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ter in 1601

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Early English text soc. No. 31.



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With pl.
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English men of letters.


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English men of letters,


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Witih portr.
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I-IV. Poetry. V. The life and index. VI-IX. Correspondence. X. Corres

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80. I. Text mit Erklärungen.

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English men of letters.



1791. 120.


[bly SAM. JOHNSON]. 12th ed. 4 vol. London

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Home aniversity library. 95.
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BÉDIER vert. door MARIE LOKE. 2e dr. bezorgd door ANNIE L.
OPPENHEIM. Amsterdam 1917. 80.


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and glossarial index bly HENRY H. GIBBS. London 1868. 80,

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version. Ed. by JUL. ZUPITZA. London 1875, 76. 80.

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Romance The of William of Palerne (otherwise known as the

Romance of „William and the werwolf'). Transl. from the French
at the command of Sir Humphrey de Bohun, about A. D. 1350,
To which is added a fragment of the alliterative romance of
ALISAUNDER, transl. from the Latin by the same author, about
A. D. '1340. Ed. by WALT. W. SKEAT. London 1867. 80,

Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 1.
Romances Three early English metrical With introd. and
glossary ed. by John ROBSON. London 1842. 40. With facs.

The anturs of Arthur at the Tarnewathelan. Sir Amadace. The

avowynge of King Arther, Sir Gawan, Sir Kaye, and Sir Bawdewyn of

The Camden Society.





Romans of Partenay The or of Lusignen: otherwise known as

the Tale of Melusine: transl. from the French of La Coudrette (before 1500 A. D.). Ed. with an introd., notes, and glossarial index by WALT. W. SKEAT. Rev. ed. London 1899. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 22.

Romaunce The -- of the Sowdone of Babylone and of Ferumbras

his sone who_conquerede Rome. Re-ed. with introd., notes, and
glossary by EMIL HAUSKNECHT. London 1881. 80.

The English Charlemagne romances. V.
Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 38.


Rossetti (DANTE GABR.) The collected works of - Ed. with pref. and notes by WILL. M. ROSSETTI 2 vol. London 1890. 80.

I. Poems, prose-tales and literary papers.

II. Translations, prose-notices of fine art.
Rotzoll (EvA), Die Deminutivbildungen im Neuenglischen unter bes.
Berücks. der Dialekte. Heidelberg 1910. 89.

Anglistische Forschungen, 31.


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English men of letters.


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English men of letters.

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London 1916. 40.

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and scenes of the novels and poems alphabetically arranged and described. London 1911. 80.

With map.

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Epos. Heidelberg 1900. 80.

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engl. Sprachdenkmäler der Uebergangszeit (1000-1150). Halle a. S.
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