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Heraldic and Genealogical History.

See also Manuscripts. Heraldry, History of Knighthood and Nobility, &c. Gore (Thomæ) Catalogus omnium Auctorum qui de re heraldicâ scrip

4to. Oxon. 1674. Moule's (Thomas) Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnæ Britanniæ; an analytical

catalogue of books on genealogy, heraldry, nobility, knighthood, and ceremonies; with a list of provincial visitations, pedigrees, collections of arms, and other manuscripts; and a Supplement enumerating the

principal foreign works. Royal 8vo. London, 1822. [Nicolas' (Sir N. H.)] Catalogue of the Heralls' Visitations; with

references to many other valuable genealogical and topographical

manuscripts in the British Museum. 8vo. large paper. Lond. 1825. Anstis' Account of the Visitation Books of the several Counties. (Gutch's

Coll. Curiosa, Vol. II.) Dallaway's (James) Origin and Progress of the Science of Heraldry in

England; with explanatory obscrvations on armorial ensigns; [and including, Cataloyue of all the Officers at Arms, from their first establishment to the present time; - Editions of books published in England on the science of Heraldry, or connected with Genealogy: and a copy of the third part of the Book of St. Albans, from the

original edition of 1486. 4to. Gloucester, 1793. Noble's (Mark) History of the College of Arms, and the Lives of all

the kings, heralds, and pursuivants, from the reign of Richard III. until the present time; with a dissertation relative to the different

orders in England since the Conquest. 4to. London, 1804. The Antiquity, Authority, Office, and Priviledges of Heralds in England.

(Curious Discourses, Vol. I.) Thynne's (Francis) Office and Duty of an Herald. (Gwillim's Heraldry.) The Antiquity of Arms in England. (Curious Discourses, Vol. I.) The Manner of Judicial Proceedings in the Court of Constable and

Marshall, touching the use and bearing of Coats. (Curious Dis

courses, Vol. I.) The Antiquity, Variety, and Reason of Mottos with Arms in England.

(Curious Discourses, Vol. I.) The Office of Earl Marshall of England, taken from a MS. in the pos

session of Joseph Edmonson, Esq., and edited by Charles Howard,

10th Duke of Norfolk. (Anecdotes of the Howards.) Segar (Sir W.), The Earl Marshall's Power, both in Peace and War;

with observations on the office and officers of arms. (Gwillim's

Heraldry.) (Segar's (Sir W.)] Booke of Honor and Armes; wherein is discovered the

causes of quarrel, and the nature of injuries, with their repulses : also, the means of satisfaction and pacification, with divers other things necessarie to be knowne of all gentlemen and others, possessing armes and honor. 4to. wants title. Lond. by Richard Jhones, 1590. It is to this rare work that Shakspeare is thought to refer in As you like it,

Act v. Scene 44"0, sir, we quarrel in print, by the book.” It is some. times attributed to the printer Jhones, who has prefixed a dedication to Sir C, Hatton.

Selden's Duello; or single combat, from antiquity derived into England,

with the forms and ceremonies thereof. (Works, Vol. III.) Cook's (E.) Duello Foiled; or, the whole proceedings for a single fight;

by occasion whereof the unlawfulness and wickedness of a Duello is

preparatively disputed. (Curious Discourses, Vol. II.) Duells (several Tracts on). (Gutch's Collect. Curiosa, Vol. I.) The Antiquity, Rise, and Ceremony of Lawful Combats in England.

(Curious Discourses, Vol. II.)

Wyrley's (Wm.) True Use of Armorie, shewed by Ilistorie, and plainly

proved by example. 4to. Lond. by J. Jackson, 1592. Berry's (William) Encyclopædia llcraldica ; or, complete Dictionary of

Heraldry. 3 vols. 4to. London, [1829).
Kent's (W.) New Dictionary of Heraldry, edited by James Coates.

London, 1739.
Bolton's (Edm.) Elements of Armories. 4to. London, 1610.
Upton (Nic.) de Studio Militari ;-Jo. de Bado Aureo de Armis ;-Hen.

Spelmanni Aspilogia. Ed. Bissæus è cod. MSS. primus publici fecit notisque illustravit. Folio. Londini, 1654. This has the rare port. of Spelmann, and the set of plates illustrative of the

creation of a Knight of the Bath. Leigh's (Gerari) Accedence of Armorie; newly corrected and augmented

[by Richard Argoll). The cuts blazoned. 4to. London, 1612. Bossewell's (John) Workes of Armorie, in three bookes ;—the Concordes

of Armorie, the Armories of Honour, and of coates and creastes.

4to. black letter. London, R. Tottell, 1572. Gwillim's (John) Display of Heraldry, with large additions, and a Dic

tionary of Terms, [by James Coates). Folio, large paper. London,

1724. Nesbet's (Alex.) System of Heraldry, with the true Art of Blazon. 2 vols.

folio. Edinburgh, 1804. Edmondson's (Joseph) [and Sir Joseph Ayloffe] Complete Body of

Heraldry, with an alphabet of arms, and a copious glossary. 2 vols.

folio. Lond. 1780. Abbildungen der Wappen Sæmmtlicher Europäischen Souveraine, der

Republiken und Freien Staedte. Nebst Erklärung der einzelnen Wappenfelder und Titel der Regenten. Oblong folio. Berlin, 1831. This splendid work exhibits the arms of the various European kingdoms, &c.

beautifully emblazoned in their proper metals and colours, with blank shields

containing explanations of the various quarterings, &c. Heraldry of Crests, accompanied by remarks, historical and explanatory,

and a dictionary of terms. Small 8vo. London, 1829. Heraldic Anomalies; or, rank confusion in our orders of precedence:

with disquisitions, moral, philosophical, and historical, on all the existing orders of society. 2 vols. small 8vo. London, 1823.

Mill's (Charles) History of Chivalry, or Knighthood and its Times.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826. Viton de St. Alais, Histoire générale des Ordres de Chivalerie, civiles et

militaires, existant en Europe. 4to. Paris, 1811.

Ashmole's (Elias) Institution, Laws, and Ceremonies, of the most noble

Order of the Garter. Folio. London, 1672. Pote's (Joseph) Institutions, Laws, and Ceremonies of the Order of the

Garter. (Hist. of Windsor Castle.) Anstis' (John) Register of the most noble Order of the Garter, from the

Black-book; with notes, an introduction (a specimen of the lives of the members of the order, and an appendix to Ashmole’s History).

2 vols. folio, large paper. London, 1744. Salmon's (Tho.) Historical Account of St. George, and the original of

the noble order of the Garter. Small 8vo. London, 1704. Anstis' (John) Observations introductory to a History of the Knighthood

of the Bath. 4to. London, 1725. The Statutes and Fees of the Order of the Thistle; the suspension of

Lyon king at arms, and particular description of the regalia of

Scotland. (Nichols's Bib. Top. Vol. V. No. 47.) Of Knights made by Abbots. (Curious Discourses, Vol. I.) Hozier (Pierre), les Noms, Surnoms, Qualités, Armes, et Blasons, des

Chevaliers de l'Ordre du Sainct Esprit, crééz par Louis le Juste (XIII]

le 14 Mai, 1633. Folio. Paris, 1634. Ferne (John), the Blazon of Gentrie; wherein is treated of the begin

ning, parts, and degrees of gentlenesse. 4to. London, by John

Windet, 1586. Bird's (John) Magazine of Honour; or, a treatise of the severall degrees

of the nobility, with their rights and priviledges; perused and en

larged by Sir John Doderidge. Svo. London, 1642. Mackenzie (Sir Geo.) on the Laws and Customs of Nations as to

Precedency. (Gwillim's Heraldry.) Humfrey (Lawr.) the Nobles, or of Nobilitye: the original nature,

dutyes, right, and Christian institution thereof : whereunto is coupled a small treatise of Philo, a Jewe, concernynge nobilitye, done out of

Greeke. Black letter, small 8vo. Lond. by T. Marsh, 1563. An Historical and Critical Essay on the true Rise of Nobility, political

and civil. 2 vols. 8vo. large paper. London, printed for the

author, 1720. Logan's (Capt. John) Analogia Honorum; or, a treatise of honour and

nobility, according to the laws and customs of England. With the customs, government, privileges, armorial ensigns of the city of London, and of other cities and chief corporate towns in England.

(Gwillim’s Heraldry.) Lowthen's (Baron Von) Analysis of Nobility in its origin, translated from

the German 8vo. Lond. 1754. Vulson (Marc de), Sieur de la Colombiere, le vray Théâtre d'Honeur et

de Chevalrie; ou, le miroir héroïque de la noblesse. Folio, large

paper. Paris, 1648. Selden's (John) Titles of Honour. (Works, Vol. III.) The Antiquity of the Title of Duke in England. (Curious Discourses,

Vol. I.)
Anstis (J.) de Baroniis. (Manuscripts.)

Collins's (Arth.) Proceedings, Precedents, and Arguments of Claims and

Controversies concerning Baronies by Writ, and other Honours. Folio. London, 1734.

[Bevy (Charles)], Histoire des Inaugurations des Rois, Empereurs, et

autres Souverains de l'univers, depuis leur origine jusqu'au présent.

8vo. Paris, 1776. The Antiquity of Ceremonies used at funerals. (Curious Discourses,

Vol. I.) Sandford (Francis) (and Gregory King's] History of the Coronation of

James II., and of his Royal Consort, Queen Mary, on the 23d April, 1685; with an exact account of the several preparations, processions, and the magnificent feast in Westminster Hall. Folio. In the Savoy, 1687. Jacobus Smyth Miles liber ejus pretium 31b. 68., Lord Major of London, at

ye coronation of King James and Queen Marie, 1685.” On page 32 is a cor. rection and formal attestation, signed by Sir James, of the place, as Lord Mayor, which he occupied in the procession to the abbey, "next before ye king, none going between.”

Genealogical History.

See also Topography of the separate English Counties. Burke's (John) General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage of

England, extinct, dormant, and in abeyance. 8vo. London, 1831. [Milles's (Thos.)] Catalogue of Honor, or treasury of true nobility; that

is to say, a collection historical of all the free monarches, as well kings of England as Scotland, with the princes of Wales, dukes, marquisses, and erles; their wives, children, alliances, families, descentes, and achievements of honour : with a treatise of nobility,

politicall and civill. Folio, large paper. London, 1610. Rolls of Arms of the Peers and Knights in the reigns of Henry III.,

Edwards II. and III. ; edited by Sir N. H. Nicolas. 2 vols. in one,

8vo. London, 1829. Segar's (Sir William) Baronagium Genealogicum ; or, the pedigrees of

our English peers : continued to the present time by [Sir J. Ayloffe

and] Joseph Edmondson. 6 vols. folio. London, 1764-84. [Lodge's (Edmund)] English Peerage; or, a view of the ancient and

present state of the English nobility : with the arms, after designs by

C. Cotton, R.A. 3 vols. in 2, 4to. London, 1790. Collins's (Arthur) Peerage of England, greatly augmented, and con

tinued to the present time, by Sir E. Brydges. 9 vols. 8vo. Lond.

1812. Lodge's (E.) Peerage of the British Empire as at present existing. 8vo.

London, 1832. Dugdale's (Sir William) Baronage of England; or, an historical account

of the lives of our English nobility in the Saxon's time to the Norman conquest, and from thence of those who had their rise before the 11th

of Richard II. 2 vols. folio. London, 1675–6. Dugdale's (Sir W.) Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the

great Councils and Parliament of England. (Brit. Const. Law.) Banks (T. C.) Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, from the

Norman conquest to 1809. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1807-9.

Betham's (Sir Wm.) Baronetage of England; or, the history of English

Baronets, and of such Scottish Baronets as are of English families.

5 vols. 4to. Ipswich and London, 1801-5. Townsend's (Fr.) Calendar of Knights ; being the names of persons

upon whom the honour of knighthood has been conferred, from 1760 to 1828, in alphabetical order; together with the names of such British subjects as have received the Orders of the Garter, Bath, Guelph, the Ionian Order of St. Michael and St. George, and any

foreign order. Svo. London, 1828. Douglas's (Sir Robt.) Peerage of Scotland; containing an historical and

gencalogical account of the nobility of that kingdom: with continuation to the present period by J. P. Wood. 2 vols. folio, large paper.

Edinburgh, 1813. Douglas's (Sir R.) Baronage of Scotland. Vol. I. all published, folio.

Edinburgh, 1798. Lodge's (John) Peerage of Ireland ; revised, enlarged, and continued by

Mervyn Archdall. 7 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1789. Anderson's (James) Royal Genealogies; or, the genealogical tables of

emperors, kings, and princes, to these times. Folio. Lond. 1732. Garibay (E. de), Illustraciones Genealogicos de los Catholicos Reyes

de las Espagnas, y de los Christianissimos Reyes de Francia, y de los Emperadores de Constantinopola, hasta el Catholico Reye muestro, Señor Philippe el II. Folio. portrait of Philip II., engraved by

Perret. Malrid, 1596. Sandford's (Francis) Genealogical History of all the Kings and Queens

of England, and Monarchs of Great Britain from the Conquest, con

tinued to this time by Sam. Stebbing. Folio. London, 1707. Reden (F. Baron de), Tableaux Généalogiques et Historiques de l'Em

pire Britannique; accompagné des notes critiques, et des quatre

dissertations historiques et critiques. Folio. Hannovre, 1830. Leslæi (Jo.) Tabulæ Genealogicæ Regum Scotorum. (De Moribus, &c.) Noble's (Mark) Historical Genealogy of the Royal House of Stuart, from

their origin in the reign of Malcolm to that of King James VI.

4to. London, 1795. Crawford's (Geo.) Genealogical History of the House of Stewart, and of

the illustrious House of Hanover, from the intermarriage with the

Stewart family. (Hist. of Renfrew.) Harry's (Geo. Owen) Genealogy of the High and Mighty Monarch James;

with his lincall descent from Noah, by divers direct lynes to Brutus, and from him to Cadwalader, and from thence sundry wayes to his majesty : where also is handled the worthy descent of Owen Tudyr. Gathered at the request of Mr. Robert Holland. Small 4to, with

the plates. Sir E. Dering's copy. London, 1604. Slayter (William) Genethliacon, sive stemma Jacobi, genealogia scilicet

regia Catholica Anglo-Scoto-Cambro-Britannica; wherein, besides the pedigree of King James and King Charles, the descent of the Emperor, the Kings of Spaine, France, and Denmark, with many of the princes and nobility, and most part of Christendome, derived

in direct line from Noah, may be discerned. Folio. London, 1630. Gibbon's (Edward) Antiquities of the House of Brunswick. (Misc.

Works, Vols. II. and III.)

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