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72 Q. Who were the most famous of all these in facred History?

A.Levi, Judah, and Jofeph..

73 Q. What is there remarkable concerning Levi?


A. The Priesthood, and other Things relating to the Worship of God, were committed to Levi's Family in following Times, Deut. xvii. 9. and xxxiii. 8. 10.

74 Q. But did not Levi do a very wicked Thing in killing the Shechemites?

A. Yes; he and his Brother Simeon dealt very treacherously and cruelly with them, in flaying. them after they had made a Covenant of Peace with them, Gen. xxxiv.

75. Q. How did Jacob, bear this?

A. He feverely reproved them for it, and upon his Death-bed, by the Spirit of Prophecy, pronounced a Curfe upon them, that they should be fcattered abroad through all the Land of Ifrael, Gen. xxxiv. 30, and xlix. 5.

76. Was this Curfe executed?

A. Yes, in fome Measure, for the Simeonites


as well as Levites had their Poffeffions fcattering among all the Tribes of Ifrael; but the Curfe of the Levites was lightened by their having the Priesthood given them, fofbua xxi.


77. Q: What is there remarkable relating to Judah?

A. He dealt very bafely with his Daughter-inlaw Tamar, and committed fhameful Wickedness, Gen. xxxviii.

78 Q. Did God forgive this Sin?

A. Yes, God forgave it fo far as not to punish his Pofterity for it for the Kingdom and Government in future Ages was promifed chiefly to his Family, Gen. xlix. 10.

79 Q. What is there remarkable faid of Jofeph ? A. His Brethren fold him for a Slave into Egypt, where he became the Ruler of the Land, Gen. xxxvii. 27. and chap. xlii. 40. A&ts vii. 9, 10,

80 Q. Why did they fell him?

A. For Envy, because his Father loved him, and made him a Coat of many Colours, and because he dreamed that they fhould bow down to him, Gen. xxxvii. 3, 4.

81 Q. What was his firft Station in the Land of Egypt?

A. He was a Servant in the House of Potiphar, & Captain of the Guard, and by a false Accufation of his Mafter's Wife he was caft into Prifon, though he was entirely innocent, Gen. xxxix.

82 Q. What was the Occafion of his Advancement?

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A. He interpreted the Dreams of fome of his Fellow-Prisoners, and when the Interpretation proved true, then he was fent for to Court to interpret the King's Dream, Gen. xli.

83 Q. And did this raise Joseph to be the Ruler of Egypt?

A. Yes; he was thus advanced, because he foretold the seven Years of Plenty, and feven Years of Famine, which Pharaoh the King dreamed of under two different Emblems of good and bad Ears of Corn, and of feven fat Kine and feven lean ones, Gen. xli. 39.

84 Q. How did Jofeph carry himself towards his Brethren in his Advancement?

4. In the Famine they came down to buy Corn in Egypt, and bowed down to him, according to his Dreams; but he treated them roughly at first, as a great Lord and a Stranger, till their Confci


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ences smote them for their former Cruelty to him, Gen. xlii. 7, 19, 21.

85 Q. Did he then revenge himself upon them? A. No, but he made himself known to them with much Affection and Tenderness, Gen. xlv. 86 Q. How did he manifeft his Forgiveness of them?

A. He fent for his Father, and bid his Brethren bring all their Families into Egypt, and he maintained them all during the Famine, Gen.xlv.4-7.

87 Q. Did Jacob die in Egypt?

4. Yes: but according to his Defire his Body was carried up to the Land of Canaan, and was buried there in the Faith of the Promife, that his Seed fhould poffefs that Land, Gen. xlix. 29. and 1. 13. 88 Q. What became of the Families of Ifrael after Joleph's Death?

A. They were made Slaves in Egypt, and a new King, who know not Jofeph, forely oppreffed them, and endeavoured to deftroy them, Exod. i. 13, 14, 16, 22.

89 Q. Did Jofeph, as well as his Father, proefs any Hope of his Family and Kindred returning from Egypt in following Times?

A. Yes, he died in Faith of the Promife made to his Fathers, that they should go and poffels the Land of Canaan; and therefore be required them when they went, to carry up his Bones, and bury them. in the promised Land, G., l. 14, 25.

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The Deliverance of the ISRAELITES from Egypt, and of MOSES and AARON.

IQ. WHO delivered the Ifraelites from the Slavery of Egypt?

A. God heard their Cry, and delivered them by the Hand of Mofes and Aaron, Exod. iii. 9, 10. and xii. 31. Job. xxiv. 5, 6.

2 Q. Who was Mofes ?

A. He was one of the Family of Levi, among the People of Ifrael, who was wonderfully faved from drowning when he was an Infant, Exod.ii.10. 3 Q. How was he in Danger of drowning?

A. Pharaoh the King of Egypt had commanded every Male Child to be drowned; and when Mofes's Parents could hide him no longer, they laid him by the Bank of the River in an Ark or Box of Bulrufhes, Exod. i. 22. and ii. 3.

4Q How was he faved?

A. The King of Egypt's Daughter found him by the River, and pitied the Child, and brought him up for her own Son, Exod. ii..5, 6, 9.

5Q. Did he continue a Courtier in Egypt ? A No, for when he was grown a Man he shewed Pity to his Kindred in their Slavery, and flew an Egyptian; which being known, he filed from the Court of Pharaoh, Exod. ii. 11-14.

6 Q. Whither did he fly?

A. To the Land of Midian, where he kept the Sheep of Jethro, a Prieft, or Prince of the Country, and married his Daughter, Exod. ii. 14. and iii. 1. 7Q. How did God appoint him to deliver Ifrael? A. God appeared to him in a burning Bufh, as


he was keeping Jethro's Sheep, and sent him to Pharaoh, to require the Release of Ifrael his People, Exod. iii. 1-18.

8 Q. What was his Office afterwards?

A. God made him the Leader and Lawgiver of the People of Ifrael, Exod. xxxii. 34. Deut. xxxiii. 4, 5. John i. 17.

9 Q. Who was Aaron?

A. He was Brother to Mofes, and he was sent of God to meet him as he was returning to Egypt, and appointed to affift him in his Dealing with Pharaoh the King, Exod. iv. 14, 27.

10 Q. What was Aaron's Office afterwards? A. He was made the firft High Prieft of Ifrael, Exod. xxviii. 1. Heb. v. 1, 4.

IIQ How did Mofes and Aaron prove to Pharaoh, and to the People, that God had fent them upon this Errand ?

A. They had Power given them from God himself to work several Miracles, or Signs and Wonders, to convince the People of Ifrael, as well as Pharaoh, that they had a Commiffion from God, Exod. iv. 1-10.

12 Q. What was the firft Miracle?

A. Aaron caft down his Rod, and it became a Serpent; and when Pharaoh's Conjurers did fo too, Aaron's Rod fwallowed theirs all up, Exod.vii.9--12. 13 Q. What did Mofes and Aaron do further to deliver that People?

A. Upon Pharaoh's Refufal to let the People of Ifrael go, they brought ten miraculous Plagues upon the King, and upon all the Land, by the Authority and Power of God, Exodus vii, viii, ix, x, xi. and xiv. 10, &c. Pfalm cv. 26, &c.

14 Q. What were thefe ten Plagues?
A. (.) Water turned into Blood. (2.) Frogs..

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