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of me—” They show the way of life, and the way of death; and they alone can teach us " what we must do to be saved from the wrath to come.'

In the sacred page we read what God has spoken. He “who at sundry times and in divers manners spake unto the fathers by the prophets,” now " in these last days speaks unto us by his Son.” The Scriptures teach us “ the wisdom from above," that “ hidden mystery,' which is the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is given among men whereby alone we may be saved.

Strongly would we urge this inquiry, and from experience say, “ Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear.” “ Seek ye-Seek ye out of the book of the law and read therein all the days of your life.

The pressure of sorrow was the cause in the present instance of our taking up the holy records, as the only means of soothing an aching heart, which had been placed by the Lord in the hot furnace of affliction ; the result of that search has been a degree of calm, which, did others but know, they too would be inclined to apply to the same remedy. And how conscious soever of the failure of many of the following attempts to paraphrase incidents narrated in the Gospels, yet those varying beauties which open up, and that light which is continually illuminating the mind, will

reconcile the searcher to the most humbling sense of incapacity.

This search introduced us among these walks of peace, and if they send

where true consolation alone is to be found, the end will have been attained, and the writer's most sanguine hopes crowned with success.

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Page 14 line 4 for “Have you seen," read “ Saw ye.”
69 8 dele inverted commas.

dele inverted commas.

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