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Jesus Christ, con. xiv. 1. cat. 72. Scandalous, not to be admitted to
Which is necessarily required of the Lord's table, con. xxix. 8.
them for their justification and cat. 173.
salvation, con. vii. 3. xi. 1. cat. Scoffing and scorning sinful, cat.
32, 71. The Spirit also worketh 113, 145.
repentance, and infuseth all other The Scripture, why necessary; con.
saving graces, con. xiii. 1. cat. 32, i. l. What books to be owned
75, 76, 77. Which necessarily for scripture, con. i. 2, 3. cat. 3.
accompany faith, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. How proved to be the word of
The Spirit likewise enables them God, con. i. 5. cat. 4. Upon what
unto all obedience and the practice authority the scripture ought to
of holiness, which is the


that be believed and obeyed, con. i. 4. God hath appointed them to sal. 'The sufficiency and perfection of vation, con. xiii. 1. cat. 32. Elect the scripture, con. i. 6. cat. 2, 5. infants dying in infancy are re- Its perspicuity, con. i. 7. The ingenerated and saved by Christ fallible rule of interpreting scrip

through the Spirit, &c. con. X. 3. ture is the scripture itself, con. Sanctification, what, con. xiii. 1. i. 9. The scripture is the only

cat. 75. Inseparably joined with rule of faith and practice, con. i. 2. justification, cat. 77. Wherein cat. 3, 5. and of worship, con. they differ, ib. It is throughout xxi. 1. cat. 108, 109. The Spirit in the whole man, con. xiii. 2. speaking in the scriptures is the cat. 75. But in this life it is not

supreme judge of all controversies perfect in any, con. xiii. 2. cat. 77. in religion, con. i. 10. The Whence this imperfection pro- original text of the scriptures is ceeds, xiii. 2.

78. that to which the church is finally Through the continual supply of to appeal, con. i. 8. But they are strength from the sanctifying Spi- to be translated into vulgar rit of Christ, the saints grow in languages, con. i. 8. cat. 156. Begrace, perfecting holiness in the cause all sorts of people have an fear of God, con. xiii. 3. At death interest in them, and are comthey are made perfect in holiness, manded to read them, ib. How con. xxxii. l. cat. 86. And at the they are to be read, cat. 157. day of judgment they shall be The illumination of the Spirit of fully and for ever freed from all God is necessary for the saving sin, cat. 90.

understanding of the scriptures, Satisfaction. Repentance is no satis- con. i. 6. cat. 157. How the read

faction for sin, con. xv. 3. Nor ing of the word is made effectual
good works, and why, con. xvi. 5. to salvation, cat. 155. Misinter-
Neither we nor any other creature preting, misapplying, or any way
can make the least satisfaction for perverting the worl, or any part
sin, cat. 194. Christ alone hath of it, to profane jests, is sinful,
made a proper, real, and full satis- cat. 113.
faction to the justice of his Father Sin, what, cat. 24. Original sin,
by his obedience and sufferings, con. what, 25. The sin of our
viii. 5. xi. 5. cat. 38, 71. Which first parents, con. vi. 1. cat. 21.
satisfaction is imputed to believers, By it they fell from their origi-
they receiving and resting on nal righteousness, and communion
Christ and his righteousness by with God, and had their natures
faith, con. xi. 1. cat. 70.

wholly corrupted, con. vi. 2. cat,




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23, 27. The guilt of this sin is Against the ninth, cat. 145. imputed, and the corruption of Against the tenth, cat. 148. nature conveyed to all their Sincerity. Believers love Christ in posterity, con. vi. 3. cat. 22, 26. sincerity, con. xvüi. 1. They are Who are thereby bound over to never utterly destitute of sincerity the wrath of God and curse of the of heart, con. xviii. 4. Ministers law, con. vi. 6. cat. 27, 194. ought to preach sincerely, cat. 159. From the original corruption of We are to pray with sincerity, nature all actual sins proceed, con. cat. 185. God is pleased vi. 4. cat. 25. Which are not all cept and reward the good works equally heinous, cat. 150. The of believers which are sincere, com aggravations of sin, cat. 151. The xvi. 6. demerit of every sin, con. vi. 6. Singing of psalms a part of religious cat. 152. Punishments of sin in worship, con. xxi. 5. this world, con. v. 5, 6. xvii. 3. Slandering sinful, cat. 145. xviii. 4. cat. 28, 83. In the world Songs that are lascivious forbidden, to come, con. xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 139. cat. 29, 86, 89. Sin is pardoned The Soul of man is immortal, con. for Christ's sake alone, con. xi. 1. iv. 2. cat. 17. The state of souls IV. 8. cat. 70. See Justification, when separate from their bodies, Satisfaction. Every man bound to con. Xxxii. 1. cat. 86. pray for pardon of sin, con. xv. 6. Sovereignty,

God hath most 50God continues to pardon the sins vereign dominion over his crea. of those that are justified, con. tures, to do by them, for them, or xi. 5. How pardon of sin is to be upon them, whatsoever he pleas. prayed for, cat. 194. The sin un- ech, con. ii. 2. The light of nato death, con. xxi. 4. cat. 183. ture sheweth that God hath lord. Believers have the dominion of ship and sovereignty over all, coa. the whole body of sin destroyed, xxi. ). Eternal sovereignty to and the lusts thereof more and be ascribed to God alone, cat. 196. more weakened and mortified, We are to pray with due appre. con. vi. 5. xiii j. cat. 75. See hensions of his sovereign power, Mortification, Sanctification. How cat. 185, 189. providence is exercised about sin, Spirit. See Holy Ghost. con. v. 4. Why God permitted Stage-plays forbidden, cat. 139. the sin of our first parents, con. Stews not to be tolerated, cat. 199. vi. 1. Why he leaves his children Supererogation impossible, con. Xvi. 4. to fall into sin, con. v. 5. Why Superiors, why styled fathers and and how sinners are hardened, cor. mothers, cat. 125. How to be ha v. 6. cat 68.

noured, con. Xxüi. 4. cat. 127. Their Sins against the first command- duty, con. xxii. 1, 2, 3. cat. 129.

ment, cat. 105. Against the se- Their sins, cat. 130. See Magistracy. cond, cat. 109. Against the third, Superstition. God may not be cat. 113. Against the fourth, cat. worshipped according to the 119. Sins of inferiors, cat. 128. imaginations and devices of men, Sins of superiors, cat. 130. Sins con. xxi. 1. Religious worship aot of equals, cet. 132. Sins against instituted by God himself, is not the sixth commandment, cat. 136. to be used or approved, cat. 109. Against the seventh, cat. 139. All superstitious devices, &c. sin. Ageinst the eighth, cat. 142. ful, cat, į09, 113.


Supper. See Lord's Supper.

ship of God, cat. 109. No tra. Surety. Christ the surety for be- ditions of men to be added to the

lievers, cat. 71. He was thorough- scripture, con. i. 6. ly furnished to execute that office, Transubstantiation is repugnant not con. viii. 3.

And God accepteth only to scripture, but to common satisfaction from him as their sense and reason, con. xxix. 6. surety, cat. 71.

And is the cause of manifold Suretiship, that is not necessary, is superstitions, yea, of gross idolato be avoided, cat. 141.

tries, ito Suspension from the Lord's table, The Tree of life was a pledge of con. XXX. 4.

the covenant of works, cat. 20. Swearing. See Oaths. Vain or rash The Trinity. See God, Persons.

swearing by the name of God, or Truth between man and man, how to swear at all by any other thing, preserved and promoted, cat. 144

is to be abhorred, con. xxii. 2. What things are contrary to it, Synods. See Councils.

cat. 145. T

U, V TALE-BEARING, cat. 145.

Union of the elect with Christ, oon. Temptation. Why God leaves his XXV. 1. xxvi. 1. cat. 66. It is in.

children to manifold temptations, separable, cat. 79. Believers are con. V. 5. The wicked given up united to one another in love, con. to the temptations of the world, Xxvi. 1. con. V. 6. Temptations to sin are Union of the two natures in Christ. to be avoided and resisted, cat. See Personal Union. 99. § 6, 135, 138. How temp- Unregenerate, the use of the moral tation is to be prayed against, law to them, cat. 96. Their best cat. 195.

works cannot please God, and Testament. The books of the Old why, con. xvi. 7. But their ne

and New Testament are the word glect to do what God commands of God, con. i. 2. cat. 3. And is more sinful, ib. the only rule of faith and obe- Vocation. See Calling.

dience, ib. See Scriptures. Vow, a part of religious worship, Testament. Why the covenant of

con. xxi. 5.

What it is, and how grace is called a Testament, con. to be made, con. xxii. 5, 6. To vii. 4. As it was administered be made to God alone, con. XXV. 6. under the law, it is called the Old cat. 108. What vows are unlawTestament, con. vii. 5. And as ful, con. xxii. 7. Violating of law. administered under the gospel, it ful vows, and fulfilling of unlawis called the New Testament, con. ful, is sinful, cat. 113. vii. 6.

Usury unlawful, cat. 142. Thanksgiving to be joined with

W prayer, con. xxi. 3. cat. 108, 178. It is to be made in the name of War may be waged by Christians Christ, con. xxi. 3. Solemn thanks. under the New Testament, con. giving a part of religious worship, xxiii. 2. con. xxi. 5.

The Wicked. Their condition in Toleration. A false religion not to this life, cat. 83.; immediately be tolerated, cat. 109.

after death, con. *xxii. 1. cat. 86.; Tradition, no pretence for using in and after judgment, con. Xxxii. 2. sopernitious devices in the wore cat. 89. 20


Will. The counsel of God's will is xvi. 5. Yet the good works of

most wise and holy, con. iii. 1. believers are accepted by God in cat. 12. It is unsearchable, con. Christ, and rewarded, con. xvi. 6. iii. 7. cat. 13. It is free and im- The works of unregenerate men mutable, con. v. 1. cat. 14.; and cannot please God, and why, con. most righteous, con. i. l. How xvi. 7. But to neglect to do what the will of God is to be done and God commands is more sinful, ib. submitted to, cat. 192. The will All persons shall, in the day of of God, revealed in the scriptures, judgment, receive according to is the only rule of faith, wor- what they have done in the body, ship, and practice. See Scripture. whether good or evil, con. xxxiii. 1. Christ revealeth to his church, by Worship. To God is due from his his Spirit and word, the whole creatures whatever worship he is will of God in all things concern- pleased to require, con. ii. 2. The ing their edification and salvation, light of nature sheweth that God cat. 43.

is to be worshipped, con. xxi

. 1. Free-Will. The will of man is nei. But the acceptable way of wor.

ther forced, nor by any absolute shipping God is instituted by him. necessity of nature determined, to self in the scriptures, ib. He may do good or evil, con. ii. 1. ix. 1. not be worshipped according to Man in his state of innocency had the imaginations and devices of freedom and power to will and do men, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. False good, con. iv. 2. ix. 2. cat. 17. worship is to be opposed, cat. 108. By his fall he lost all ability of As also any worship not instituted will to any spiritual good ac- by God himself, cat. 109. But companying salvation, con. vi. 2, 4. there are some circumstances conix. 3. cat. 25, 192. The will is

cerning the worship of God which renewed in conversion, con. ix. 4, are to be ordered by the light of x. 1. cat. 67. It is made perfectly nature and Christian prudence, acand immutably free to do good cording to the general rules of the alone in the state of glory only, word, con. i. 6. Religious worcon. ix. 5.

ship is to be given to God the Word. See Scripture, Reading, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and Preaching, Hearing:

to him alone; and that only in Worldly-mindedness sinful, cat. 105, the mediation of Christ, con. xxi. 2. 142.

cat. 179, 181. The parts of re. Works. What are good works, and ligious worship, con. xxi. 3, 5.

what not, con. xvi. 1. Good Religious worship not tied to any works are the fruits and evidences place, but God is to be worship: of a true and lively faith, con. xvi. 2. ped every where in spirit and The usesand ends of good works, ib. truth, as in private families daily, Ability to do good works is wholly and in secret, each one by himself; from the Spirit of Christ, con. so more solemnly in the publick xvi. 3. The actual influence of assemblies, which are not to be the Spirit is required for the per- neglected, con. xxi. 6. formance of them, ib. This no Wrath See. Cursa. plea for negligence, ib. Superero

z gation impossible, con. xvi. 4. We cannot by our best works Zeal for God, a duty, cat. 104. merit pardon of sin or eternal life

Corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal at the hand of God, and why,.con. sinful, cat. 105.


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