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A. He fent him out againft the Philistines, and he flew many Thousands of them, 1 Sam. xix. 8. 16 Q. How came Saul then to bear him an Illwill?

A. From mere Envy, because the Women of Ifrael fung to their Inftruments of Mufic, Saul had flain his Thousands, and David his ten Thousands, 1 Sam. xviii. 5, 6, 7.

17 Q. Wherein did Saul difcover his Ill-will to him?

A. He threw a Javelin at him, and often attempted to kill him, 1 Sam. xviii. 21.

18 Q Did not Saul marry his fecond Daughter Michal to him?

A. Yes; but he required of him the Slaughter of an hundred Philiftines inftead of her Dowry, hoping that David himfelf would be flain in the Attempt, 1 Sam. xviii. 17-30.


19 Q. Who then were the Friends of David, when the King was his Enemy?

A. All the People of Ifrael loved him, and fo did Jonathan, the Son of Saul, who skreened him often from his Father's Malice, 1 Sam. xviii. 5. and chap. xix. 2.

20 Q. But how could David escape so long, when Saul ordered his Servants to kill him?

A. He fled from Place to Place in the Land of Ifrael, and was hunted like a Partridge on the Mountains, till at laft he was forced to hide himself twice among the Philistines, 1 Sam. xxi. 10. and chap. xxvi. 20. and xxvii. 1.

21 Q. What did he do there?

A. When he was at Gath the first Time, he feigned himself mad, left Achish the King of Gath fhould kill him, 1 Sam. xxi. 12, 13.

22 Q. How did David fave his Father's House from Saul's Rage?

A. He defired the King of Moab to let his Father and his Mother dwell there, but he himself went into the Land of Judah, 1 Sam. xxii. 1—5.

23Q How did Saul further manifeft his Rage against David?

A. He flew fourfcore and five Perfons of the Priests of the Lord, because he supposed they had concealed David, and did not tell the King where he was, I Sam. xxii. 17, 18.

24 Q. Had David any Army under his Command at that Time?

A. Yes, he had gathered together about four hundred Men, who grew in a little Time to fix hundred, 1 Sam. xxii. 2. and chap. xxiii. 13.

25 Q. Did David fight with Saul all this Time? A. No, he avoided him, and fled from him continually, by shifting his Place whenfoever Saul purfued him; and at last was forced to go into the Land of the Philiftines again, I Sam. xxiii. and chap. xxiv, and xxvii.

26 Q. Did David never attempt to kill Saul? A. No, but he fpared his Life twice when he had it in his Power to kill him. 1 Sam. xxiv. 7, 8, 10, 11. and chap. xxvi. 11, 12, &c.

27 Q. Had this Kindness of David no Influence to foften the Heart of Saul toward him?

A. Yes, it did for the prefent; but Saul's Envy and Malice were fo rooted in his Heart, that they prevailed above all the Principles of Kindness and Gratitude, 1 Sam. xxiv. 16—21. and chap. xxvi. 1-3. and xxvii. 1.

28 Q. What became of Saul at laft?

A. The Philistines invaded Ifrael, and Saul was in great Diftrefs, because God gave him no Directions, nor answered him by Dreams, nor by the Priefts nor Prophets, 1 Sam. xxviii. 4-6.

29 Q. What

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29 Q. What did Saul do then?

A. He enquired of a Woman who had a familiar Spirit, and there he was told by an Apparition of fomething in the Shape of Samuel, that he and his Sons fhould die on the Morrow, 1 Sam. xxviii. 8, 19.

30 Q. Did this come to pass?

A. Yes, the Philiftines flew feveral of his Sons, and wounded him forely in the Battle, and then he fell upon his own Sword, and flew himself, 1 Sam. xxxi. 3, 4.

31 Q. Where was David all this while?

A. He was fled the fecond Time to Achish, King of Gath, and he had been juft then employed in deftroying the Amalekites, who had plundered the City of Ziklag, where he dwelt, and had carried away his Wives, 1 Sam. xxx. 16—20.

32 Q. Did not David offer his Service to the Philistines?

A. Yes, but he always avoided fighting against the Ifraelites; and befides, the Lords of the Philiftines at this Time would not suffer him to continue in their Army: which was done by the kind Providence of God, that David might not fight against Ifrael, 1 Sam. xxvii. 8-11. and chapter xxxix. 4. and 2 Sam. i. 1.

33Q. What did David do upon the Death of Saul?

A. He made a very fine Elegy upon him and Jonathan his Son, and went up to Hebron, a City of Judah, by God's Direction, where the Men of Judah made him their King, 2 Sam. ii. 1-4.

34 Q. Who reigned then over the reft of the Tribes of Ifrael?

A. Ifhbofheth, another of the Sons of Saul, 2 Sam. ii. 8, 9.

35 Q. How

35 Q. How came Ifhbofheth to lose the Kingdom?

A. He quarrelled with Abner the General of his Army, whereupon Abner joined with David; and after this, two of Ifhbofheth's own Servants flew him in his Bed, 2 Sam. ii. 7-10, 17, 18. and chap. iv. 5. 7.

36 Q. How long did David reign in Hebron? A. Seven Years and an half; and then all Ifrael came to him, and chofe him for their King, and brought him up to Jerufalem, 2 Sam. v. 1-6.

37 Q What was the firft Thing David did when he came to Jerufalem?

A. He took the Stronghold of Zion from the Jebufites, who had held it to that Day, and called it the City of David, 2 Sam. v. 6—9.

38 Q. Where was the Ark of God all this while?

A. At Kirjath-jearim, whence David now fetched it up, by God's Direction, to Jerufalem in Triumph, and placed it in Zion, 2 Sam. vi. I-17. 1 Chron. xiii. 5, 6.


39 Q What was David's pious Defign toward the Ark of God?

A. He had a Mind to build a Houfe for the Ark of God, which had hitherto dwelt in Curtains, 2 Sam. vii. 2, 3.

40 Q Did God encourage him to proceed in it? A. No, God did not encourage him, because he had fhed much Blood; but he promised that he fhould have a Son, who should build him an House, 2 Sam. vii. 2, 3.

41 Q. Had David no Wars after this?

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A. Yes, he had many Battles, and was victorious over his Enemies round about him ; namely,


the Philiftines and Moabites, the Syrians and Edomites, &c. 2 Sam. viii. I 14.

42 Q. How did David govern Israel? A. He executed Judgment and Juftice among all the People, 2 Sam. viii. 15.

43 Q. What were the chief Blemishes of Da vid's Life?

A. His Adultery with Bathsheba, the Wife of Uriah, and his Pride in numbering the People of Ifrael.

44 Q. How came David to fall in Love with Bathfheba?

A. David from the Top of his Houfe happened to fee her washing herself, and fent for her, and defiled her, 2 Sam. xi. 4.

45 Q. What Aggravation attended this Sin? A. Befides the heinous Crime of Adultery in the Sight of God, here was vile Ingratitude and bafe Carriage towards Uriah, who at that Time was abroad fighting for him against the Ammonites, 2 Sam. xi. 6.

46 Q. How did he try to hide it from Uriah, and from the World?

A. When he could not perfuade Uriah to go to his own House, he sent an Order to Joab his General, that he should set Uriah in the hottest Place of the Battle, and retire from him, and leave him to be flain, 2 Sam. xi.' 15.

47 Q. What followed upon the Death of Uriah, which David had thus contrived!

A. David added Bathsheba to the rest of his Wives, and fhe bare him a Son, 2 Sam. xi. 27.

48 Q. How was David convinced of his Sin?

A. By an ingenious Parable of Nathan the Prophet, concerning a rich Man who robbed his Neighbour of an Ewe-Lamb, though he had large Flocks of his own, 2 Sam. xii. 1-8.


49 Q. How

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