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twice; and when Peter heard the Cock crow, Jefus, ftanding now before the High Prieft, turned and looked upon him ; and his Heart melted within him; and he went out and wept bitterly, Mark xiv. 72. Luke xxii. 61, 62.

16 Q. What Accufation did they bring against Chrift?

A. Several falfe Witneffes accufed him about Words that he fpake; but they agreed not together, and therefore they could not find fufficient Caufe to condemn him, though they sought it earneftly, Mark xiv. 56.

17 Q. How did they condemn him at laft? A. The High Prieft afked him, Art thou the Chrift, the Son of God? And Jefus faid, I am; and ye fhall fee the Son of Man fitting on the right Hand of Power, and coming in the Clouds of Heaven. Whereupon they condemned him as worthy of Death for Blafphemy, Mark xiv. 61—64.

18 Q. Did they then put him to Death immediately?

A. The Jews being under the Government of the Romans, had not the full Power of Life and Death in their own Hands; but they fhewed their Spite against him by many Indignities offered to him, and never left him, till they had procured a Sentence of Death against him from the Roman Governor.

19 Q. What were thefe Indignities?

A. They fuffered their Officers to mock and infult him, to fmite and fpit upon him, to blind his Eyes and buffet him; then they bound him and delivered him to Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, Mark xiv. 65. and chap. xv. 1.

20 Q. What became of Judas the Traitor, when he saw the Priefts had condemned Chrift?

A. He

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A. He repented of his Treachery, brought the thirty Pieces of Silver to the Priests; and went away and hanged himself, and falling down, his Body burft, and his Bowels fell out, Matt. xxvii. 1-5. Acts i. 18.

21 Q. What did Pilate determine concerning Jefus ?

A. Pilate found him to be an innocent Man, and that the Priefts and Elders had accused him out of Envy, and therefore he would fain have releafed him, Mark xv 9, 10. and Luke xxiii. 4.

22 Q. How did Pilate propofe to release him, when he was charged as fo great a Criminal by their Accufations?

A. It was the Custom at the Pafs-over to release fome Prisoner, and he offered to release Jefus to them at that Seafon, Mark xv. 6-9.

23 Q. Did the Jews accept of Pilate's Propofal? A. No, they chose rather to have Barabbas releafed, who was a Robber and a Murderer, and demanded Jefus to be crucified, ver. 7, 11, 13.

24 Q. Did Pilate yield to their Demands?

A. Yes, at laft he released Barabbas; and when he had fcourged Jefus, he delivered him to be crucified, even against his own Confcience, ver. 15.

25 Q: How came Pilate to be perfuaded to crucify an innocent Man?

A. He did it partly to please the Jews, and partly left he should be counted an Enemy to Cæfar if he fpared Chrift, who did not deny himfelf to be a King, Mark xv. 15. John xix. 12, 13.

26 Q. What further Indignities were caft on our Saviour?

A. They ftripped him of his own Clothes, and put on him a scarlet Robe in Mockery, because he did not deny himself to be the King of the Jews;



they platted a Crown of Thorns, and put it on his Head, with a Reed in his right Hand; they bowed the Knee before him, and mocked him, faying, Hail, King of the Jews! they fmote him with a Reed, and spit upon him, Mark xv. 17-19.

27 Q. How did the bleffed Jesus carry it under all these Affronts?

A Being reviled, he reviled not again, but stood before his Accusers and his Judges as an innocent Lamb ftands silent before the Shearers; and made very few Replies to all their Accusations, Charges, and Inquiries, Mark xiv. 61. fets viii. 32. 1 Pet. ii. 23

28 Q. In what Manner did they crucify him?

A. They put his own Garments on bim again, they carried him to Calvary, the Place of Execution, and there they nailed him on the Cross; where they also crucified two Malefactors, one on his right Hand, and the other on his left, Mark xv. 20. Luke xxiii. 33.

29 Q. Did our Saviour then make no Resistance, nor give a Rebuke to their wicked Cruelty ?

A. He only prayed for them, and faid, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do, Luke

300. What was the Inscription set over bis Head?

A. This is Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews ; and it was written in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, John xix. 19.

31 Q. What Affronts did he suffer on the Cross?

A. When the Soldiers had cast Lots for his Garments, the Rulers mocked him, many of the Jews reviled him, and so did one of the Thieves that was crucified with him, Luke xxiii. 34–39.

32 Q. How did the other Thief carry it towards him?

A. He

xxiii. 34.

A. He rebuked his Fellow, acknowledged his own Guilt, and the Innocence of Christ; he prayed that Jesus would remember him when he came into his Kingdom, Luke xxiii. 40-42.

33 Q. What Answer did Chrift make to his Faith and Prayer ?

A. Jesus said, Verily, To-day fhalt thou be with me in Paradise, ver. 43.

34'Q. What Respect did Jesus pay to his own Mother Mary, when he saw her near the Cross ?

4. He commended her to the Care of John, his beloved Disciple; and from that Time John took her to his own House, John xix. 26, 27:

35 Q. What were some of the laft Words of Jesus on the Cross ?

A. He cried out, My God, my God, why haft thou for faken me? And a little after he said, It is finished; then he cried with a loud Voice, Father, into thy Hand I commend my Spirit, and died immediately, Mark xv. 34 Luke xxiii. 46. John xix. 30.

36 Q: What remakable Occurrences attended the Death of Chrift?

A. 1. At the fixth Hour there was Darknefs over the whole Land till the ninth; that is, from Noon till three o'Clock in the Afternoon, Mark xv. 33

2. The Veil of the Temple which divided the holy Place from the Holy of Holies, was rent from the Top to the Bottom ?

3. There was an Earthquake, the Rocks were rent, Graves were then opened, and many of the pious Dead arose after his Refurrection, and appeared to feveral Persons in Jerusalem, Matt. xxvii. S1-53

4. The Centurion who guarded the Crucifixion of Christ, feeing thefe Things, was constrained to


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confess, Surely this Man was the Son of God, Mark

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37 Q. What was done to the Body of Jesus, after his Death?

A. When they broke the Legs of the Thieves who were crucified, that they might die the sooner, and be taken down from the Cross before the Sabbath, thry broke not the Legs of Jefus, because he was already dead, but a Soldier pierced his Side with a Spear, and there issued Blood and Water, John xix. 31-37.

38 Q. How was Jesus buried ?

A. Jofeph of Arimathea, a rich Man, went to Pilate, and begged the Body of Jesus, wrapped it in clean Linen, with Spices, laid it in his own new Tomb, and rolled a great Stone to the Door of the Sepulchre, Mark xv. 43-45. Luke xxiii. 56. Jobn xix. 40.

39 Q. What was done by the Enemies of Christ to secure him from rising again.?

A. The Jews desired Pilate to set a Guard of Soldiers about the Sepulchre, and that they might know if the Tomb had been opened, they sealed the Stone that was rolled to the Door of it, Matt. xxvii. 62-66.

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40 Q. How did Jesus arise from the Dead? Q

A. Early on the first Day of the Week there was a great Earthquake, an Angel rolled back the Stone from the Door, and sat upon it, bis Countenance was like Lightning, and his Raiment white as Snow; the Keepers Jhook for Fear, and Jesus rose and departed, Matt. xxvii. 14-4.

41 Q. What

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