H. KINGSLEY. London 1865. 80.

Chaucer. Revis'd ed. by F. I. FURNIVALL with a reprint of the only know fragment of „The Pilgrim's tale”. London 1875. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 9.
Thynne (FRANCIS), Emblemes and epigrames. Ed. by F. J. FURNIVALL.
London 1876. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 64.
Traill (H. D.), Coleridge. London 1908. 80.

English men of letters.

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Traill (H. D.), Sterne. London 1902. 80.

English men of letters.
Tristan-Sage Die nordische und die englische Version der
Herausgeg. von Eug. KOELBING. 2 Thle. Heilbron 1878, 82. 80.

I. Tristrams Saga ok Isondar. II. Sir Tristrem.

Tristrams Saga ok Isondar. Mit literarhist. Einl., deutsche Uebers:

und Anm. herausgeg. von EuG. KOELBING. Heilbron 1878. 80.
1878. 80.

Die nordische und die englische Version der Tristan-Sage. I.
Tristrem Sir - Mit Einl., Anm. und Glossar herausgeg. von
EUG. KOELBING. Heilbronn 1882. 80.

Dio nordische und die englische Version der Tristan-Sage. II.

Trollope (Anth.), Thackeray. London 1912. 80.

English men of letters.
Topper (FRED. and Jam. W.), Representative English dramas from

Dryden to Sheridan. New York 1914. 80.

Upham (ALFR. H.), The typical forms of English literature. New

York 1917. 80.

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Vaughan (C. E.), Bibliographies of Swinburne, Morris and Rossetti.
Oxford 1914. go.

The English Association. Pamphl. 29.
Vettermann (E.), Die Balen-Dichtungen und ihre Quellen. Cap. I-IV:

Halle a. S. 1914. 80. Diss.


Viëtor (WILH.), Elemente der Phonetik des Deutschen, Englischen und

Französischen. 6e Aufl. Mit Fig. Leipzig 1915. 80.
Voigt (EDM.), Shakespeares Naturschilderungen. Heidelberg 1909. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 28.

ria Mr.

Wace and LAYAMON Arthurian chronicles represented by - With

introd. by LUCY ALLEN PATON. London (1911]. kl. 80. Waller (EDM.) The poems of -. Ed. by G. THORN DRURY. New ed. 2 vol. London etc. 1901. kl. 80.

With portr.

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Walpole fourth Earl of Orford (HORACE) The letters of --.

Ed. by PETER CUNNINGHAM. 9 vol. With portr. Edinburgh 1906. 80. Ward (Ap. WILL.), Chaucer. London 1908. 80.

English men of lotters.
Ward (AD. WILL.), Dickens. London 1908. 80.

English men of letters.
Watson (FOSTER), The old grammar schools. Cambridge 1916. kl. 80,

With pl.
Watts-Danton (THEOD.), Poetry and the renascence of wonder. London

1916. 80.

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