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ture; he leads them to Christ as a SAVIOUR and LORD, calls them to Repentance of their Sins, and a Profeffion of their Faith in Jefus, by being baptized in his Name, ver. 14-41.

7Q. What Succefs had this Sermon ?

A. Three thousand Souls were added to the Difciples of Chrift, and baptized on that Day, ver. 44. 8 Q. What was the Temper of Spirit which was admirable in these primitive Converts?

A. A Spirit of Devotion toward God and Christ, with a Spirit of Benevolence and intimate Friendfhip toward each other; fo far, that they were daily in the Temple praifing God; they were moft frequently, or rather continually engaged in Prayer, and in remembering the Death of Chrift, by breaking Bread with Joy; and they fo liberally distributed to the Poor, that none was in want. These were the glorious Effects of Christianity in its first Appearance, ver. 42-47.

9 Q. How did the Apofles effectually prove their Doctrine, and their Commiffion to preach ?,

A. By doing many Signs and Wonders among the People, which were the Gifts of the Spirit, proceeding from a risen Saviour, ver. 33—43. Note, This was the proper Beginning of the Kingdom of CHRIST, or the CHRISTIAN DISPENSATION; which was fet up in the World in its Glory, at the pouring down of the Spirit, after the Afcenfion of Chrift, and his Exaltation to the Government of the World and the Church.

to Q. What remarkable Miracle was wrought by Peter and John at the Temple-gate?

A. A Beggar that was born a Cripple received the Ufe of his Limbs, when they bid him rife up, and walk in the Name of Jefus of Nazareth, Acts iii. 9.

11 Q. What Ufe was made of this Miracle?

A. Peter took 'Occafion from it to preach up this new Doctrine, namely, the Refurrection of Chrift, and Salvation in his Name, citing the ancient Prophets to confirm it, As iii. 12—26.

12 Q. What was the Effect of this Sermon ? A. Five thousand were converted by it to the Faith of Chrift; but the Priefts and Rulers putthe Apoftles in Prifon, Acts iv. 1-4.

13 Q. What Defence did the Apostles make when they were brought the next Day before the Priefts and Rulers?

A. They took Courage again, and preached to this Court the Doctrine of the Gospel of Chrift; and filenced their Enemies, by having the Cripple that was healed ftand among them, ver. 5-14.

14Q. What becameofthemafterthistheir Defence? A. They were difmiffed, and charged to preach no more in the Name of Jefus; but Peter and John declared they would obey God rather than Man, ver. 15-20.

15 Q. Whither went the Apoftles after their Discharge?

A. They went to their own Company, and gave Glory to God in Prayer and Praife; and their whole Affembly was filled with the HolyGhost,and boldly fpake the Word of God, ver. 23-31.

16Q. What remarkable Inftance of Goodnefs and Compation was practifed by thefe firft Believers?

A. The Souls of all of them were fo united in Love to Chrift, and one another, that they fold their Poffeffions and Goods, and threw all into a common Stock, which the Apoft les divided to every Man according to his Need, Acts iii. 44, 45. and iv. 32-35:

17 Q. Were they all faithful and honeft in bringing the Price of their Eftates to the Joint-stock ? P 4 A. There

A. There was one Ananias, with his Wife Sapphira, who fold a Poffeffion, and fecretly withheld Part of the Money, though they declared they had paid it all in, Alts v. I, 2.

18 Q. Did they meet with any Punishment for this their Hypocrify and Deceit ?

A. Peter charged them with lying to the Holy Ghoft, and ftruck them both dead with his Word, ver. 3-10.

19 Q. What Effect had this upon the Multitude? A. It difcouraged others that were in the Church from practifing the like Deceit, and frighted Hypocrites from coming into the Church merely in Hopes of a Maintenance, ver. II.

20 Q. What other Miracles were wrought by the Apostles?

A. Multitudes of Sick were healed, and thofe that were poffeffed with Devils were relieved, both in Jerufalem and the Cities round about, ver. 15, 16. 21 Q. Did the High Priefts and Rulers let the Apoftles go on at this Rate?

A. They again put them in Prison, but the Angel of the Lord by Night opened the Prifon-doors, and fent them again to preach this Gospel, ver. 17-21.

22 Q When they were brought again before the Rulers, how did they behave themselves?

A. They charged the Rulers with putting Chrift to Death, and declared they were Witnesses of his Refurrection; and that God had exalted him to be a Prince and a Saviour, to give Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins, ver. 29–32.

23 Q. What Effect had this Speech upon the Rulers and Elders?

A. At the Advice of Gamaliel (who doubted whether the Hand of God was not with the Apoftles) they difmiffed them again; but they beat


them firft, and again commanded them to preach Jefus Chrift no more, ver. 33-42.

24 Q. When there were fuch Multitudes of Converts, how could the Apoftles both preach the Gofpel, and diftribute the Money to the Poor?

A. The Apostles were fenfible that the Labour was too much for them, and therefore they bid the Difciples choose out seven Men (who were afterwards called Deacons) to take Care of the Poor, that they might more conftantly be engaged in Preaching and Prayer, Acts vi. 1—5.

25Q. How did the Apostles feparate those whom the People chose to this Office of a Deacon?

A. They prayed and laid their Handsonthem,v.6. 26 Q. Who were the most confiderable of these seven Men?

A. Stephen and Philip, who were full of Faith and Zeal, and had great Gifts communicated to them. 27 Q. What is related concerning Stephen? A. He wrought Wonders, and no Doubt he preached the Word with Power, till he was accufed to the Council for Blafphemy against God, and Mofes, ver. 8-15.

28 Q. How did Stephen defend himself?

A. By a long Rehearsal of their ancient Hiftories, he charged them and their Fathers with refifting the Holy Spirit, with killing the Prophets, and with breaking the Law of God; and upbraided them at laft with the Murder of Christ, A&s vii. 1-53.

29 Q. What did they do with Stephen after fo bold a Speech?

A. When he told them further, that he faw the Heavens opened, and Jefus fanding at the right Hand of God; they cried out against him as a Blafphemer, with a loud Voice; they caft him out of the City and ftoned him, ver. 54-58. 30 Q How did Stephen behave at his Death?

A. He

P. 5.

A. He, being the firft Martyr for Chrift, gave a glorious Inftance of his Faith and Love. 31 Q. Wherein did his Faith appear? 4. At his Death he prayed, and faid, Lord Je fu, receive my Spirit, ver. 59.

32 Q. How did he manifeft his Love?

A. He prayed for his Enemies, and said, Lord, lay not this Sin to their Charge, ver. 60.

33 Q. What is recorded concerning Philip the Deacon?

A. He went down to Samaria, and preached Chrift among them, and healed the Sick, and caft out Devils, Als viii. 5, 6, 7.

34 Q Did he make any Converts there?

A. Yes; many of the Samaritans believed in Chrift, and were baptized, and among the rest one 'Simon a Sorcerer, was baptized, who is commonly called Simon Magus, ver. 9—13.

35 Q. Did thefe Believers at Samaria receive the Holy Spirit also?

A. Peter and John, the Apoftles, came down on Purp f: from Jerufalem, and laid Hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit, ver. 14-17. Note, This makes it evident, that Philip, who preached to the Samaritans, was not the Apostle so named, but the Deacons; for hadhe beenthe Apoftle,there would have been noNeed for Peter and John to come from Jerufalem to lay Hands on those that believed.

36 Q. How did Simon Magus betray his own Hypocrify and Falfhood?

A. He offered them Money that he might have Power to communicate the Holy Ghoft to others by laying on his Hands, ver. 18, 19.

37 Q. How was he reproved for this his Rafhnefs and Folly?

A. Peter faid to him, Thy Money perish with Thou haft no Part with us in this Matter ;

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