Translations from the Chinese & Armenian: With Notes and Illustrations

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Oriental translation fund, 1831 - 110 pages

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Page 105 - Arabic work was compiled in the 10th century by a celebrated Mohammedan Traveller, and is not the same as the Oriental Geography of Ebn Haukal that was translated by Sir William Ouseley. The History of Raja Krishna Chandra, translated by Graves C.
Page 99 - GovernorGeneral of India. The Right Honourable LORD WHC BENTINCK, GCB. Governor-General of India. The Right Honourable LORD VISCOUNT MELVILLE. The Right Honourable LORD VISCOUNT GODERICH. The Right Honourable LORD GRENVILLE, Chancellor of the University of Oxford. The Right Honourable LORD ELLENBOROUGH, late President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India.
Page 106 - Ibn Khaldun's History of the Berbers ; translated by the Rev. Professor Lee. This is a rare and valuable Arabic work, containing an account of the origin, progress, and decline of the dynasties which governed the northern coast of Africa.
Page 100 - Committee who sends a translation for approval, whether to obtain a reward or medal, or merely to have it printed at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to cease to act on the Committee until the adoption or rejection of his work is decided on. 7th. No work, although prepared for the press at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to be printed, until the imprimatur of the Chairman or a Deputy Chairman, and at least eight Members of the Committee, is obtained.
Page 101 - ... country. I told him to say we were Englishmen in distress, having been four days at sea without provisions. This he would not credit, but said we were bad men, and that he would put us all to death ; and then ordered some men to put the interpreter to the torture until he confessed the truth. Upon this occasion, a Ladrone, who had been once to England and spoke a few words of English, came to the chief, and told him we were really Englishmen, and that we had plenty of money, adding that the buttons...
Page 103 - THE LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, Written by Himself ; edited from two Persian Manuscripts, and noted with their various Readings, by FC BELFOUR, MA Oxon, &c.
Page 104 - He questioned us in a much milder tone, saying, he now believed we were Englishmen, a people he wished to be friendly with; and that if our captain would lend him seventy thousand dollars till he returned from his cruise up the river, he would repay him, and send us all to Macao. I assured him it was useless writing on those terms, and unless our ransom was speedily settled, the English fleet "would sail, and render our enlargement altogether ineffectual. He remained determined, and said if it were...
Page 78 - Damascus, and threatened to join the Franks in the deliverance of Jerusalem. Egypt was lost had she been defended only by her feeble offspring ; but the Mamalukes had breathed in their infancy the keenness of a Scythian air...
Page 105 - Ethics is an elaborate composition, formed on Greek models, and is very highly esteemed in Persia. A Collation of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament, both Nestorian and Jacobite, that are accessible in England, by the Rev. Professor Lee. This collation will include the various readings of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament in the British Museum, and the Libraries at Oxford, Cambridge, &c.

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