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A knowledge of the commonplace, at least, of Oriental literature, philosophy, and religion is as necessary to the general reader of the present day as an acquaintance with the Latin and Greek classics was a generation or so ago. Inmense strides have been made within the present century in these branches of learning; Sanscrit has been brought within the range of accurate philology, and its invaluable ancient literature thoroughly investigated; the language and sacred books of the Zoroastrians have been laid bare; Egyptian, Assyrian, and other records of the remote past have been deciphered, and a group of scholars speak of still more recondite Accadian and Hittite monuments ; but the results of all the scholarship that has been devoted to these subjects have been almost inaccessible to the public because they were contained for the most part in learned or expensive works, or scattered throughout the numbers of scientific periodicals. Messrs. TRÜBNER & Co., in a spirit of enterprise which does them infinite credit, have determined to supply the constantly-increasing want, and to give in a popular, or, at least, a comprehensive form, all this mass of knowledge to the world.” – Times.



Post 8vo. cloth, unisormly bound. ESSAYS

THE SACRED LANGUAGE, WRITINGS, AND RELIGION of The Parsis. By Martin HAUG, Ph.D. late Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology at the University of Munich. Edited by Dr. E. W. West.

Second Edition, pp. xvi. and 428. 1878. 168. TEXTS FROM THE BUDDHIST Canon, commonly known as Dhamma

pada. With accompanying Narratives. Translated from the Chinese by S. Beal, B.A., Professor of Chinese, University College, London. pp. viii. and 176.


Translated from the German by John Mann, M.A., and THEODOR ZACA ARIAE,

Ph.D., with the sanction of the Author. pp. xxiii. and 360. 1878. 188. A SKETCH OF THE MODERN LANGUAGES OF The East Indies. By

Robert Cust. Accompanied by Two Language Maps. pp. xii. and 198.

1878. 12s. THE BIRTH OF THE War God. A. Poem by KÁLIDÁSA. Translated

from the Sanskrit into English Verse. By Ralph T. H. Griffith, M.A.,

Principal of Benares College. Second Edition. pp. xii.-116. 1879. 58. A CLASSICAL DICTIONARY HINDU MYTHOLOGY HISTORY,

GEOGRAPHY AND LITERATURE. By John Dowson, M.R.A.S., late Professor

in the Staff College. pp. xix. and 412. 1879. 16s. SELECTIONS FROM TIE KORAN. With a COMMENTARY. Translated by

the late EDWARD Wiliam Lane, Author of an " Arabic-English Lexicon," etc. A New Edition, Revised, with an Introduction on the History and Development of Islam, especially with reference to Inuia. By Stanley Lane PoolB. pp. cxii. and 176. 1879. 98.




duction, many Prose Versions, and Parallel Passages from Classical Authors.

By J. Muir, C.I.E., D.C.L. pp. xliv. and 376. 1879. 14s. MODERN INDIA AND THE INDIANS. Being a Series of Impressions, Notes,

and Essays. By MONIER WILLIAMS, D.C.L., Hon. LL.D. of the University of Calcutta, Hon. Member of the Bombay Asiatic Society, Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford. Third Edition. Revised and augmented

by considerable additions. pp. 366. With map. 1879. 148. MISCELLANEOUS ESSAY8 RELATING TO INDIAN SUBJECTS.

By BRIAN Houghton Hodgson, F.R.S., late of the Bengal Civil Service, etc., etc.

2 vols. pp. viii. and 408, and visi. and 348. 1880. 288. The LIFE OR LEGEND OF GAUDAMA, the Buddha of the Burmese. With

Annotations, The Ways to Neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese
Monks. By the Right Reverend P. BIGANDET, Bishop of Ramatha, Vicar
Apostolic of Ava and Pegu. Third Edition 2 vols. pp. xx. and 268, and viii.

and 326. 1880. 218. TIE GULISTAN; or, Rose Garden of Shekh Mushliu'd-din Sadi of

Shiraz. Translated for the first time into Prose and Verse, with a Preface, and a Life of the Author, from the Atish Kadah, by E. B. EASTWICK, F.R.S.,

M.R.A.S., etc. Second Edition, pp. xxvi. and 244. 1880. 108. 6d. CHINESE BUDDHISM. A Volume of Sketches, Historical and Critical.

By J. EDKINS, D.D., Author of “China's Place in Philology," " Religion in

China,” etc., etc. pp. xxvi. and 454. 1880. 18s. THE HISTORY OF ESARIADDON (SON OF SENNACHERIB) KING OF As

SYRIA, B.C. 681-668. Translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions upon Cylinders and Tablets in the British Museum Collection, with the Assyrian text. Together with Original Texts, a Grammatical Analysis of each Word, Explanations of the Ideographs by Extracts from the Bi-Lingual Syllabaries, and list of Eponyms, etc. By E. A. BUDGE, M.R.A.S., etc. pp. xii. and 164.

1880. 10s. 6d. A TALMUDIC MISCELLANY; or, One Thousand and One Extracts from

the Talmud, the Midrashim, and the Kabbalah. Compiled and Translated by P. J. Hershon. With a Preface by the Rev. F. W. FARRAR, D.D., Canon of

Westminster. With Notes and Copious Indexes. pp. xxviii. and 362. 1880. 14s. BUDDHIST BIRTH STORIES; or, Jātaka Tales. The oldest collection of

Folk-lore extant: being the sātakatthavannanā, for the first time edited in the original Pali, by V. FAUsBÖLL, and translated by T. W. Rhys Davids. Trans

lation. Vol. I. pp. cxvi. and 348. 1880. 185. THE CLASSICAL POETRY OF THE JAPANESE. By Basil CHAMBERLAIN,

Author of “ Yoigio IIenkaku, Ichiran,” pp. xii. and 228. 1880. 78. 6d. LINGUISTIC AND ORIENTAL Essays. Written from the year 1846-1878.

By R. Cust, Author of "The Modern Languages of the East Indies.” pp. xii.

and 484. 1880. 18s. THE MESNEVī. (Usually known as the Mesnevīyi Sherif, or Holy

Mesnevi) of Mevlānā (our Lord) Jelālu'd-Din Muhammed er-Rūmī. Book I. Together with some account of the Life and Acts of the Author, of his Ancestors, and of his Descendants. Illustrated by a Selection of Characteristic Anecdotes, as Collected by their Historian, Mevlānā Shemsu'd-Din Ahmed el Efāki, el 'Arifi. Translated and the Poetry Versified in English. By J. W. RedHouSE,

M.R.A.S. pp. xv. and 135, v. and 290. 1881. 218. EASTERN PROVERBS AND EMBLEMS, Illustrating Old Truths. By the

Rev. J. LONG, Member of the Bengal Asiatic Society, F.R.G.S. Pp. xvi. and 280. 1881. 6s.

INDIAN POETRY. Containing a New Edition of “ The Indian Song of

Songs,” from the Sanskrit of the “Gita Govinda” of Jayadeva ; Two Books from “the Iliad of India” (Mahabharata); and other Oriental Poems. By EDWIN ARNOLD, M.A., C.S.I., Author of “ The Light of Asia,” etc. pp. viii.

and 270. 1881. 78, 6d. HINDU PHILOSOPHY. The Sankhya Karika of Iswara Krishna. An

Exposition of the System of Kapila. With an Appendix on the Nyaya and Vaiseshika Systems. By John Davies, M.A. (Cantab.). M.R.A.S. pp. viii.

and 152. 1881. 6s. TIE RELIGIONS OF INDIA.

By A. BARTI. Authorised Translation by Rev. J. Wood. pp. 336. 1881. 168. A MANUAL OF HINDU PANTHEISM. The Vedantasara. Translated

with Copious Annotations, by Major_G. A. Jacob, Bombay Staff ('orps ; Inspector of Army Schools. With a Preface by E. B. Cowell, M.A., Pro

fessor of Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge. pp. x. and 129, 1881. 68. THE QUATRAINS OF OMAR KHAYYÁM. Translated by E. H. WIINFIELD,

M.A., late of H.M. Bengal Civil Service. pp. 96. 1881. 58.
THE MIND OF MENCIUS; or, Political Economy founded upon Moral

Philosophy. A Systematic Digest of the Doctrine of the Chinese Philosopher
Mencius. Translated from the Original Text, and Classified with Comments
and Explanations. By the Rev. Ernst Farer, Rhenish Mission Society.
Translated from the German with Additional Notes, by the Rev. A. B.

HUTCHINSON, C.M.S., Hong-Kong. pp. xvi. and 294. 1881. 10s. 6d. Tsuni-lIGOAM, THE SUPREME BEING OF TIIE K1101- Kuor. By Theo

PULUS IIain, l'h.D., Custodian of the Grey Collection, Cape Town, etc. pp. xii. and 154. 1881. 78. 6d.

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ORIENTAL RELIGIONS in their Relation to Universal Religion. By

SAMUEL JOHNSON. Second Section-China. In Two Volumes.

Hwen Tusang. Translated from the original Chinese, with Introduction,
Index, etc. By SAMUEL BEAL, Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of

Chinese, University College, London. In I'wo Vols.
THE ODES OF HAFIZ OF SHIRAZ. Translated from the Persian into

English Verse by E. H. PALMER, M.A., Professor of Arabic in the University

of Cambridge. INDIAN TALES FROM THIBETAN SOURCES. Translated from the Thibetan

into German by ANTON SCHIEFNER. Rendered into English, with Notes, by

W. R. S. RALSTON. THE SIX JEWELS OF THE LAW. With Pali Texts and English Trans


trative Extracts from the Commentaries. By the late J. R. BALLANTYNB. Second Edition, Edited by FitZEDWARD HALL.

YUSEF AND ZULAIKHA. A Poem by Jámi. Translated from the Persian


GIONS. By Dr. C. P. TIELE. In Two Volumes. Volume I. History of the
Egyptian Religion. Translated from the Dutch, with the assistance of the

Author. By Jaxes BALLINGAL.

COSTENTg.-Language as the expression of National Modes of Thought. The Conception of
Love in some Ancient and Modern Languages.-The English Verbs of Command. - Semariology.
-Philological Methods. The Connection between Dictionary and Grammar. - The possibility of
a Comm in literary Language for all slavs.-The Order and Position of Words in the Latin
Sentence.-The Coptic Language.-The Origin of Language.
THE MIDDLE KINGDOM. A Survey of the Geography, Government,

Education, Social Life, Arts, Religion, etc., of the Chinese Empire, and its
Inhabitants. By SAMUEL WELLS WILLIAMS, LL.D. Fourth Edition. In
Two Volumes.


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Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.—JOURNAL OP TAB

Royal Asiatic SOCIETY Op GBAT BRITAIN AND TRELAND, from the Com. mencement to 1863. First Series, complete in 20 Vols. 8vo., with many Plates. Price £10; or, in Single Numbers, as follows:- Nos. I to 14, 6s. each ; No. 15, 2 Parts, 4s. each; No. 16, 2 Parts, 4s. each ; No. 17, 2 Parts, 48. each ; No. 18, 6s. These 18 Numbers form Vols. I. to IX. - Vol. X., Part 1, o.p.; Part 2, 58.; Part 3, 58.– Vol. XI., Part 1, 68.; Part 2 not published.- Vol. XII., 2 Parts, 6s. each — Vol. XIII., 2 Parts, 68: each.---Vol. XIV., Part 1, 58.; Part 2 not published.-Vol. XV., Part 1, 68.; Part 2, with 3 Maps, £2 28. -Vol XVI., 2 Parts, 6s. each.-Vol. XVII., 2 Parts, 6s. each.---Vol. XVIII., 2 Parts, 68. each.— Vol. XIX., Parts 1 to 4, 168.– Vol. XX., Parts 1 and 2, 48.

each. l'art 3, 78. 6d. Asiatic Society.-JOURNAL OF TIE Royal Asiatic SOCIETY OF GREAT

BRITAIN AND IRELAND. New Series. Vol. I. In Two Parts. Pp. iv. and

490, sewed. 1861-5. 168. CONTENTS - 1. Vajra-chhediká, tbe “Kin Kong King," or Diamond Autra. Translated from the Chinese by the Rev. S. Beal, Chaplain, R.N.-11. The Paramita-hariduya satra, or, in Chinese, " Mo ho-pô-ye-po-lo-mih-w-sin-king," i.e. “The Great Paramita lloart Bauru."' Trunnluted from the Chinese by the Rev. s. Beal, Chaplain, R.N.-III. On the Preservation of National Literature in the East. By Colonel P. J. Goldsmid.-IV. On the Agricultural, Commoroiul, Financial, and Military Statistics of Ceylon. By E. R. Power, E.V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Vedic Theogony and Mythology. By J. Muir, D.O.L., LL.D), VI. A Tubular List of Original Works and Translations. published by the lato Dutol Governmont of Ceylon at their Printing Press at Colombo. Compiled by Mr. Mat. P. J. Ondantje, of Colombo VIL Assyrian and Hebrew Chronology compared, with a view of showing the extent to which the Hebrew Chronology of Ussher must be modified, in conformity with the Asyatun Canon lly J: W. Bosanquet, Esq.-VIII. On the existing Dictionaries of the Malay LanguaRO, lly Dr. H. N. van der Tuuk.-IX. Bilingual Readings: Cuneitorm and Phwnloian. Noton on somo Tablets in the British Museum, containing Bilingual Legends (Amayrlan and l'hontelan). lly Major-General Sir H. Rawlinson, K.C.B., Director R. A.S. ---X. Translations of Throneppet pluie Inscriptions of the Fourth Century A.D., and Notices of the Chalukya and Ouara yatoa By Professor J. Dowson, Staff College, Sandburst.-XI. Yama and'tho Doetine of Futuro Lífe, according to the Rig-Yajur-, and'Atharva-Vedas. By J. Muir, Exq., D.O., LT), On the Jyotisha Observation of the Place of the Colures, and the Dato dorivablo numit tly William D. Whitney, Esq., Professor of Sanskrit in Yale College, New llaven, V.8. Note on

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