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A. He walked in the Ways of the Kings of Ifrael, made Images for Baal, and offered his Children in Sacrifice by Fire, after the Abominations of the Heathen, 2 Chron. xxviii. 1-4.

34 Q. How did God fhew his Displeasure against Ahaz?

A. His Land was invaded by the King of Syria, and by the King of Ifrael; Multitudes of his People were flain, and many Captives were carried to Damafcus, and to Samaria, though the Ifraelites reftored their Captives again at the Word of the Prophet Obed, ver. 5-15.

35 Q. What further Iniquities of Ahaz are recorded?

A. That he fet afide the brazen Altar which was before the Lord, and fet up another in the Court of the Temple, according to the Pattern of an Altar he had feen at Damafcus, and at laft fell in with the Idolatry of the Heathen Nations, z Kings xvi. 10. 2 Chron. xxviii.

36 Q. What was one particular Aggravation of his Crimes?

A. That even in the Time of his Diftrefs, he finned the more against God; and because God did not help him, he facrificed to the Gods of Damafcus; he cut in Pieces the Veffels of the Houfe of God, fhut up the Doors of the Temple, and fet up Idols in Jerufalem, and through all the Land, 2 Chron. xxviii. 22-25.

37 Q. Did Hezekiah, the Son of Ahaz, continue in the Sins of his Father?

A. No; but he made a great Reformation, not only in Judah, but alfo in Ephraim and Manaffeh; he brake the Images, cut down their Groves, deftroyed their Altars, repaired the Temple, and reftored

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ftored the Worship of the true God there, 2 Chron. xxix. and xxxi.

38 Q. What peculiar Instance did he give of his Zeal against all manner of Idolatry?

A. He brake in pieces the brazen Serpent that Mofes had made in the Wilderness, because the People burnt Incenfe to it, 2 Kings xviii. 4.

39 Q. In what manner did he keep the Pafs-over? A. He fent to all Ifrael, as well as to Judah, to invite them to keep the Pass-over at Jerufalem, according to the Appointment of God, 2 Chron. xxx. Though Hezekiah, King of Judah, began this Refor.

mation in the first Year of his Reign, yet it might not be carried to this Height till the fixth or feventh Year; at which Time there was no King in Ifrael; Hofhea the last King, being taken and imprifoned by the King of Affyria, and a great Part of the People being carried into Captivity, in the fixth Year of Hezekiah's Reign. See 2 Chron. xxix. 3. and 2 Kings xviii. 9-11.

40 Q. Did the other Tribes of Ifrael come at his Invitation?

A. Some mocked the Meffage, but many out of feveral Tribes came to the Pafs over, fo that there was not the like fince the Time of Solomon, ver. 18-26.

41 Q. Were all thefe People fufficiently purified to keep the Pass-over?

A. No, but at the Prayer of Hezekiah, the Lord pardoned and accepted them, though feveral Things in this Pass-over were not exactly conformable to the holy Inftitution, ver. 18-20.

42 Q. Wherein did God flew his Acceptance of Hezekiah's Zeal and Piety?

A. God profpered him in his Wars against his Enemies, and enabled him to caft off the Yoke of the King of Affyria, while he trufted in him, 2 Kings xvii. 7, 8.

43 Q. What Weakness was Hezekiah guilty of afterward, when Sennacherib King of Affyria, invaded Judah?

A. He bribed him to depart, with Gold and Silver taken from the Houfe of God, ver. 13-16.

44Q. What Succefshad this Conductof Hezekiah? A. Very ill Succefs; for fome few Years after Sennacherib fent an Army to take Jerufalem, 2: King's xviii. 91·3, 17.

45 Q. What did Hezekiah do in this Diftrefs? A. WhenSennacherib sent Rabshakeh with Blafphemies against God, and Threatnings against the People, Hezekiah humbled himself greatly, and spread the railing Letter before the Lord in the Temple, and prayed earnestly to God for Deliverance, 1 Kings xviii, and xix.

46Q What was theSuccefsof Hezekiah's Prayer? A. Ifaiah the Prophet affured him of Deliverance; and the Angel of the Lord flew in the Camp of the Affyrians, one hundred and fourscore and five thousand Men at once, 2 Kings xix. 20-35.

47. Q. What further Favour did Hezekiah receive from God?

4. When he was fick near to Death, God heard his Prayer, and affured him he fhould live. fifteen Years longer, 2 Kings xx. I6.

48 Q. What Sign did God give him to con firm his. Faith in this Promife?

A. The Shadow returned backward ten Degrees upon the Dial of Ahaz, ver. 8—11.

49 Q. Wherein did Hezekiah misbehave himfelf after he had received all this Mercy?

A. In the Vanity and Pride of his Heart, he shewed the Messengers of the King of Babylon all. his Treafures, ver. 12, 13, and 2 Chron. xxiv. 31. 50 Q. How was Hezekiah's Pride punished?

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A. God

A. God told him by the Prophet Isaiah, that all these Treasures fhould be carried into Babylon: But because Hezekiah humbled himself, God deferred the Execution of it till after his Death, 2 Chron. xxxii. 25, 26.


51 Q. What was the Character and the Government of his Son Manaffeh ?

A. He forfook the good Ways of his Father Hezekiah; he brought in Idolatry of many Kinds; he worshipped the Sun, Moon, and Stars; he made his Son pafs through the Fire; he used Inchantments, and fhed much innocent Blood, 2 Kings xxi. 2—16. 2 Chron. xxxiii.

52.Q. How were his Tranfgreffions punished ? A. The Captains of the Hoft of Affyria came up against Manaffeh, took him among the Thorns, bound him with Fetters, and carried him to Babylon, 2 Chron. xxxiii. II.

53Q. How did Manaffeh behave in his Affliction? A. He humbled himself greatly before God in Prayer, whereupon God reftored him to his Kingdom, where he wrought a great Reformation, ver. 12-16.


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54 Q. What is written concerning Amon the Son of Manaffeh ?

A. Amon reftored the Idolatry which Manaffeh had once fet up, but he never repented or returned to God as his Father had done, and he was flain by his own Servants, 2 Chron. xxxiii. 20-25.

55Q. What is worthy of Notice in the Reign of Jofiah, the Son of Amon?

A. At eight Years old he began his Reign, at fixteen he fought after God, and at twenty he deftroyed the Altar and Idols which his Father Amon, the Son of Manaffeh, fet up, 2 Kings xxiii. 3-14. 2 Chron. xxxiv. 1-7.

56 Q. How

56 Q. How did he carry on this Work of Re formation?

A. He repaired the Temple, and restored the Worship of God; and finding a Book of the Law of the Lord by Mofes, he rent his Clothes, and mourned to think how little this Law had been observed, ver. 18, 19.

57Q. What further Ufe did he make of this Book? A. He read the Words of it in the Ears of all the Elders of Judah, and the People, the Priests, and the Prophets, and made a Covenant with the People of Judah, to perform what was written in this Book, 2 Kings xxiii. 2, 3.

58Q. Did he make alfo any Reformation in Ifrael? A. The Kingdom of Ifrael being now deftroyed by the King of Affyria, Jofiah spread his Influence over those who remained in the Land, and many of Ifrael, as well as of Judah, came to keep the Pafs-over, 2 Chron. xxxv. 17.,

59 Q. Were not many of Ifrael prefent alfo at Hezekiah's Pass-over? Wherein then did this Pafsover of Jofiah exceed that in the Days of Hezekiah?

A. In the exact Conformity of it to all the Rules appointed by Mofes, fo that no fuch Pass-over had been kept fince the Days of Samuel the Prophet, 2 Chron. xxxv. 18.

60 Q. Did Jofiah destroy all the Remainder of the Idolatry of Ifrael, which Jeroboam fet up at Dan and Bethel?

A. Yes; and he flew the Priefts of the High Places, and burnt the Bones of the Priests that had been buried there upon the Altar, according to the Word which the old Prophet fpake to Jeroboam, 2 Kings xxiii. 15-20. 1 Kings xiii. 2. 61 Q. How came Jofiah by his Death? A. He went out to fight with the King of Egypt,



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