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Krieger (HANS), John Millington Synge, ein Dichter der „keltischen

Renaissance”. Marburg 1916. 80. -Diss.

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deutschen Standpunkte nebst Beiträgen zu Wortbildung, Wortkunde und Wortgebrauch. 2e Aufl. 6 Bde. Dresden usw. 1914–16. 80.

Schwierigkeiten des Englischen. TI II.

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Kyd (Thom.) - The works of - Ed. with introd., notes, and facs.

by FRED. S. Boas.' Oxford 1901. 80.


Lancelot of the Laik: a Scottish metrical romance. Re-ed. with introd.,
notes, and glossarial index by Wi. W. SKEAT. 2d ed. London 1870.80.

Early English text soc. No. 6.
Langland (WILL.), The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman,

together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest and Richard the
Redeles. Ed. with pref., notes, and indexes by WALT W. SKEAT.
4 parts. London 1867-85. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 28, 38, 67, 81.
La Tour-Landry The book of the Knight of Transl. from the

French into English in the reign of Henry VI. Ed. with an introd.
and notes by Thom. WRIGHT. London 1868. 8o.

Early English text soc. No. 33.
Lauder (WILL.), Ane compendious and breve tractate concernyng the

office and dewtie of kyngis, spirituall pastoris, and temporal jugis.
Ed. by FITZEDWARD HALL. 2d ed. London 1869. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 3.

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Lawless (EMILY), Maria Edgeworth. London 1904. 80.

English men of letters.
Lay. Folks Mass Book The or the manner of hearing mass with

rubrics and devotions for the people. In four texts and offices in
English according the use of York with appendix, notes and glossary
[ed.] by THOM. FRED. SIMMONS. London 1879. 80.

Early English text soc. No, 71.

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Lay The of Havelok the Dane. Re-ed. by WALT. W. SKEAT.
London 1868. 80.

Early English text soc. Extra ser. No. 4.


Layamon's Brut, or Chronicle of Britain. A poetical semi-Saxon

paraphrase of the Brut of Wace. Publ. [and] acc. by, a literal transl., notes, and a grammatical glossary by FRED. MADDEN. 3 vol. London 1847. 80. With facs.

Lee (SIDNEY), The impersonal aspect of Shakespeare's art. Oxford 1909. 80.

The English Association. Leaflet 13.


Legends of the Holy Rood, Symbols of the Passion and Cross-poems.

In old English of the 11th, 14th and 15th centuries. Ed. with introd., transl. and glossarial index by Rich. MORRIS. London 1871. 80.

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English language (1570). Ed. with an alphabetical index by HENRY B. WHEATLEY. London 1867. 80.

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kannten. Nach sechs Handschr. kritisch herausgeg. von Max KALUZA. Leipzig 1890. 80.

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Anglistische Forschungen, 6. Life The of Saint Katherine. From the Royal Ms. 17A XXVII

etc. With its Latin original from the Cotton Ms. Caligula, A. VIII. etc. Ed. with introd., notes, and glossary by EUG. EINENKEL. London 1884. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 80. Liflade - The – of St. Juliana, from two old English manuscripts of

1230 A. D. With renderings into modern English by O. COCKAYNE and Edı. BROCK, ed. by OSWALD COCKAYNE. London 1872. 80.

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The English Association. Pamphl. 21. Longfellow [H. W.], Evangeline. Kritische Ausg. mit Einl., Unter

suchungen über die Geschichte des englischen Hexameters und Anm. von ERNST SIEPER. Heidelberg 1905. 80.

Englische Textbibliothek, 11.
Longfellow (HENRY WADSWORTH) The poetical works of

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De titel ontbreekt. Lowell (JAM. RUSSELL), Poems containing The vision of Sir Launfal,

A fable for critics, etc. London 1912. 80. With portr.

Luick (KARL), Untersuchungen zur englischen Lautgeschichte. Strass

burg 1896. 80.

Lyall (ALFR.), Tennyson. London 1914. 80.

English men of letters.

Lyf The of the noble and crysten prynce, Charles the Grete,
transl. from the French by WILL. CAXTON, and printed by him 1485.
Ed. with introd., notes, and glossary by SIDNEY J. H. HERRTAGE.
2 parts. London 1880, 81. 80.

The English Charlemagne romances. III.
Early English text soc. Extra ser, No. 36, 37.

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5 part. (1 vol.) With pref. by John NICHOL. London 1865-71. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 11, 19, 35, 37, 47.
De titel ontbreekt.

Mabinogion - The Mediaeval Welsh romances transl. by Char

LOTTE GUEST with notes by ALFR. NUTT. 3d ed. London 1910. kl. 80. — With frontisp.

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Macaulay (G. C.), James Thomson. London 1910. 80.

English men of letters.

Maccallum (M. W.), Tennyson's Idylls of the king and Arthurian story,

from the XVIth century. Glasgow 1894. 80.


Macdonald (FREDERIKA), The secret of Charlotte Brontë followed by

some reminiscences of the real monsieur et madame Heger. London 1914. 80. With ill.

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Mackail (J. W.), Shakespeare after three hundred years. New York

et. 1916. 80.

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Macpherson (Jam.)'s Fragments of ancient poetry (1760. In diploma

tischem Neudruck mit den Lesarten der Umarbeitungen herausgeg. von Orto L. JIRICZEK. Heidelberg 1915. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 47.

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Maier (WALT.), Christopher Anstey und der „New Bath Guide". Ein

Beitrag zur Entwicklung der englischen Satire im 18. Jahrhundert.
Heidelberg 1914. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 39.


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Neudrucke frühneuengl. Grammatiken. VII.


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of the Round Table. Ed. from the edition of 1634 with introd. and notes by THOM. WRIGHT. London 1893. 80.

Malory (Thom.), Le morte Darthur. The original edition of Will.

Caxton now reprinted and ed. by H. Osk. SOMMER. 3 vol. London 1889-91.


80. = With tables. I. Text. II. Introduction. III. Studies on the sources, with an introductory

essay by ANDR. LANG.

Marherete (SEINTE) the meiden ant martyr, in old English. Ed. by OSWALD COCKAYNE and now reissued. London 1866. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 13.

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BROOKE. Oxford 1910. 80.

Ed. by C. F. TUCKER

Marvell (ANDR.), Satires. Ed. by G. A. AITKEN. New ed. London

etc. 1901. kl. 80.

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Neudrucke frühneuengl. Grammatiken. I.

Masson (Dav.), De Quincey. London 1914. 80.

English men of letters.

Medicina de quadrapedibus. An early M. E. version with introd., notes, transl, and glossary ed. by Jos. DELCOURT. Heidelberg 1914. 80.

Anglistische Forschuugen, 40.

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1914. 80.

Meredith (GEORGE), Beauchamp's career. London 1914. 80.
Meredith (GEORGE), Sandra Belloni. Originally Emilia in England.

London 1914. 80.
Meredith (GEORGE), Diana of the crossways. A novel. London 1915. 80,
Meredith (GEORGE), The egoist. A comedy in narrative. London 1915. 80,
Meredith (GEORGE), Rhoda Fleming. A story. London 1914. 80.
Meredith (GEORGE), Evan Harrington. A novel. London 1914. 80,
Meredith (GEORGE), Lord Ormont and his Aminta. A novel. London

1916. 80.

Meredith (GEORGE), The ordeal of Richard Feverel. A history of a

father and son. London 1914. 80. Meredith (GEORGE), The shaving of Shagpat. An Arabian entertain

'ment. London 1914. 80. Meredith (GEORGE), The tragic comedians. A study in a well-known

story. London 1916. 80.

Meredith (GEORGE), Vittoria. London 1914. 80.

Metzger (ERNST), Zur Betonung der lateinisch-romanischen Wörter im

Neuenglischen mit bes. Berücks. der Zeit von c. 1560 bis c. 1660.
Heidelberg 1908. 80.

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Anglistische Forschungen, 25.

Meyer-Luebke (W.), Historische Grammatik der französischen Sprache. 2e und 3e Aufl. .... Tle. Heidelberg 1913—

Sammlung romanischer Elementar- und Handbücher. le Reihe. Bd II, 1.

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Miller (G. M.), The historical point of view in English literary criticism from 1570-1770. Heidelberg 1913. 80.

Anglistische Forschungen, 35.

Milton (JOHN) The poetical works of
Oxford 1900.. 80.

With pl.

Ed. by H. C. BEECHING.

Minot (LAUR.) The poems of Ed. with introd. and notes by

Jos. HALL. 3d ed. Oxford 1914. kl. 80.


Minto (Will.), Daniel Defoe. London 1902. 80.

English men of letters.


Miscellany An old English

containing a Bestiary, Kentish sermons, Proverbs of ALFRED, religious poems of the 13th century. Ed. with introd. and index by Rich. MORRIS. London 1872. 80.

Early English text soc. No. 49.

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Moore (THOM.) The poetical works of -
London 1910. 80.

With portr.

Ed. by A. D. GODLEY.

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Morsbach (LORENZ), Ueber den Ursprung der neu-englischen Schrift

sprache. Heilbronn 1888. 80.

Morte Arthur. Two early English romances. With introd. by LUCY

ALLEN PATON. London 1912. kl. 80.

Morte Arthure. Ed. from Rob. Thornton's Ms. (about 1440 A.D.) by
GEORGE G. PERRY. London 1865. 80.

Early English text. soc. No. 8.
Morte Arthure. Mit Einl., Anm. und Glossar herausgeg. von ERIK
BJOERKMAN. Heidelberg 1915. 80.

Alt- und mittelenglische Texte, 9.

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