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Elect, in whom my Soul delighteth. I have put my Spirit upon him, he shall bring forth Judgment to the Gentiles. The fame is repeated in several other Chapters, fa. liii. 1o. and chap. lv. 45 5. And fpeaking of the Jews who rejected Chrift, he faith in Chapter xlv. 15. Ye shall leave your Name for a Curfe to my Chofen, for the Lord God fhall flay thee, and fhall call his Servants by another Name. The Name of a Jew is become like a Word of Reproach or Curfe among the Chriftians, who now are the Servants of God

4. That he fhall be full of the Spirit of God, of Wisdom, and Knowledge, and Piety, Justice and Goodnefs: Ifa. xi. 1, 2. And there fhall come forth a Rod out of the Stem of Feffe, and a Branch fhall grow out of his Roots; and the Spirit of the Lord fhall rest upon him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, and the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and of the Fear of the Lord. This is fulfilled in John iii. 34. He whom God hath fent, fpeaketh the Word of God; for God giveth not the Spirit unto him by Measure. Col. iii. 3 In him are hid all the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge. John i. 32. The Spirit-abode upon him.

5. His Commiffion for the Miniftry, or Preaching the Gospel, is also described by this Prophet; that he should pronounce Terror to the Wicked, and Peace to the Meek and Humble and Penitent: Ifa. xi. 4. He shall fmite the Earth with the Rod of his Mouth, with the Breath of his Lips he fball flay the Wicked. Ifa. Ixi. 1-3. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good Tidings unto the Meek: be bath fent me to bind up the Broken-hearted, to proclaim Liberty to the Captives, and the Opening of the Prifon to them that are bound; to proclaim the acceptable Year of the Lord, and the

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Day of Vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn, &c. Which was evidently fulfilled in Jefus Chrift, when he published Pardon of Sin, and everlasting Life to those that repent and believe in him; and pronounced the Punifhments of Hell upon the Impenitent; and our Saviour particularly applies this Prophecy to himself, Luke iv. 18-21.

6. That he fhall work Miracles of Healing, when he comes to be a Saviour, Ifa. xxxv. 4. Behold your God will come, and fave you; Then the Eyes of the Blind fhall be opened, and the Ears of the Deaf fhall be unstopped: Then shall the lame Man leap as an Hart, and the Tongue of the Dumb fhall fing. Which was fulfilled when our Saviour wrought thefe Miracles, not only on other Occa fions, but more eminently in the Sight of the Difciples of John the Baptift, who came to learn whether he were the Chrift or no, Matt. xi. 2-6. And our Saviour proves it by his Miracles before their Eyes.

7. That he should have a Forerunner to prepare his Way in the Wilderness: Ifa. xl. 3 The Voice of him that crieth in the Wilderness, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord; make ftraight in the Defert a Highway for our God: And the Glory of the Lord fhall be revealed, and all Flefh fhall fee it together: that is, The Glory of the Lord fhall be made vifibe to ftefhly Eyes, by dwelling bodily, or in the Body of Jefus Chrift, when God fhall manifeft himself in the Flesh, 1 Tim. iii. 13. And John the Baptift was his Forerunner in the Wilderness of Judah, Matt. iii. 1, 2, 3.

8. The Sufferings of Chrift alfo, and his Meeknefs and Patience under the Contempt, Reproaches, and Perfecution he met with; his Death as an Atonement for Sin; his being numbered among vile Sinners; his Burial with the Rich; his Re

furrection, Exaltation, and Interceffion; are all fpoken of in that admirable Chapter, Ifa. liiid. which I defire my Readers to perufe in this Place; for the whole of it is expreffed in Language fo exceeding plain, that it feems fufficient to convince any honeft Infidel or Heathen; and it did actually convince that wild and atheistical Nobleman, the Earl of Rochester, in the laft Age, of the Truth of the Gofpel, when he compared these Words of the Prophecy of Ifaiah with the xxvith, and fol. lowing Chapters of the Gospel of St Matthew; and he became a Chriftian Penitent.

16Q. Did Jeremiah prophefy concerning Christ? A. Yes, in a few Places of his Prophecy. Jer. ii. 35. 36. Behold the Days come, faith the Lord, that I will raise uno David a righteous Branch; and a King fhall reign and profper, and execute Fudgment and Justice in the Earth. In his Days Judah fhall be faved, and Ifrael fhall dwell fafely; and this is the Name whereby he fshall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Which is re

peated fer. xxxiii. 14, 15.

There are alfo fome other Prophecies relating to Chrift and his Gospel in Jer. xxxi. fome of which are cited in the New Teftament.

17 Q. Did Ezekiel foretel any Thing concerning Chrift?

A. Yes, under the Character of David, the Servant of God, who was both a Shepherd and a King: Ezek. xxxiv. 23, 24. And I will fet up one Shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my Servant David: And I the Lord will be their God, and my Servant David a Prince among them; and I will make with them a Covenant of Peace, Ezek. xxxvii. 21. I will take the Children of Ifrael from among the Heathen, whither they be gone: I will gather them on every Side, and bring them into their

own Land; and I will make them one Nation in the Land upon the Mountains of Ifrael, and one King fhall be King to them all, ver. 24. Now Chrift Jefus was this great Shepherd of the People, John x. 1-16. and King of Ifrael, John i. 49. and chap. xix. 19, 21.

18 Q. What were the Prophecies of Daniel concerning Chrift?

A. Daniel defcribes him, as the Son of Man who came with the Clouds of Heaven; and there was given him Dominion, and Glory, and a Kingdom, that all People and Nation's fhould ferve him; and his Dominion is an everlasting Dominion, Dan. vii. 13, 14. Now our bleffed Saviour is continually called the Son of Man in the Hiftory of the Gofpel; and is faid to come in the Clouds of Heaven, Matt. xxiv. 30. and chap xxvi. 64, and univerfal Dominion is given him, Matt. xxviii. 18.

There is also another very remarkable Account of Jefus Chrift, or the Meffiah, given to Daniel by the Angel Gabriel, Dan. ix. 24, &c. that before the full End of Seventy Weeks, that is, feventy times feven Days, which, in prophetical Language, are four hundred and ninety Years, after the Commiffion to Nehemiah to restore Jerufalem, and the Church of the Jews; the Meffiah fhall be cut off, but not for himself: That this Term of Years is. appointed to finish Tranfgreffion, to make an End of Sin, to make Reconciliation for Iniquity, to bring in everlafting Righteoufnefs, to feal up the Vifion and Prophecy, and anoint the most Holy. And after this, The People of the Prince that fhall come, that is, the Romans, and fhall deftroy the City and the Sanctuary. All which were fulfilled in their proper Seafons, by the Death of Chrift, his Atonement for Sin, and the Deftruction of Jerufalem and the Temple fome Time after,

19 Q. What is the next remarkable Prophecy concerning Chrift in the Books of Scripture?

A. Micah tells us the Place where Chrift fhould be born, Micah v. 2. Thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the Thousands of Judah, yet out of thee fhall he come forth unto me, that is to be Ruler in Ifrael, whofe Goings forth have been from of old, from everlifting. Which Prophecy is plainly fulfilled, Matt. ii. 1-6. and Luke ii, 4, 5. when Mary the Mother of Chrift went up to Bethlehem to be taxed there, being of the Family of David, together with Jofeph her Husband, of the fame Family, and there she brought forth her Son Jefus.

20Q. What did Haggai foretel concerningChrift? A. Hag. ii. 6-9. For thus faith the Lord of Hofts, Yet once it is a little while and I will shake the Heavens and the Earth, and the Sea, and the dry Land: And I will bake all Nations; and the Defire of all Nations fhail come, and I will fill this Houfe with Glory, faith the Lord of Hofts: And the Glory of this latter Houfe fhall be greater than of the former, faith the Lord of Hofts. Which is naturally explained thus; "He who was the Defire of all Nations, or who fhould be defired as a Saviour by the Jews and Gentiles, should come (as Malachi expreffes it) into his Temple, Mal. iii. t. And by this Means, even by his own Prefence, fhould make the latter Temple, which was built after the Captivity, more glorious than that of SoHomon's; though its Richness and Magnificence, in all outward Refpects, were far inferior to Solomon's." This is the only reasonable Conftruction can be put upon those Words.

21 Q. Does Zechariah tell us any Thing concerning Chrift?

A. Though his Prophecy be generally pretty obfcure, yet in feveral Places he speaks thofe

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