Life Studies of Character

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Simpkin, Marshall & Company, 1870 - 302 pages

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Page 272 - Ye see your state wi' theirs compared, And shudder at the niffer; But cast a moment's fair regard, What maks the mighty differ ? Discount what scant occasion gave, That purity ye pride in; And (what's aft mair than a' the lave) Your better art o
Page 269 - To give my counsels all in one, Thy tuneful flame still careful fan ; Preserve the dignity of Man, With soul erect ; And trust, the Universal Plan Will all protect. "And wear thou this...
Page 76 - Every condition of life has its peculiar advantages, and wisdom points these out and is contented with them. The varlet who sang — " A king cannot swagger Or get drunk like a beggar, Nor be half so happy as I" — had the soul of a philosopher in him. The harshness of the parlour is revenged at night in the servants
Page 36 - When yearly ye assemble a' : One round, I ask it wi a tear, To him, the bard, that's far awa,1 that last sight of him will never leave my mind.
Page 33 - Hornbook" finished; and there was some yill gaun then. One of their body, with whom Burns was on extra terms of intimacy, requested the loan of the poem for a night. Burns, with some reluctance, complied, saying, " Eemember, you are not to take a copy of it.
Page 19 - Highland Mary in other years in that same room! Man, she was a tight hizzie ! and feth sae was I a tight chiel ! Man, I could hae thought to hae rivalled Burns mysel ! but, man, the times then werena such as they are noo. I wad be ayont fifteen, a sturdy fellow, feth ! but hadna the power o
Page 32 - I think that creature is gaun to keep us under the influence o' his physic a
Page 22 - Hoo, subject ? nae subject ava ; he just blether'd aboot his lasses, or maybe aboot a dram ; mony a dram we had thegither. You could never ken what he wad be at, but him an' me were unco great for a
Page 20 - I had still a bit o' the callant lookin' out o' me, and the want o' the bawbees was against me. Ony chiel wha could tak...
Page 19 - Mary an' me were great when we were alane, and mony a time I thought o' putting my han

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