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Lady Russel, the daughter and heiress of the earl of Southampton, was born in 1656. She was an extraordinary and an admirable Her letters are written with an elegant simplicity, with truth and nature, which can flow only from the heart. The tenderness and constancy of her affection for her murdered lord, present an image to melt the soul. We discover also a mind religious and pure, struggling with the mysterious severity of providence, yet determined to bend to a conviction of the justice of its decrees. She promised her husband to take care of her own life, for the sake of his children—a promise she religiously kept, continuing a widow to the end of her life, though she survived him above forty years. She died 29th of September 1723, in her 87th year. The sixth edition of her letters was published in 1801.


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William and Mary.

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John Locke, the celebrated philosopher, was born at Wrington in Somertshire in 1632. His father being bred to the law, was steward or court-keeper to colonel Alexander Popham; and upon the breaking out of the civil wars, became a captain in the parliament army. Locke was educated at Westminster school, whence, at the age of nineteen, he was removed to Oxford, where he entered as student of Christ-church in 1651. His object was medicine; and having taken his degrees in arts, he practised for a short time in the university,

In 1664 he went abroad in quality of secretary to sir William Swan, who was appointed envoy to the elector of Brandenburg,


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