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Nelson (Life of Horatio, Lord Visc.), by J. S. Clarke and J. M'Arthur.

(English Naval History.) Newton (Memoirs of Sir I.), sent by M. Conduitt to M. Fontenelle, now

first published from the Newtonian MSS. (Turner's History of

Grantham.) Newton (Memoirs of John). (Cecil's Works, Vol. I.) Newton (Life of Bp. T.), by himself; with Anecdotes of his Friends.

(Works, Vol. I.) North (Fr. Lord Guildford), Life of, Lord Keeper under Charles I. and

James II. ; wherein are inserted, the characters of Sir Matthew Hale, Sir Geo. Jefferies, Sir Leol. Jenkins, and other eminent lawyers and statesmen of that time; by the Hon. Roger North. 2 vols. 8vo.

London, 1808. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's (Life of Alexander), by Ralph Churton.

8vo. Oxford, 1809. Oberlin (Memoirs of John Fred.), Pastor of Waldbach, in the Ban de la

Roche. 12mo. Lond. 1831. Oppiani (Vita). (Oppian de Piscatu.) Orleans (Mémoires du Duc d'). (French Hist.) Orme (Life of Robert). (Fragments, Indian History.) Otway (Life of Thomas). (Dramatic Works.) Paley (Wm.) Memoirs of, by Geo. W. Meadley. 8vo. Edin. 1810. Park (Life of Mungo). (Travels, Vol. II.) Parker (Life of Abp.) (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Parnel (Life of Dr. Thos.) (Goldsmith's Works, Vol. IV.) Pascal (Vie de M.), par Mad. Perier, sa Sæur. (Pensées.) Pascal (Memoirs of the Life of Blaise). (Thoughts.) Pearce (Life of Nath.) (Travels in Abyssinia.) Pecock (Life of Bp.) (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Pennant's (Thos.) Literary Life, by himself. (Literary History) Pepys (Life of Samuel), by Lord Braybrooke. (Memoirs, English His

tory, Charles II.) Perrott (the History of Sir John), Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. (Irish

History.) Petrarque, (Mémoires pour la vie de Fr.) tirés de ses æuvres et des

auteurs contemporains; avec des notes ou dissertations (par l'Abbé

de Sadé). 3 vols. 4to. Amst. [Avignon), 1764–67. Petrarch (Life of), collected from “ Mémoires pour sa Vie;" by Mrs.

Dobson. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1797. Petrarch, Historical and Critical Essay on the Life and Character of [by

Lord Woodhouselee). 8vo. Edin. 1810. Philip of Macedon (Life of). (Grecian History.) Phillips (Lives of Edw. and John), Nephews and Pupils of Milton ; by

Wm. Godwin. (English Hist. Commonwealth.) Pitt (Wm. Earl of Chatham), Anecdotes of his Life. 4 vols. 8vo. Lon

don, 1792. Pitt (Political Life of the Right Hon. Wm.), by John Gifford. (Eng

lish Hist., Geo. III.)

Pitt (Memoirs of the Life of the Right Hon. Wm.), by Geo. Tomline.

(Eng. Hist., Geo. III.) Pliny (Life of). (Pliny's Letters.) Plot (Life of Dr. Robt.) (Oxfordshire.) Plutarch (Life of). (Dryden's Works, Vol. XVII.) Poggio Bracciolini (Life of), by Wm. Shepherd. 4to. Liverpool, 1802. Polwhele's (R.) Traditions and Recollections. (Literary History.) Pomponius Atticus (Life of). (Hale's Works, Vol. I.) Pope (Life of Sir Thos.), Founder of Trinity College, Oxford, by Tho

mas Warton. 8vo. London, 1780. Pope (Life of Alex.), compiled from original MSS. ; with an Essay on

his writings and genius, by Owen Ruff head. 8vo. London, 1769. Pope (Life of Alex.), by W. L. Bowles. (Works, Vol. I.) Potemkin (Memoirs of Prince). (Russian History.) Prideaux (Life of Dean Humphrey). (Old and New Test. connected,

Vol. I.) Quarles (Life and Death of Francis), by T. F. Dibdin. (Manual of

Devotion.) Racine (Mémoires sur la Vie de Jean). (Cuvres, Vol. I.) Radcliffe's (Sir Geo.) Life and Original Correspondence, by T. D. Whit

aker. 4to. London, 1810. Raffles (Memoir of the Life and Public Service of Sir Thos. S.) (East

Indian History.) Ralegh (Sir W.) Life of, by Arth. Cayley. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1806. Ralegh (Sir W.), Life of, hy T. Birch. (Works, Vol. I.) Ralegh (Sir W.), Life of, by Wm. Oldys. (Works, Vol. I.) Rami (Vita Petri), ex J. T. Freigio descripta. (Milton's Prose Works,

4to. Vol. II. ; 8vo. Vol. VI.) Ramsay (Life of Allan). (Gentle Shepherd.) Reid (Thomas), Memoirs of the Life and Writings of, by Dugald Stewart.

4to. Edinburgh, 1811. Reresby's (Sir John) Memoirs. (Eng. Hist., Charles II.) Reynold's (Sir Josh.) Memoirs of; with original anecdotes of many dis

tinguished persons, and a brief analysis of his discourses; by J. North

cote. 4to. London, 1813. Reynolds (Life of Sir Joshua), by E. Malone. (Works, Vol. I.) Riccio (some Particulars of the Life of David). (Miscellanea Antiqua.) Richelieu (Histoire du Cardinal). (French History.) Ridley (Life of Bp.) (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Robertson (Wm.), Memoirs of the Life and Writings of, by Dug. Stewart.

4to. Edin. 1811. (Robertson's Scotland, Vol. I.) Robinson (Life of Thomas), of Leicester, by Ed. Th. Vaughan. 8vo.

London, 1816. Rochester (some Passages in the Life and Death of the Earl of), by

Gilb. Burnet. 12mo. London, 1805.

Roland (Vie de Madame). (French History.)
Rollin (Life of C.), by Lynman. (Ancient History.)
Romney (Life of Geo.), with Illustrations from his Works, by W. Hay-

ley. 4to. London, 1809. Rovigo (Memoirs of the Duke of). (French History.) Ruddiman (Life of Thomas), Librarian to the Faculty of Advocates of

Edinburgh; with new anecdotes of Buchanan, by George Chalmers.

8vo. port. by Bartolozzi. London, 1794. Ruggle (Life of George). (Ignoramus, Latin Drama.) Sadler (Memoirs of Sir Ralph). (State Papers.) Sancroft (Life of William), Abp. of Canterbury. With an appendix ;

life of the learned Henry Wharton; and two letters of Dr. Sanderson, from the archiepiscopal library, Lambeth : by Geo. D’Oyly. 2 vols.

8vo. London, 1821. Sandwich (Life of John Montague, 1st Earl of), by Cooke. (Sand

wich's Voyage.) Sandys (Life of Abp. E.), by Whitaker. (Sermons.) Savigny (Précis de la Vie de Mad. de). (Lettres.) Schilteri (B. J.) Vita et Memoria Meritorum Operumque Catalogus.

(Schilteri Thes. Vol. II.) Scott (Life of Thomas), including a narrative drawn up by himself, and

copious extracts from his letters, by John Scott. 8vo. Lond. 1822. Secker (Life of Abp. Thomas). (Works, Vol. I.) Selden (Life of John), by Aikin. (Lives of Selden and Usher.) Seldeni (Vita Joannis) à D. Wilkins. (Seldeni Opera, Vol. I.) Servetus (History of). (History of Sects.) Seward (Biographical Sketch of Anna), by Sir W. Scott. (Seward's

Works.) Shaftesbury (Memoirs relative to the Life of Anthony, 1st Earl of).

(Locke's Works, Vol. IX.) Shakespeare (Life of W.), by N. Drake. (Dramatic History.) Shakespeare (Life of), by Malone. (Works.) Sharp (Life of Abp. John), collected from his diary, letters, &c. by his

son, and edited by Thomas Newcome. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1825. Sheridan (Memoirs of the Life of Richard Brinsley), by Thomas Moore.

4to. London, 1825. Siddons (Meinoirs of Mrs.), by Boaden. (English Dramatie History.) Slingsby (Life of Sir Henry). (English Hist., Commonwealth.) Smellie (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Wm.), by Robert Kerr.

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1811. Smith (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Adam), by Dugald Stewart.

4to. Edinburgh, 1811. Smith (Life of Sir Thomas). (Eng. Hist., Elizabeth.) Smollett (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Tobias). (Works, Vol. I.) Somner (Life of W.), by White Kennet. (Treatise on Gavelkind.). Spence (Life of Joseph), by Singer. (Spence's Anecdotes.) Spenser (Life of Edmund), by Todd. (Works.)

Sterne (Life of Lawrence), by himself. (Works, Vol. I.)
Stillingfleet (Life of Bp. Edward). (Works, Vol. I.)
Stillingfleet (The Literary Life of Benjamin), by Coxe. (Works, Vol. I.)
Stow (Life of John), by Strype. (Survey of London, Vol. I.)
Strafforde (Life of the Earl of). (Strafford Papers.)
Suger (Histoire de l'Abbé). (French History.)
Sutton (Thomas), his last Will and Testament, taken out of the Pre-

rogative Court. 4to. London, 1614. Swift (Memoirs of Jonathan), by Sir W. Scott. (Works, Vol. I., and

Scott's Misc. Works, Vol. II.) Sydneys (Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of the), by A. Collins.

(Sydney Papers.) Sydney (Life of Sir Philip), by Thos. Zouch. 4to. York, 1808. Sydney (Life of Sir P.), by Lord Brooke, with an introduction by Sir E.

Brydges. 8vo. Lee Priory, 1817. Sydney (Life of Sir P.), by W. Gray. (Gray's Misc. Works.) Sydney (Life of Algernon). (Sydney on Government.) Tasso (Life of Torquato), by Wiffen. (Jerusalem Delivered.) Tasso (Life of T.), with an historical and critical account of his writings,

by John Black. 2 vols. 4to. Edinb. 1810. Tassoni (Memoirs of Alexandro), interspersed with occasional notices of

his literary contemporaries. With an appendix, containing biographical sketches of Renuccini, Galilei, Chiabrera, Guarini, and an inedited poem of Tasso; by Joseph Cooper Walker, and edited by

Sam. Walker. Small 8vo. London, 1815. Taylor (Life of Bp. Jeremy), and critical examination of his writings, by

Bp. Reg. Heber. (Works, Vol. I.) Temple (Life of Sir W.). (Works, Vol. I.) Thomson (Life of James). (Poetical Works.) Thuanus (Life of), with some account of his writings, and a translation

of the preface to his history, by J. Collinson. 8vo. London, 1807. Tillotson (Life of Abp.), by Birch. (Works, Vol. I.) Titian (Life of), with anecdotes of the distinguished persons of his time,

by J. Northcote, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1830. Tone (Life of Theobald Wolfe), Founder of the United Irish Society,

edited by his son William T. W. Tone; with a brief account of his own education, and campaigns under the Emperor Napoleon. 2 vols.

8vo. Washington, U. Š. 1827.
Tournefort (Life of), by Begon. (Travels.)
Townson (Life of Thomas). (Works, Vol. I.)
Turenne (Histoire du Vicecomte de). (French History.)
Tweddel (Memoir of John), by Robert Tweddel. (Remains.)
Tyndall (Life of William). (Works.)
Tytler (Account of the Life and Writings of William). (Mackenzie's

Works, Vol. VII.)
Veitch (Memoirs of W.) (Scottish Ecc. Hist.)

Virgil (Life of P.), by K. Chetwood. (Dryden's Works, Vol. XIII.)
Virgil (Life of P.), by Martyn. (Virgil's Bucolics.)
Waldegrave (Memoirs of the Earl of). (Eng. Hist., Geo. II.)
Walker (Life and Ministry of Sam.) of Truro. (Sermons, Vol. I.)
Wallace (Life of Sir W.). (Scottish Hist.)
Walpole (Memoirs of Horace). (Eng. Hist., Geo. II.)
Walton (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Brian), Bp. of Chester,

editor of the London Polyglot Bible. With notices of his coadjutors in that work; of the cultivation of Oriental learning in this country preceding and during their time; and of the Authorised English Version of the Bible. To which is added, Dr. Walton's own vindication of the Polyglot. By Henry John Todd. 2 vols. 8vo.

London, 1821. Warburton (Life of Bp. W.), by Hurd. (Works, Vol. I.) Warton (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Thomas), by Richard

Mant. (Poetical Works.) Warton (Biographical Memoirs of Dr. Joseph), by John Wooll. 4to.

London, 1806. Washington (Life of Geo.), by Marshall. (American Hist.) Waterland (Life of Daniel). (Works, Vol. I.) Waynflete (Life of Bp. William). (English History, Henry VI.) Wesley (Life of John). (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Wharton (Life of Henry). (D'Oyly's Life of Sancroft.) White (Life of Henry Kirke), by Robert Southey. (Remains.) Whitgift (Life of Abp.) (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Whitlocke (Life of Sir B.). (English History, Charles II.) Wicliff (Memoirs of the Life, Opinions, and Writings of John), by H.

Baber. (Wicliff's New Testament.) Wicliff (Life of), by Lewis. (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Williams (Life of Abp. John), by A. Philips. (Eng. Hist., Charles I.) Wilson (Life of Arthur) the Historian, written by himself. (Peck's

Desiderata Curiosa.) Wilson (Life of Bp. Thos.). (Works, Vol. I.) Winklemann (Vie de J. J.), par Huber. (Hist. de l'Art.) Witherspoon (Life of John). (Works, Vol. I.) Wolsey (Life of Cardinal). (Eng. Hist., Henry VIII.) Wood (Life of Anthony), by himself. (Athene Oxon., Vol. I.) Wyatt (Memoirs of Sir Thomas) the elder, by C. F. Nott. (Works of

Surrey and Wyatt.) Wyndham (Life of the Right Hon. William), by T. Amyot. (Speeches.) Xavier (Bohours' Life of St. Francis), of the Society of Jesus and Apostle

of the Indies and Japan, translated. (Dryden's Works, Vol. XVI.) Ximenes (The Life of Cardinal), by B. Barrett. 8vo. London, 1813. Zouch (Life of T.). (Works, Vol. I.) Zwingle (Life of Ulrich), by Hess. . (Hist. of the Christian Religion.)

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