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turned into Galilee, and dwelt in Nazareth, their City, ver. 19-23:

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25 Q. Was there any Thing further remarkable in the Childhood of Jefus ?

A. When he was twelve Years old he went up with his Parents to the Pass-over, according to their Cuftom; but when they returned, they miffed their Son, Luke ii. 41—43.

26 Q. Where did they find him?

A. They turned back to Jerusalem, and after three Days they found him in the Temple, in the midft of the Doctors, both hearing them, and asking them Questions, ver. 45, 46.

27 What Reafon did the Child Jesus give for his Condu&t?

A. He told them, that they might have fuppofed he was about his Father's Bufinefs; but he went down with them to Nazareth, where he spent the rest of his Childhood, and was fubject to his Parents, Luke ii. 49–51.

28 Q. How did Jefus employ his younger Years? A. It is reported by the, Ancients, that he was brought up to his Father's Trade, who was a Country Carpenter, and that he made Ploughs, and Yokes for Oxen; for Jefus himself is called a Carpenter, Mark vi. 3.


Of the public Life and Miniftry of CHRIST..

His Preparation for his public Work.

QAT what Age did Jesus begin to appear


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A. At about thirty Years of Age, Luke iii. 23. 2 Q. How was he prepared for his public Work! A. He was eminently prepared for it by his Baptifm, by the Defcent of the Holy Spirit upon him, by his Retirement, and his Temptations, Luke iil,.

and iv.

3Q. When was Jefus Chrift baptized?

A. When John the Baptift was fent with a Commiffion to baptize Men, Jefus offered himself at the River Jordan to be baptized, that he might fulfil all' Righteoufness, though he had no Need to be washed from Sin, Matt. iii. 14, 15.

4 Q. What Teftimony did he receive from John the Baptift?

A. John declared, that Jefus was the Lamb of God, who would take away the Sins of the World; and that he himself, who baptized with Water, was not worthy to loofe the Shoes of Jefus, becaufe he was appointed to baptize with the Holy Spirit and with Fire, Matt. iii. 11,

5Q What Miracle attended his Baptifm?

A. When Jefus came out of the Water, the Spirit of God like a Dove defcended upon bim, and a Voice from Heaven was heard, faying, This is beloved Son, in whom I am will pleafed, Matt. iii. 16, 17.


6 Q Whither did he go for his Retirement, after he was baptized?

A. He was led into the Wilderness, not only to endure Temptation, and conquer the Tempter there, but probably to spend forty Days in Meditation and Prayer, and Converfe with God; as Möfes, before his giving the Law to Ifrael, spent forty Days with God on Mount Sinai, Marki. 12, 13.

7 Q Was this the Place of his Contest with the Tempter?

A. Yes

A. Yes, the Devil affaulted him here with three powerful Temptations, Matt. iv. I—I.

8Q What was the firft Temptation ?

A. The Devil perfuaded him to turn Stones into Bread, because he was an hungry, having fafted forty Days.

9 Q. How did Christ answer him? A. By fhewing him that Man doth not live by Bread alone, but by the Power and Blessing of God, Deut. viii. 3.

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10 Q. What was the fecond Temptation ?

A. The Devil fet him upon a Pinnacle of the Temple, and bid him caft himself down, for there was a Promife in Pfalm xci. 11. that Angels fhould bear him up, so that he should receive no Hurt.

11 Q. How did Jesus refift that Temptation ? A. By fhewing that we must not tempt the Providence of God any Way, Deut vi. 16. and therefore we must not venture upon Dangers without Neceffity.

12 Q. What was the third Temptation?

4. The Devil promifed to give him all the Kingdoms of this World, if Jefus would fall down and worship him.

13Q. How was this Temptation vanquished ? A. By declaring that God only was to be worfhipped, Deut. vì. 13. and x. 20.

14 Q. Whence did Jefus derive his Answers to these several Temptations?

A. From feveral Texts of Scripture which he cited upon this Occafion, and all out of the Book of Deuteronomy.

15 Q. What Token of Honour from Heaven did Chrift receive in the Wilderness ?

A. When the Devil was disappointed and van


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quifhed, and forfook him, the Angels of God came and minifered unto him.

Sec. I. JESUS CHRIST's Appearance with the
Characters of the MESSIAH.

16Q. WE are now come to the public Life and Miniftry of JESUS CHRIST: Let us hear what were the chief Parts or Defigns of it?

A. The firft Defign of his public Life and Miniftry was, to appear in the World with the Marks of a divine Commiffion, and the Characters of the Meffiah upon him.

17 Q. How did Jefus fulfil this first Design of his public Life and Ministry?

A. He healed the Sick, he raifed the Dead, he preached the glad Tidings of Salvation to the Poor, he fet about the Reformation of the World, and all this without Noife or Uproar; and he received feveral Teftimonies from Heaven. [See thefe Chacrafters of the Meffiab foretold by the Prophets ] Ifa. xxxv. 4, 5. and chap. Ixi. 1, 2. and Îxii. 2. Mal.iii. 1, 2, 3. [and exemplified in CHRIST. Matt. xi. 3-5 and chap. v. 17-20. and xii. 19.

18 Q But did not Chrift preach up his own Character as the Meffiah, or anointed Saviour?

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A. Though he feveral Times preached that he was fent from God; yet he very feldam declared plainly that he was the Meffiah; and even forbid the Men that knew it to publifh it at that Time, nor would he fuffer the Devils to declare it, Matt. xvi. 20. Mark i. 34.

19 Q. Why did our Saviour fo long abstain from declaring that he was the Meffiah who fhould come into the World?

A. Partly

A. Partly that Men might learn his Office and Character in a rational Way, and infer, that he was the Meffiah by his Doctrine and his Works; and partly that he might not expose himself to the Rage of his Enemies, and to Death before his Time, Luke vii. 19-23

20 Q. What were fome of the Teftimonies which Chrift received from Heaven in his Life?

A. Voices from Heaven at feveral Times; once at his Baptifm, which was mentioned before; once among the People, in anfwer to his Prayer; and once on the Mount of Transfiguration, when Mofes and Elias came from Heaven to attend him.

21 Q What was that Voice which came in Answer to his Prayer?

A. When Chrift prayed in public that God his Father would glorify his Name; there was an Anfwer came from Heaven, I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again, John xii. 28.

22 Q. What was the Transfiguration ?

A. Jefus went up into a high Mountain with three of his Difcipies, his Countenance was changed all glorious, and his Raiment fhining like Sunbeams; Mofes and Elias appeared and conversed with him, and from a bright Cloud broke forth a Voice, This is my beloved Son, hear him, Matt. xvii. 1-5.

SECT. II.Of the Subjects of his PREACHING, his PARABLES, and his DISPUTES.

23. WHAT was the fecond Part and Defign of his public Life and Miniftry?

A. To preach and teach many neceffary Truths tPeople, Mark i. 38. Isaiah Ixi. 1.

and Duties t Luke iv. 18..

24 Q. In

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