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The formeiple that Gode upperutible Decree for the absolute

election of some and the absolute reprobation of others. Inespect to their quale reations, becas once gra logical toominated to the inwadual natures of men, with any logical


what buruak of hode moral las a there whanson tren will hot boldly advention

For seuns God will, in then devenity the only cause, which the on doch are destinated to death the other to life, as most samntable and want nenutible, and recay the individual ratunes of men, ents which stes exspertible leone is respectively teammated are immestable, let the one cork for what they can gray for Thenachers, and boreach other to pray for there they shall be a because their endrodnal substance and saltanble. "other sort lave en Rey lost they shall he cand ecause no corruption of masners, no charge of morales

mutibility or change in their inloednat ratures, unto which galo immutable desce a comments terminated. third. 185. from this false someople these conclurons me follow, that the son of the Elest are remitted before they are committed that whossenen o chestad, beans

elect from Eternity, rever was, nosso could be, mener can be a

Carlo of wrath bed t Eden


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BETTER COVENAN T. - Tor hans this reged bacttine by in, or at least to have the world behave that it were,

generally embraced or acknande generally acknowledged by us, is the very thing and the main the business which the factors for the Romish Church for there - many years have earnestly solicited. The u the whoreen. Satan hopes to catch this I land. He hath set the

Jannete to spread and hold it, and when opportunity server, to "Graw it, and as they have long ured our hulfits and printing

houses, wo they attempt to use some an aner Parteaments

on their holders, to arrive in into ch. Their prey they kno i must need be great of they can bring map in there o streghts, or

or such a necéfurter of this hand chance upon nii whether were better to live in odabrence to a churét

. which adorer wrecked and naughty onen as Gode.

on Earth to hold communion with that church on

vociety s man, which makes the head of Heaven - the alonighty Creator

of all things verble and invesible much worse this an 4 encarnate levil you than any weaked spinit can we

Noahon bar conciend obe... For the falschood, hatred, caugh to her freme rature and substance. But of the opinion concerns

he now become natural to the old Serpent yet were they advent absolute reprobation wone prefetto ten the highly creator of Heaven and Earth would be such love hidh mirey hollowed igr. 18g the branches of

Property talahond heelf hatred helf as han truth

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the doctrine which bean this freut are to omst others, specially than that the manifestation of for functive fustice was a part of the object of has semang will, and an exercise

as commediately and userten By hora son the Crestur me the manifestation for your

on reseation of an mercy bouch a shall In daard wa. fed

&? from otetmaly deerce to enery mon not according to his mdwidual hature, but according to her ways her works, or qualifications hoch handed

Ef containly forse than he did an inderdaad rating. He hath berred from éternity to reward the wicked and imged the poort, according to the inflaite onle f his minutable amolece, and to peward has had vanerytímetimes Chelinen of wrath) pot for their work, but according kan voths or qualification and ar to tewand then not by the make of her justice, but out of her mere mercy, or out of that gracious bounty, which gave us all life

and being

1 When we were not, and therefore could not by any works deserne The least of all au blefump. Thes 186 We call mush wrary Soul and our own work more, f we assoly these words "Stunt of hom that willett be to any staina Jurpre, or traiter thin' for her than thene; "Every man eneste sincenely and Truly renounce here oron will, Harde mag unfegeradly submit homself to fode will: Every man reant attirly revoke hu awn ways, and abaston there courant w rorem flesh and blood mash Relayht, stat ha as we can, cwith might and maint Gabe mercus, and freely Lua ngen Lindelf wholly betake hemitif unto them. or the the cohete proposition Itu not of hem 4. Ito all one he said. It u to no purpose what ye will Cases whether ye grun, unless you run to Gate Cromerer make an alter by drowing most excellent in any other course of life, the in the encullent knowledge of the Law onless with an contre unto this mark aheah dach before you, you may

you. make yourselves wech ar God hath beared handen for an se olewath money on whom he wherwith money on whom ie woll he laundenth and 21. The formal acte by which all worthe must be xenounced must of necefnly be always precedent to carry mane feast converican whose calling anot ontrondenary. Unlass iwe. This autinguent bulunmaar voorks on monneery of work and grant in man before en effectisal vreation on conversion, as true a popobility to o potom

want of personbilely to perforing the other lac.thale set the couli of our learers na - perpetual backwater, or cause them to float ambquonity between the main entrent of facred Carpture and the stream

2 antient interpretios, both gracionly nothing all that

which Anates, and the horse earreat of modern opensons, Reng all ofrebility of many in any roohto fado mercy before

grain infured do braw useebid 226. By the worlása universal regaliene como of the mutlakt" everywillecueryfurfte

our of mar a not excluded from sury aceachable meind mot se face only from being grodutorul cances

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1 FEB 1928






Ir is with much diffidence that the following pages are presented to the public eye. The subject of which they treat is one of deep interest and importance. In its full extent it embraces the whole compass of revealed truth, and has, accordingly, been made the basis of several wellknown systematic treatises on divinity. The present work, however, has not the slightest pretensions to be added to their number. It professes only to be a somewhat copious examination as the several promises of the COVENANT OF GRACE, of contained in the 31st chapter of the Prophecy of Jeremiah, and quoted from thence by St. Paul, in the 8th chapter of his epistle to the Hebrews.

This covenant of grace, in other words, the GOSPEL COVENANT, is that dispensation of God under which we live, and by which alone God will deal with men in a way of favour, or bestow

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