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ticularly applied to upon many Occafions; an Author, as Cuncus observes, above our highest Conmendation; the only Man of that Nation who had the good Fortune to understand what it is to write seriously and to the Purpose.

The Civil and Ecclefiaftical Polity of the Hebrews is taken from the sort Tracts of Bertram, Sigonius, and Cunaus. I have been obliged to Braunius for the Account of the Pontifical and Sacerdotal Vestments; to Buxtorf chiefly, for the Description of the Tabernacle and the Worship of the Synagogue; for the Survey of the first Temple to Ribera and Arias Montanus.; and of the second, to a Countryman of our own, the most judicious and indefatigable Lightfoot, the most inexhaustible Treasure of Ori ental Learning, and without whose Labours it had been impofsible for me to have attempted upon this Subject. From Dr. Outram I have given the Account of the Sacrifices and Rites of facrificing among the Hebrews.

I have received much Information from Josephus, Schickard, Menochius, Leusden, Hospinian, and Reland; and I have been eas'd of great Trouble by Mr.Weemse,Mr. Godwyn, Mr. Broughton, Mr. Ainsworth, Mr.Selden, Mr. Mede, Mr. Thorndike, Bishop Kidder, Bishop Patrick in his most excellent Commentaries, and Dr. Prideaux

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in his learned Conne£tion. From these and many more I have collected the Antiquities that follow, always taking the Liberty to translate, to imitate, or even literally to introduce any Parts of them, if I found them really conducing to the Use or Ornament of the. Design; for I could never discover any Merit or Cun: ning in varying the Style and Sense of an Author, for no other Purpose than to conceal the. Ignorance of the Transcriber, or to destroy an Obligation of Gratitude which ought to be confess’d to all Mankind.

After this Pompous Account, it is possible that the Expectation of the Reader may be rais'd, and therefore I am still ready to acknowledge as much Ignojante and inadvertency

. as the most illnaður'd can demand of me; and among very many more, I am sensible of one great įmperfection in this work, arising #rom the waint of Copper-Plates and Tables to illustrate the Variety of Buildings, Utensils, Gc. which perhaps remain obfcure after all Endeavours to

explain them. But yet it njuft be allow'd to be a difficult Task to de: scribe Structures, and Places, and Things at a Distance and unseen; and I was conscious how small a Figure this Performance would make, and therefore it would have been base and unfaithful


to have led the Undertakers into such an Expence.

If any Degree of Favour or Encouragement should chance to attend this Work, I shall go on chearfully, by God's Aid, to finish it in another volume ; which I propose to begin, with inquiring into the Idolatry and false Worship of the Hebrews; and then, when I have given a short Description of the City of Jerusalem, I shall proceed to explain the Municipal Laws; such as respected the Subjects in their private and domestick Capacities ; such as belongid to the Publick and the Commonwealth, relating to Contracts, Bargains, Estates, and Inheritances; such as concern'd Strangers and Matters of a foreign Nature, as the Laws of Peace and War, of Commerce and Dealing with Persons of other Countries; and such as secur'd the Honour and Interest of Religion from Idolatry and Apostacy, from Blafphemy and Sacrilege. Then likewise will be consider'd the Method of measuring Time among the Hebrews; their Learning, particularly the Number, Division, Language, and Authority of the Canonical Scriptures; their Historiography, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture; their Weights, Measures, and Coins; their Pastoral Art, AgriculA 4


ture, and other Miscellaneous Rites and Usages, both publick and private, which were peculiarly calculated for that People, and by which they were remarkably distinguish'd from other Naţions.

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