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The Holy place: N. Altur of Incense C.Candlesthick.T. B.B.Sc. Boards ofthe Tabernacle P.Se five pillary o atthe entrance of the Tabernacle. Note the three that the Veweld behind may appear.E.The curtainai



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HESE Figures relate chiefly to Chap. V.

Sect. 3 and 4. yet I desire them to be placed rather at the End of the Book, after this Advertisement.

Observe, that these Plates or Tables are a little larger than the Pages of the Book, therefore they must be placed with some Care just in the Middle over againft the Pages; they must be folded once, and the Leaves of the Book must not be cut in too deep left the Figures be damaged.

The Vail of the most holy Place, marked V, is a small square Figure, to be cut off on all Sides in the outmost Line, and a Straw's Breadth of the upper Edge of it on the Back-side is to be pasted on, so as just to cover the most Holy Place, in Plate 3. that it may be lifted up from the Bottom to discover the most Holy Place.

The CONTENTS to be placed after the PREFACE

*. A

count of the Gists, Graces, and Spirit of Prayer; with plain Directions how every Christian may attain them. The Ninth Edition, 12mo. price is 6d.

II. A Book of Catechisms complete. price 25. 6d. Containing,

1. A Discourse on the Way of Inftruction by Ca. techisms, and of the belt Manner of composing them, The Fifth Edition. price 6d.

2. The First Sett of Catechisms and Prayers for young Children of four or five Years of age. The Eleventh Edition price 2d.

3, 1 he Second Seit of Catechisms and Prayers for Children of eight or nine Years of Age. The Ele. venth Edition. price 6d.

4. The Affembly's Catechism, with Notes, for Children of ten or iwelve Years of Age. The Eighth Edition. price 4d.

5. A Preservative from the Sins and Follies of Childhood and Youth. . Written by Way of Question and Answer. To which is added a large Catalogue of remarkable Scripture Names, collected for the Use of Children. The Sixth Edition price 6d.

III. Prayers composed for the Use and Imitation of Children; suited to their different Ages, and their various Occasions : Together with Inftru&ions to Youth in the Duty of Prayer, drawn up by Way of Question and Answer,and a seriousAddress to them on that Subject The Eighth Edition. izmo price is.

IV. Hymns and Spiritual Songs. In three Books. r. Collected from the Scriptures. 2. Composed on Divine Subjects. 3. Prepared for the Lord's Sup. per. A New Edition. price 1s. cd.

Ditto, large Edition. price 3s. V. Divine Songs, in easy Language, for the Use of Children. price 6d.

V. The Psalms of David imitated in the Language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian State of Worship. A new Edition, price is, td.

Dittg, with Prelace and Notes. price 35.

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