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away the Gates and Gate-pofts of the City with him, when he made his Way out, and efcaped, Judges xiv. 5, 6. and chap. xv. 13, 14, and xvi. 3, LI, 13.

63 Q. What befel him afterward?

A. He fell in love with Delilah, another of the Philiftine Women, who cut off his Hair, and then fhe betrayed him to the Philistines, who put out his Eyes, and made him grind in a Mill, Fudges xvi. 4-21.

64 Q. What was Samfon's End ?.

A. Thousands of the Philiftines were gathered together to make Sport with Samson; and, in order to revenge himself of the Philiftines, and to destroy the Enemies of Ifrael, he pulled the Houfe down upon their Heads and his own, Judges xvi. 30.

65 Q. Who judged Ifrael after Samfon?

A. Eli the High Prieft is faid to judge Ifrael forty Years; but he is not fuppofed to be one of the extraordinary Judges who delivered them, but rather that he was made an ordinary Magiftrate, perhaps, over fome Part of the Land, 1 Sam. iv. 18.. 66 Q. Who was the last of these extraordinary Judges?

A. Samuel the Prophet, the Son of Hannah, a pious Woman, who had no Child before, and requested of God to give her one, 1 Sam. i. 20.

67 Q. What is written in Honour of Hannah? A. When he was greatly provoked and grieved in Spirit, fhe prayed to God in the Tabernacle,. and the went away chearful, 1 Sam. i. 15-18. 68 Q. Where was Samuel brought up?

A. As he was requested of the Lord, fo he was given to the Lord, and was brought up at the Tabernacle in Shiloh under the Care of Eli the High Prieft, 1 Sam. i. 22, 28.

69 Q. What

69 Q. What was Samuel's Office?

A. He waited on the Service of the Tabernacle as a Levite, being the First-born, and being given to God, 1 Sam. ii. 18.

70 Q. Was he not also a Prophet?

A. Yes, God called him three Times in one Night when he was a Child, and made a Prophet of him, and told him what Calamities fhould be fal the House of Eli the High Prieft, 1 Sam. iii. 4-14.

71 Q. What was the great Crime of Eli? A. Though he loved and honoured God himfelf, yet he did not reftrain his Sons from Wickednefs, 1 Sam. iii. 15.

72 Q. In what Manner did God fhew his Difpleasure against the House of Eli?

A. His two Sons were flain by the Philistines in Battle, and the High Priesthood went into another Branch of Aaron's Family, 1 Sam, ii. 27-36. 1 Kings ii. 27.

73 Q. What became of Eli himself?

A When he heard that the Ark of God was taken by the Philiftines, he fainted for Grief, and falling down backward, he brake his Neck, 1 Sam. iv. 17, 18.

74 Q. What did the Philiftines do with the Ark of God?

A. They brought it into the House of their Idol, Dagon, and the Idol fell down and broke off his Head and his Hands upon the Threshold, 1 Sam. V. 2-5.

75 Q What Punishment did the Philiftines fuffer for keeping the Ark?

A. In feveral Cities where they placed it, God deftroyed many of the Inhabitants, and fmote the reft with fore Diseases, 1 Sam. v. 6—12.


76 Q: What

76 Q. What became of the Ark then? A. The Philiftines put it into a new Cart drawn by two Milch-Kine, whofe Calves were shut up at home, and yet they carried it directly into the Land of Ifrael to Bethfhemefh, 1 Sam. vi. 12.

'77 Q. What did the Men of Bethfhemefh do?

A. They looked into the Ark, which was utterly forbidden, and God fmote many of them with a great Slaughter, and they sent the Ark away to Kirjath-jearim, i ́Sam vi. 19—21.

78 Q. How did Samuel deliver Ifrael from the Pailiftines when they made a new War upon them?

A. He offered a Burnt-offering, and prayed to the Lord, and God fought against the Philiftines with Thunder from Heaven, and scattered and deftroyed them, 1 Sam. vii. 9, 10, 13.

79 Q. How did Samuel govern the People? A. He travelled through the Land every Year, he judged Ifrael with great Honour and Juftice for many Years; but in his old Age he made his Sons Judges, and they oppreffed and abused the People, 1 Sam. vi. 15-17. and ch. viii. 1-4. and xii. 1—5:

80 Q. What was the Requeft of the People on this Occafion?

A. That they might have a King, like the rest of the Nations, 1 Sam. viii. 5.

81 Q. What did Samuel do in this Cafe?

A. He would have advised them against it, becaufe God was their King, but they still perfifted in defiring a Man for a King, 1 Sam. viii. 6, 7, 19, 20.

82 Q. Did Samuel gratify them in this Defire? A. Being admonished of God, he complied with their Defire, and appointed a King over them, 1 Sam. viii. 22.




Of the Government of Ifrael under their Kings; and first of SAUL and David.

IQWHO was the firft King of Ifrael? A. Saul, a very tall young Man, the Son of Kish, a Benjamite, i Sam, ix. 1, 2. 2 Q. How did Samuel firft meet with him? A. Saul was fent by his Father to feek fome Affes that he had loft, and afking Samuel about them Samuel took him afide privately, and anointed him King of Ifrael, 1 Sam, ix. 15--27. and ch.x. 1--8. 3Q. But how was he made King publicly? A. God chofe and determined Saul to be King by cafting Lots among the Tribes and Families of Ifrael, I Sam. x. 19-25.

4 Q. How did Saul behave himself in his Kingdom?

A. He governed well at firft for a little Time; but afterward he difobeyed the Word of God in feveral inftances, and God rejected him, 1 Sam. xiii. 13. and chap. xv. 23.

5Q. Whom did God choofe in his Room? A. David, of the Tribe of Judah, who is called the Man after God's own Heart, 1 Sam. xvi. 1. and chap. xiii. 14. As xiii. 22.

6 Q. Who were the Forefathers of David? A. He was the youngest Son of Jeffe, who was the Son of Obed, who was the Son of Boaz by Ruth his Wife, Ruth iv. 17-22.

7Q. Who was this Ruth?

A. She was a Woman of Moab, and she married Mahlon a Jew, the Son of Naomi, when they came to fojourn in Moab, because of a Famine in Ifrael, Ruth i. 1-4.

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8 Q. Did Ruth leave the Country of Moab ? A. Yes, after her Hufband died in the Land of Moab, fhe followed her Mother-in-law, Naomi, into the Land of Ifrael, and took the God of Ifrael for her God, Ruth i. 16, 17.

9 Q. What kind Providence attended her in the Land of Ifrael?

A. Boaz, a rich Man, who was near of Kin to her former Hufband, married her, and fo fhe became the Great-grandmother of David, Ruth iv. 16, 17. 10 Q. What was David's Employment?

A. Being the youngest Son of a large Family, he was bred up to keep his Father's Sheep, 1 Sam. xvi. II.

11 Q. What confiderable Actions did he do while he was a Shepherd ?

A. He killed a Lion and a Bear who came to rob his Father's Flock, 1 Sam. xvii. 34

12 Q. How did God anoint him to be King? A. He fent Samuel fecretly to anoint him with Oil at Bethlehem, in the midst of his Brethren, 1 Sam. xvi. 13.

13 Q. How did David make his firft Appearance at Court?

A. David understood Mufic, and when the evil Spirit of Melancholy came upon Saul, hearing of David's Skill in Mufic, he fent for him to play on the Harp to refresh him, Sam. xvi. 16-23.

14 Q. What remarkable Action made him more publicly known?

A. When Goliath the Giant challenged the Men of Ifrael, David undertook the Combat, and. flew him with a Sling and a Stone, 1 Sam. xvii. 19-54.

15 Q. How did Saul employ him afterwards?

A. He

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