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MINISTRATION, Work of the, 137.
rial Navigation, Recent Experiments in, 279, 665.
ghanistan and Tibet in European Politics, 535.
rica and South America, Shortest Route Between,

rica : Cape to Cairo Railway, 607.
ricultural Education in Macdonald College, Quebec,

Canada, 576.
aerica, North and South, Why They Are Different,

nerican People, New German Estimate of, 350.
bitration, Compulsory, Between Nations, 373.
'ctic Exploration : Will the Amcrica Fly to the

Pole? 239.
'gentina, The Progress of, 245.
it, American, An Artist's Plea for, by Paul de

Longpre, 688.
t: American Painting To-day, 689.
siatic Labor, South America and, 622.
siatic Labor Riots on Pacific Coast, 403.
siatic Race Problem, 394, 395.
lantic Monthly, Fiftieth Anniversary of, 735.
istralia, Political Creed of, 243.
istralia, University Life in, 625.
istria-Hungary, Affairs in, 18, 152, 533.
ILLOONING, Progress and Records in, 279, 665.
irrett, John. Resourcefulness of Central America, 69.
itson, George W. Charles S. Mellen : Railroad Or-

ganizer, 169.
veridge-Bryan Debate on “ Imperialism,” 370.
cknell, Frank W. The Farmer's Debt to Science,

llboards, Crusade Against, 345.
vies, W. J. Trust Companies and the Panic, 680.
oks, The New, 124, 381, 510, 635, 753.
oston & Maine Railroad Acquired by New York,

New Haven ú Hartford Railroad, 6.
oston, Solution of Gas Problem in, 594.
randeis, Louis D. How Boston Solved the Gas

Problem, 594.
ryan and Taft as Presidential Possibilities, 397.
ryan-Beveridge Debate on Imperialism," 370.
rown, Colvin B. San Francisco's Regeneration, 195.
rush, E. H. McKinley Memorials in Sculpture, 467.
urnham, Daniel H., American Architect, 362.
usiness Outlook, A Sound, 8.
usiness, Retirement from, 557.
usiness, Slackening Pace in, 389.
ANADA's Confederation, Fortieth Anniversary of, 234.
anadian Position on Japanese Immigration, 537.
anadian Railway Commission, 366.
ape to Cairo Railway, 607.
apital, Need of Encouragement for, 7.
artoons on Current Topics, 31, 160, 284, 418, 544, 669.
entral America, Independent States of, 69.
'entral America, Resourcefulness of, 69.
'entral American Peace Conference, 412, 658.
'entral American Politics, 15.
hapman, Arthur. Developing a National Type of

Horse, 321.
hicago Charter Rejected, 402.
Childhood, Decay of, 731.
hildren: The Study of the Human Plant, 204.
"hildren, Untrained, and Industry, 604.
"hildren, Waste of, 94.

Chilean Ministry, New, 614.
China, Affairs in, 404, 405.
China Becomes a Constitutional Monarchy, 537.
China, Educational Evolution in, 620.
China's Indemnity to United States, Reduction of, 12.
Chinese Suspicions of Japan, 404.
Civilization: Is It Really Traveling Westward? 488.
Clearing House, Scope and Functions of, 684.
Clemens, Samuel L. (Mark Twain), Doctor of Let-

ters, 167 ; His Trip to England, 145.
Cleveland, City of, Tom Johnson and, 612.
Cleveland Municipal Campaign : Burton vs. Johnson,

Coal Supply, Our, How Long Will It Last? 335.
Cochrane, John Llewellyn. How Long Will Our Coal

Supply Last? 335.
College in the South, The, Task of, 246.
Commons, John R. The Wisconsin Public Utilities

Law, 221.
Confederate Veterans, The South's Care for, 40.
Congo, King Leopold and, 406.
Congo, Upper, Railways of, 253.
Congo, Will Belgium Annex? 407.
Congress : New Southern Senators, 263.
Cooper, Fennimore, the Story Teller, 503.
Coöperative Consumers' Associations in Russia, 201.
Copper, Collapse of, 392; the Copper Situation, 605.
Corporate Misconduct and Its Effects, 499.
Corporation Control, 517-518.
Corrigan, John. The Prohibition Wave in the South,

Corwine, William R. Does the Country Want Tariff

Readjustment? 47.
Criminals, Youthful, 495.
Crops of 1907, 79, 515.
Currency Reform Problem, Our, 88.
DE LONGPRE, PAUL. An Artist's Plea for American

Art, 688.
Diamond “ Field," Discovered in Arkansas, 268, 301.
Disease, Contagious, Do Doctor's Carry? 630.
Drama, American, Richard Mansfield and His Influ-

ence on, 424.

ECOLE DES BEAUX ARTS and Its Influence on Our

Architecture, 737.
Economic Motives in Conditions Everywhere, 3.
Education: French School Girls of To-day, 626.
Education : Macdonald College, Quebec, Canada, Agri-

cultural Work of, 576.
Education: University Life in Australia, 625.
Egypt, Old and New, 741.
Elections in Various States, 656.
Episcopal Church in America, Three Hundred Years

of, 161.
Europe, Population in, The Century's Movement of,

European Politics, 277, 661.
Eyes, Fraud l'pon, 509.

FARM, The, the True School, 493.
Farmer's Debt to Science, 186.
Feminism, Modern, An Opportunity for, 627.
Finance : The Wrong of the Great Surplus, 369.
Financial Panic, The, 613-654, 672, 677.
Financial Revelation, The West's, 677.


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