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out, and he was carried in Chains to Babylon, and died there, Jer. xxxix. 8-10. and chap. Íii.1—11. Note, Then was fulfilled the Prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Zedekiah, chap. xii. 13. I will bring him to Babylon, the Land of the Chaldeans; yet shall he not fee it, though he fhall die there.

34 Q. What became of Jeremiah after the City was taken?

4. Nebuchadnezzar gave Orders to the Officers of his Army to take Care of him; and to give him his Liberty to go where he pleased, Jer. xxxix. 11. and chap. xl. 4, 5:

35 Q. Whither did Jeremiah choose to go? A. He chofe to continue in the Land of Ifrael, and put himself under the Protection of Gedaliah, whom the King of Babylon made Governor in the Land, vcr 6, 7.

36Q Did Jeremiah continue under his Protection? A. Gedaliah was quickly flain by a Faction raised by Ifhmael; and Ifhmael alfo was put to flight by another Faction under the Command of Johanan,, Jer. xl. 41.

37 37 Q. What did Johanan do with Jeremiah? A. He carried him and a Multitude of the Peo-ple into Egypt, in direct Oppofition to the Advice which Jeremiah gave him from the Lord, Jer. chapters xlii, and xliii..

38 Q. What did Jeremiah do in the Land of Egypt?

A. He feverely reproved the Jews for their Idolatry there; he denounced Ruin upon them; he took great Stones, and hid them in the Clay at the Entrance of Pharaoh the King of Egypt's Palace, and foretold, that Nebuchadnezzar fhould conquer Egypt, and fhould fet his Throne upon thofe Stones, Jer. xliii. 9, 10.

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39 Q. Among the feveral Prophecies against the Nations round about, did not Jeremiah foretel the Deftruction of Babylon?

A. Yes, he pronounced the fevere Judgments of God against Babylon, who had plundered Jerufalem in a notable and dreadful Manner, as Ifaiah did before him; all which were eminently fulfilled, partly when Cyrus the Perfian took the City of Babylon, and partly in following Times, Jer. 1. and li.

40 Q. What Emblem or Pledge did Jeremiah give of the Accomplishment of this Prophecy?

A. He wrote in a Book all thefe Threatnings, and bid Seraiah, one of the Jewish Captives, read it when he came to Babylon, then bind a Stone to it, and caft it into the River Euphrates, and fay, Thus fhall Babylon fink, and fhall never rife again, Jer. li. 59-64.





HO was Daniel?


A. A young Man of the Tribe of Judah, who was carried Captive by Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, in the Reign of Jehoiakim King of Judah, Dan. i. 1—6.

2 Q. How was he difpofed of in Babylon.?

A. Daniel, and his Fellows, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, were appointed to be nourished by the King's Provifion, and to be trained up in the Learning of the Chaldeans, that in three Years Time they might ftand before the King, ver. 5, 6.

3 Q. And did they, being Jews, eat of the

King's Provifion, which was prepared after the Manner of the Heathens?

A. No; they chose to be fed with Pulfe and Water, rather than defile themselves with the King's Meat, ver. 8-14.

4Q How did they thrive by it?

A. Their Countenance appeared fairer, and their Afpect was better approved by Melzar, who took Care of them, than the reft who fed on Royal Dainties, ver. 15.

5 Q. How did they approve themselves when they were called before the King?

A. The King found them far wifer and better than all the Aftrologers and Magicians in his Kingdom, ver. 20.

6 Q. What was the firft fpecial Occafion of Daniel's Advancement at Court?

A. Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a Dream which much troubled him, yet he forgot it in the Morning; and fent Orders to deftroy all the wife Men and Aftrologers, because they could not tell him both the Dream and the Interpretation thereof, Dan. ii. 1-13.

7 Q. How did Daniel obtain this Secret from God?

A. He engaged himself and his three Compa-nions, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,in Prayer to the God of Heaven, that he would reveal this Secret to them, that they might not all perifh together with the Aftrologers, whom the King had doomed to Death, Dan. ii. 16-18.

8-Q. What was this Dream' which Daniel rehearfed before the King?

A. There appeared a bright and terrible Image, whofe Head was Gold, his Breaft and Arms of Silver, his Belly and Thighs of Brafs, his Legs of


Iron, and his Feet part of Iron, and part of Clay, which was dafhed to Pieces by a Stone, and the Stone became a Mountain, and filled the whole Earth, ver. 31-35.

9Q. What was the Interpretation of it? A. It fignifies the four great Monarchies of the World, namely, the Affyrian, the Perfian, the Grecian, and the Roman, which should deftroy one another in Succeffion; and the laft of them fhould be destroyed by the Kingdom of Chrift, which should spread through the Earth, and remain for ever, ver. 31-45.

10 Q. What Honours did Nebuchadnezzar beftow on Daniel on this Occafion?

A. He acknowledged the Supremacy of the God of Daniel, he made Daniel Ruler over Babylon,and at his Requeft made Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Officers under him, ver. 46—49.

11 Q. What became of Shadrach, Meshach,. and Abednego?

A. Notwithstanding the Honour the King had given them, yet they were caft into a fiery Furnace, because they would not worship a huge gold Image which King Nebuchadnezzar had fet up, Dan. iii. 1-21.

12 Q. What remarkable Providence attended. their being caft into the Furnace ?

A. The King being enraged at them for refufing boldly to worship this Image, commanded the Furnace to be made feven Times hotter, even to fuch a Degree, that the Flame flew the Men that caft them into it, ver. 22.

13 Q. How were they faved in the fiery Furnace ? A. Though these three Men were caft into the Furnace bound, and fell down in the Fire, yet prefently afterward, the King faw four Men loofe


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walking in the Fire, and they had no Hurt: and the Form of the fourth was like the Son of God, ver. 23, 24, 25. that is, fome glorious Perfon whom Nebuchadnezzar could not better-defcribethan as a heavenly Being, a Son of God.

14 Q. What Influence had this upon the King? A. He called to them to come out of the Furnace, and bleffed their God, who had fent his Angel to deliver them; and made a Decree, that no Man fhould speak against the God of the Jews, v. 26-28.

15 Q. What other Dream of Nebuchadnezzar's did Daniel interpret?

A. The Dream of a tall and fpreading Tree that was cut down, and the Stump of it was left in the Earth.; and that he fhould have a Beaft's Heart given him inftead of a Man's for feven Years, Dan iv. 1-16.

16 Q. What Interpretation did Daniel give to it? A. That Nebuchadnezzar the King should be driven from his Kingdom, fhould run mad, and dwell feven Years with the Beasts of the Earth, and then be reftored to his Reason and his Kingdom again, ver. 19-27.

17 Q. How foon was this fulfilled?

A. At the End of twelve Months he was walking in the Palace of Babylon, and boafting of his Grandeur and Majefty, and there came a Voice from Heaven, that his Kingdom was departed, and he should be driven from Men: And immediately he was feized with Madness, and the Sentence was executed upon him, and he fled from the Society of Men, and herded with the Beafts in the open Field, ver. 28-33.

18 Q. What did Nebuchadnezzar do at seven Years End, when his Underftanding and his Kingdom were restored to him?

A. He did further Honours to the God of Hea

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