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learned the Song, and repeated it in the Temple" Matt. xxi. 1-6.

19. When he found in the Temple thofe that fold Oxen, and Sheep, and Doves, and the Changers of Money, he made a Scourge of small Cords, and drove them all out of the Temple, and overthrew the Tables, with the Money on them; and faid, It is written, my Houfe fall be called the Houfe of Prayer, but ye have made it a Den of Thieves. And he went out of the City, and lodged that Night at Bethany, Matt. xxi. 12, 13, 17.

20. When he returned from Bethany, the next Morning he curfed a Fig-tree that had only Leaves and no Fruit on it, to fhew the Doom of fruitlefs Profeffors of Religion; and prefently the Fig-tree withered away. This is faid to be the only Miracle of Destruction that Jefus wrought, for all the reft were Miracles of Goodnefs, Matt. xxi. 17-20.

Conclufion of this Chapter.

70 Q. After we have heard this brief Account of the Tranfactions of the Life of Chrift, tell me what was the Sum of that Religion which Chrift taught during his Life?

A. It confifted chiefly in thefe few Articles.

I. He confirmed the Doctrine of the one true God, and the Revelation of his Mind and Will to Men by Mofes and the Prophets.

2. He explained the Moral Law, and enforced the Obfervance of it for ever; and fummed it up in fhort in two great Commandments, namely, Love God with all your Heart, and love your Neighbour as yourself.

3. He continued the Obfervance of the Ceremonial Law for the prefent, that is, wherefoever it did not interfere with the Duties of the Moral


Law; but where it did interfere, he taught that the Moral Law was always to be preferred.

4. He required Repentance for Sin, and Faith in himself, as the great Prophet who came to reveal the Grace of God to Men, both for the Pardon of Sin, and eternal Life.

5. He appointed the Profeffion of his Religion to be made by Baptifm, to denote the washing away of our Sins, and our being renewed to Holiness by the Spirit of God.

6. Juft before his Sufferings and Death, he appointed the Feaft of the Lord's Supper, as a conftant Memorial of his dying for the Sins of Men, and our partaking of the Benefits thereof, Matt. xxvi. 17-31. 1 Cor. x. 16, 17.

Note, This Dispensation during the Life of Chrift, was a Medium between the JEWISH and CHRISTIAN DISPENSATION.

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1Q. WHEN Jefus had inftituted his holy Supper, where did he go?

A. He knew that the Hour of his Sufferings was at Hand, and he went with his Difciples into a neighbouring Garden in Gethsemane, where he fuftained great and grievous Agonies and Sorrows in his Soul, Matt. xxvi. 38, 39.

2Q. How

2 Q. How did it appear that his Anguish was fo great?


A. It is written of him, that he began to be fore amazed and very heavy, or overburdened. He told his Difciples, that his Soul was exceeding forrowful, even unto Death; and under this Agony or fharp Conflict, his Sweat was like great Drops of Blood falling down to the Ground, Mark xiv. 33, 34. Luke xxii. 44.

3Q What was the Caufe of these Sorrows and Agonies?

A. They could not arife merely from the Fears of Death, or being nailed to a Crofs; for then he would not have been a fit Example of Courage and Patience to his Difciples and Followers, fome of whom have fuffered the fame Death of the Crofs, without fuch overwhelming Terrors and Fears as Chrift difcovered: It has been generally fuppofed therefore, and with very good Reafon, that these Agonies of his Soul arofe from a Senfe of the Anger of God for the Sins of Men, fome way manifefted to him; perhaps alfo increased by the Temptations of evil Angels, for it pleafed God to bruife him, and make his Soul an Offering for Sin, Luke xxii. 53. Ifa. liii. 6, 10. And it is evident, the Powers of Darkness were let loose upon him, Luke xxii. 53. John xiv. 30.

4Q What did Jefus do in these Agonies?

A. He prayed three Times earnestly, that, if poffible, this Hour might pass from him; his innocent human Nature being afraid of such sharp and {fmarting Sorrows; yet he fubmitted himself to the Wifdóm and Will of his Father, Mark xix. 35, 36.

5 Q. What Affiftance had he to fupport him under this Agony?

A. The

A. There appeared an Angel from Heaven, encouraging and ftrengthening him, ver. 43.

6 Q. Where were his Difciples at this Time? A. He had withdrawn to a little Distance from the reft of his Difciples; but Peter, James, and John, were nearest to him, Mark xiv. 32, 33. yet they could not help him ; and indeed they fell asleep Part of the Time, ver. 37.

7 Q. Was Judas the Traitor with the reft of the Difciples in the Garden?

A. Judas had privately departed from them just after the Pafs-over, and having agreed with the Chief Priests and Elders for thirty Pieses of Silver, to betray him into the Hands of their Officers, he was now at Hand with a Band of Men, with Weapons and Torches, to accomplish his Defign, and betray his Mafter, Mark xiv. 43. Matt. xxvi. 14-16.

8 Q. How came the Rulers of the Jews to be fo much offended with Chrift, as to feek to defroy him?

A. For feveral Reafons, namely,

1. Because he being a poor Man in Ifrael, and the fuppofed Son of a Carpenter, owned himfelf to be the Meffiah; whom they expected to be an earthly King, and to deliver them from Subjection to the Romans.

2. Because in his Sermons, and in his whole Conduct, he endeavoured to reform thofe Corruptions which the Priefts and Teachers, and Rulers of the Jews, had brought into their Religion.

3. He had foretold the Anger of God against them and their Nation, in fome of his Parables pretty plainly, for their great Sins, and for their Rejection of his Miniftry.

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4. They envied him, because many of the People followed him...

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9 Q. How did Judas give Notice to the Officers which was Jefus ?

A. He gave them a Sign, that he would kiss him; and accordingly, when he came to him, he faid, Hail Mafter! and kissed him, Matt. xxvi. 48, 49.

10 Q Was there any Refiftance made for the Relief of Chrift?

A. Simon Peter cut off the Ear of Malchus, the High Priest's Servant; but Jefus bid him put up his Sword, and he healed the Man's Ear with a Touch, Luke xxii. 50, 51. John xviii. 10.

11 Q. Did Chrift fhew any further Inftance of his divine Power on this Occafion?

4. When they asked for Jefus, he answered, I am he and they went backward, and fell to the Ground, John xviii. 5, 6.

12 Q. Did they yet, after this, persist to lay Hands on him?

A. Yes, they took him and carried him away to Caiaphas the High Prieft's House, where the Scribes and Elders were affembled, Matt. xxvi. 57.

13.Q. What became of his Difciples? A. They all forfook him and fled, as Chrift foretold them they would do, Matt. xxvi. 31, 56.

14 Q. What did Peter do, who particularly boafted of his Love and Courage?

A. Peter followed him afar off, into the High Prieft's Hall, but there, for fear of Suffering, he fhamefully denied his Lord and Mafter thrice, and that with fwearing and curfing, Mark xiv. 70-72.

15 Q. How was Peter brought to Conviction and Repentance for this Sin?

A. When Jefus heard Peter a little before boafting of his Zeal and Courage, he foretold him, that he fhould deny him thrice, before the Cock crowed


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