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Priauls.-QUÆSTIONES MOSAICÆ; or, the first part of the Book of

Genesis compared with the remains of ancient religions. By Osmond DE

BEAUVOIR PRIAULX. 8vo. pp. viii, and 548, cloth. 128. Raja-Niti.—A COLLECTION OF HINDU APOLOGUES, in the Braj Bháshá

Language. Revised edition. With a Preface, Notes, and Supplementary

Glossary. By FitZEDWARD HALL, Esq. 8vo. cloth, pp. 204. 218. Ram Raz.—Essay on the ARCHITECTURE of the HINDUS. By Ram Raz,

Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore, Corresponding Member of the R.A.S. of Great Britain and Ireland. With 48 plates. 4to. pp. xiv. and 64, sewed. London, 1834. Original selling price, £i lls. 6d., reduced (for a short time

only) to 12s. Rask.-A GRAMMAR OF THE ANGLO-Saxon TONGUE. From the Danish

of Erasmus Rask, Professor of Literary History in, and Librarian to, the University of Copenhagen, etc. By Benjamin THORPE, Member of the Munich Royal Academy of Sciences, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature,

Leyden. Second edition, corrected and improved. 18mo. pp. 200, cloth. 58. 6d. Rawlinson.—A COMMENTARY ON THE CUNEIFORM INSCRIPTIONS OF

BABYLONIA AND Assyria, including Readings of the Inscription on the Nimrud Obelisk, and Brief Notice of the Ancient Kings of Nineveh and Babylon, Read before the Royal Asiatic Society, by Major H. C. Rawlinson. 8vo.,

pp. 84, sewed. London, 1850. 2s. 6d. Rawlinson.—OUTLINES OF ASSYRIAN HISTORY, from the Inscriptions of

Nineveh. By Lieut. Col. RAWLINSON, C.B., followed by some Remarks by

A. H. LAYARD, Esq., D.C.L. 8vo., pp. xliv., sewed. London, 1852. ls. Renan.-AN ESSAY ON THE AGE AND ANTIQUITY OF THE BOOK OF

NABATHÆAN AGRICULTURE. To which is added an Inaugural Lecture on the Position of the Shemitic Nations in the History of Civilization. By M. Ernest

RENAN, Membre de l'Institut. In I vol., crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 148, cloth. 3s. 6d. Ridley.-KAMILAROI, DIPPIL, AND TURRUBUL. Languages Spoken by

Australian Aborigines. By Rev. WM. RIDLEY, M.A., of the University of Sydney; Minister of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales. Printed

by authority. Small 4to. cloth, pp. vi. and 90. 30s. Rig Veda-Sanhita (The). The Sacred Hymns of the Brahmins, as

preserved to us in the oldest collection of Religious Poetry. The Rig VedaSanhita, translated and explained. By F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., Taylorian Professor of Modern European Languages in the University of Oxford, Fellow of All Soul's College. In 8 vols. Vol. 1. 8vo. pp. clii. and 264. 128. 6d.

[Vol. I. in the press. Rig Veda Sanhita.-A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT HINDU HYMNS. Con

stituting the First Ashtaka, or Book of the Rig-veda; the oldest authority for the religious and social institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. etc. etc. Second Edition, with a Postscript by Dr. FITZEDWARD Hall. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth,

pp. lii. and 348, price 21s. Rig-veda Sanhita.-A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, constitut

ing the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or books of the Rig-Veda, the oldest Authority for the Religious and Social Institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Edited by E. B. COWELL, M.A., Principal of the Calcutta Sanskrit College. Vol. IV., 8vo., pp. 214, cloth. 148.

A few copies of Vols. II. and III. still left. [V. and 11. in the press. Schele de Vere.-STUDIES IN ENGLISH ; or, Glimpses of the Inner

Life of our Language. By M. SCHELE DE VERE, LL.D., Professor of Modern

Languages in the University of Virginia. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 365. 10. 6d. Schlagintweit.— BUDDHISM IN TIBET. Illustrated by Literary Docu

ments and Objects of Religious Worship. With an Account of the Buddhist Systems preceding it in India. By Emil SCHLAGINTWEIT, LL.D. With a Folio Atlas of 20 Plates, and 20 Tables of Native Prints in the Text. Royal 8vo., pp. xxiv. and 404. £2 2s.


Tibet, with Native Transcription and Transliteration. By HERMANN DE SCHLAGINTWEIT. Forming, with a “ Route Book of the Western Himalaya, Tibet, and Turkistan,'' the Third Volume of H., A., and R. De SCHLAGINTWEIt's “Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia." With an Atlas in imperial folio, of Maps, Panoramas, and Views. Royal 4to., pp. xxiv, and

293. £4. Shápurji Edaljí.-A GRAMMAR OF THE GUJARÁTÍ Language. By


Edaljí. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 874. 218. Sherring -THE SACRED CITY OF THE HINDUS. An Account of

Benares in Ancient and Modern Times. By the Rev. M. A. SHERRING, M.A.,
LL.D.; and Prefaced with an Introduction by FITZEDWARD HALL, Esq., D.C.L.

8vo. cloth, pp. xxxvi. and 388, with numerous full-page illustrations. 218. Sophocles.—A GLOSSARY OF LATER AND BYZANTINE GREEK. By E. A

SOPHOCLES. 4to., pp. iv. and 624, cloth. $2 28. Sophocles. -ROMAIC OR MODERN GREEK GRAMMAR. By E. A. SOPHOCLES.

8vo. pp. xxviii, and 196. 78. 6d. Stratmann.-A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Compiled

from the writings of the with, xiyth, and xv th centuries. By FRANCIS

HENRY STRATMANN.' 8vo. cloth, pp. x. and 694. 258. Stratmann.-An Old English POEM OF THE OWL AND THE NIGHTINGALE.

Edited by FRANCIS HENRY STRÅTMANN. 8vo. cloth, pp. 60. 38. The Boke of Nurture. By JOAN RUSSELL, about 1460-1470 Anno

Domini. The Boke of Kernynge. By WYNKYN DE WORDE, Anno Domini 1513. The Boke of Nurture. By Hugu Rhodes, Anno Domini 1577. Edited from the Originals in the British Museum Library, by FREDERICK J. FURNIVALI, M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Member of Council of the Philological and Early English Text Societies. 4to. half-morocco, gilt top, pp. xix. and 146,

28, xxviii, and 56. 1867. 11. Ils. 6d. The Vision of William concerning Piers Plowman, together with

Vita de Dowel, Dobet et Dobest, secundum wit et resoun. By WILLIAM LANGLAND (about 1362-1380 anno domini). Edited from numerous Manus. cripts, with Prefaces, Notes, and a Glossary. By the Rev. WALTER W. SKBAT,

M.A. pp. xliv. and 158, cloth, 1867. Vernon Text; Text A. 78. 6d. Thomas.-A COLLECTION OF SOME OF THE MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS ON

ORIENTAL SUBJECTS, published on various occasions. By EDWARD THOMAS, Esq., late of the East India Company's Bengal Civil Service. Very few copies only of this Collection remain unsold. In one volume, 8vo. half-bound. CONTENTS.-On Ancient Indian Weights.—The Earliest Indian Coinage.-Bactrian Coins. On the Identity of Xandrames and Kranada.---Note on Indian Numerals.--.On the Coins of the Gupta Dynasty..-Early Armenian Coins...Observations Introductory to the Explanation of the Oriental Legends to be found on certain Imperial and Partho-Persian Coins---Sassanian Gems and early Armenian Coins. ---Notes on certain unpublished Coins of the Sassanidæ.---An account of Eight Kufic Coins---Supplementary Contributions to the Series of the Coins of the Kings of Ghazni---Supplementary Contributions to the Series of the Coins of the Patan Sultans of Hindustan.---The Initial Coinage of Bengal, introduced by the Muhammadans on the conquest of the country, A.H. 600-800, A.D. 1203-1397. Thomas.-EARLY SASSANIAN INSCRIPTIONS, SEALS AND Coins, illustrating

the Early History of the Sassapian Dynasty, containing Proclamations of Ardeshir Babek, Sapor I., and his Successors. With a Critical Examination and Explanation of the Celebrated Inscription in the Hájíábad Cave, demonstrating that Sapor, the Conqueror of Valerian, was a Professing Christian. By EDWARD

Thomas, Esq. 8vo. cloth, pp. 148, Illustrated. 78. 6d. Tindall.-A GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY OF THE NAMAQUA-HOTTENTOT

LANGUAGE. By HENRY TINDALL, Wesleyan Missionary. 8vo., pp. 124,


By H. N. VAN DER TUUK. 8vo., pp. 28,


TO THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. By H N. VAN DER TUUK. 8vo., pp. 52, 28.6d. Vishnu-Purana (The); a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition.

Translated from the original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puranas. By the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc. Edited by FirzeDWARD Hall. In 6 vols. 8vo. Vol. I. pp. cxl. and 200; Vol. II. pp. 343; Vol. III. pp. 348: Vol. IV., pp. 346 cloth. Price 10s. 6d. each.

[Vols. V. and VI. in the press. Wade.-Yü-YEN Tzú-ERH CHI. A progressive course designed to

assist the Student of Colloquial Chinese, as spoken in the Capital and the Metropolitan Department. In eight parts, with Key, Syllabary, and Writing Exercises. By THOMAS FRANCIS WADE, C.B., Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation, Peking. 3 vols. 4to. Progressive Course, pp. xx. 296 and 16'; Syllabary, pp. 126 and 36 ; Writing Exercises, pp. 48; Key, pp. 174 and

140, sewed, £ 4. Wade. --WÉN-CHIEN Tzŭ-ERH CHI. A series of papers selected as

specimens of documentary Chinese, designed to assist Students of the language, as written by the officials of China. In sixteen parts, with Key. Vol. I. By Thomas FRANCIS WADE, C.B., Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation

at Peking. 4to., half-cloth, pp. xii. and 455; and iv , 72, and 52. £1 16s. Wake. CHAPTERS ON Man. With the Outlines of a Science of com

parative Psychology. By C. STANILAND WAKE, Fellow of the Anthropological

Society of London. Crown 8vo. pp. viii. and 344, cloth. 78. 6d. Watson.-INDEX TO THE NATIVE AND SCIENTIFIC NAMES OF INDIAN AND

OTHER EASTERN ECONOMIC PLANTS AND PRODUCTS, originally prepared under the authority of the Seeretary of State for India in Councit. By John FORBES Watson, M.A., M.D., F.L.S., F.R.A.S., etc., Reporter on the

Products of India. Imperial 8vo., cloth, pp. 650 £1 11s. 6d. Watts.-ESSAYS ON LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. By THOMAS WATTS,

of the British Museum. Reprinted, with Alterations and Additions, from the Transactions of the Philological Society, and elsewhere. In 1 vol. 8vo.


SLEIGH WEDGWOOD, M.A. late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Vol. I. (A to D) 8vo., pp. xxiv. 508, cloth, 14s. ; Vol. II. (E to P) 8vo. pp. 578, cloth, 148.; Vol. IIF., Part I. (Q to Sy), 8vo. pp. 366, 10s. 6d.; Vol. 111. Part II. (T to W) 8vo. pp. 200, 58. 6d. completing the Work. Price of the

complete work, € 2 4s. “Dictionaries are a class of books not usually esteemed light reading; but no intelligent man were to be pitied who should find himself shut up on a rainy day in a lonely house in the dreariest part of Salisbury Plain, with no other means of recreation than that which Mr. Wedgwood's Dictionary of Etymology could afford him. He would read it through from cover to cover at a sitting, and only regret that he had not the second volume to begin upon forth with. It is a very able book, of great research, full of delightful surprises, a repertory of the fairy tales of linguistic science.”—Spectator. Wedgwood.—ON THE ORIGIN OF LANGUAGE. By HENSLEIGH WEDGWOOD,

late. Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Fcap. 8vo. pp. 172, cloth. 38. 6d. Wheeler.—THE HISTORY OF INDIA FROM THE EARLIEST AGES. By J.

TALBOYS WHEELER, Assistant Secretary to the Government of India in the
Foreign Department, Secretary to the Indian Record Commission, author of
“ The Geography of Herodotus," etc. etc. Vol. I., The Vedic Period and the
Maba Bharata. 8vo. cloth, pp. lxxv. and 576. 188. Vol. II., The Ramayana

and the Brahmanic Period. Sivo. cloth, pp. lxxxviii. and 680, with 2 Maps. Whitney.--ATHARVA VEDA PRÁTIÇÁKHYA; or, Çâunakîyâ Caturâdhyâ

yika (The). Text, Translation, and Notes. By WILLIAM D. WHITNEY, Pro

fessor of Sanskrit in Yale College. 8vo. pp. 286, boards. 128. Whitney.—LANGUAGE AND THE STUDY OF LANGUAGE: Twelve Lectures

on the Principles of Linguistic Science. By WILLIAM DWIGHT Whitney, Professor of Sanskrit, etc., in Yale College. Second Edition, augmented by an Analysis. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 504. 108. 6d.


Vocabulary. By W. L. WILLIAMS, B.A. Square 8vo., pp. 80, cloth, London,

1862. 3s. 6d. Williams.- LEXICON CORNU-BRITANNICUM. A Dictionary of the

Ancient Celtic Language of Cornwall, in which the words are elucidated by copious examples from the Cornish works now remaining, with translations in English. The synonyms are also given in the cognate dialects of Welsh, Armoric, Irish, Gaelic, and Manx, showing at one view the connexion between them. By the Rev. ROBERT WILLIAMS, M.A., Christ Church, Oxford, Parish Curate of Llangadwaladr and Rhydycroesan, Denbighshire. Sewed. 3 parts.,


WILLIAMS, M.A. Published under the Patronage of the Honourable East India

Company. 4to. pp. xii. 862, cloth. London, 1855. £3 3s. Wilson.-Works of the late HORACE Hayman WILSON, M.A., F.R.S.,

Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental Society of Germany, etc., and Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford. Vols I. and II. Also, under this title, EssAYS AND LECTORES chiefly on the Religion of the Hindus, by the late H. H. WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Collected and edited by Dr. REINHOLD Rost. 2 vols. cloth, pp. xiii.

and 399, vi. and 416. 21s. Wilson.— Works of the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S.,

Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the
Oriental Society of Germany, etc., and Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the
University of Oxford. Vols. III, IV, and V. Also, under the title of Essays
Analytical, Critical, and Philological, on subjects connected with Sanskrit
Literature. Collected and Edited by Dr. REINHOLD Rost. 3 vols. 8vo.

pp. 408, 406, and 390, cloth. Price 36s. Wilson.-Works of the Late HORACE HAYMAN WILSON. Vols.

VI. VII. VIII, and IX. Also, under the title of the Vishņu Puráná, a system,
of Hindu mythology and tradition. Translated from the original Sanskrit, anp
Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puraņás. By the late H. H.
Wilson, Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc.
Edited by FITZEDWARD HALL, M.A., D.C.L., Oxon. Vols. I. to IV. 8vo.,

pp. cxl. and 200 ; 344; 344 ; 346, cloth. 21. 2s. [Vols. V. and VI. in the press. Wilson.--SELECT SPECIMENS OF THE THEATRE OF THE HINDUS. Trans

lated from the Original Sanskrit. By HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S.

Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo., pp. lxx. and 384, 415, cloth. 158.
Vol. I.-Preface-Treatise on the Dramatic System of the Hindus-Dramas translated from the

Original Sanskrit—The Mrichchakati, or the Toy Cart- Vikrama and Urvasi, or the
Hero and the Nymph-Uttara Ramá Cheritra, or continuation of the History of

Vol. II.-Dramas translated from the Original Sanskrit-Maláti and Madhava, or the Stolen

Marriage-Mudrá Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister-Retnávali, or the

Necklace-Appendix, containing short accounts of different Dramas. Wilson.—THE PRESENT STATE OF THE CULTIVATION OF ORIENTAL

LITERATURE. A Lecture delivered at the Meeting of the Royal Asiatic Society. By the Director, Professor H, H. Wilson. 8vo., pp. 26, sewed.


WISE, M.D., Bengal Medical Service. 8vo., pp. IX. and 432, cloth. 78. 6d. Wylie. ---NOTES ON CHINESE LITERATURE ; with introductory Remarks

on the Progressive Advancement of the Art; and a list of translations from the Chinese, into various European Languages. By A. WYLIE, Agent of the

British and Foreign Bible Society in China. 4to. pp. 296, cloth. Price, 1l. 10s. Yates.-A BENGÁLÍ GRAMMAR. By the late Rev. W. Yates, D.D.,

Reprinted, with improvements, from his Introduction to the Bengálí Language. Edited by I. WENGER. Fcap. 8vo., pp. iv. and 150, bds. Calcutta, 1864. 38. 6d



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