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Biographical, Literary, and Political Anecdotes of the most eminent

persons of the present age. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1797. Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk [descriptive of literary characters, &c. in

Scotland]. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1819.


Physiognomical Poxtraits of One Hundred distinguished Characters, from

undoubted originals, engraved by the most eminent British artists. [Edited, with biographical notices in English and French, by Edward

Walmsley.] Proofs, 2 vols. 4to. London, 1824. Bezæ (Theo.) Icones; id est, veræ Imagines Virorum doctrinâ et pie

tate illustrium ; additis eorundem vitæ et operæ descriptionibus, quibus adjectæ sunt nonnullæ picturæ quas emblemata vocant. 4to. Dedicated to James VI. of Scotland, with his port. Large paper.

Genevæ, ap. Jo. Laonium, 1580. Portraits illustrative of the Novels, Tales, and Romances, of the Author

of Waverley (with biographical notices). Large paper, proofs, 8vo.

London, 1824. Iconographie des Contemporains depuis 1789 jusqu'à 1820. 2 vols.

folio. Paris, Granger's (James) Biographical History of England, from Egbert the

Great to the Revolution ; with a continuation to the end of the reign of George I. by Mark Noble. Large paper, 7 vols. royal 8vo.

London, 1804–6. The Regal and Ecclesiastical_Antiquities of England; containing the

representations of all the English monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry VIII., and many eminent persons; collected from ancient illuminated MSS., and engraved on copper-plates by the

author ; with Supplement. 4to. Lond. 1793. (Holland (Henry)] Basilewlogia, a Booke of Kings; beeing the true and

lively effigies of all our English Kings, from the Conquest untill this present. With their severall coats of armes, impresses, and devises, and a briefe chronologie of their lives and deaths. Elegantly graven in copper [by Elstracke, Passe, &c.]. Folio. (London), printed

for H. Holland, 1618. Holland] (H.) Herwologia Anglica ; hoc est, clariss. et doctiss. aliquot

Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno M.D. usque ad presentem annum M.DC.XX. vivæ effigies (65), vitæ, et elogia. 2 vols. in one.

Folio. Londini, impensis Crispini Passæi, [1620]. Birch's (Thomas) Heads of illustrious Persons of Great Britain, engraved

by Houbraken and Vertue, with their lives, &c. by Thomas Birch.

2 vols. in one, folio, large paper. Lond. 1743–52. Adolphus's (John) British Cabinet, containing portraits of illustrious

Personages, with biographical memoirs, Vol. 1. (all published.) Folio,

large paper. London, Harding, 1799. Portraits of illustrious Personages of Great Britain, from authentic

pictures in the galleries of the nobility, &c.; with biographical and historical memoirs of their lives and actions, by Edmund Lodge, Norroy King at Arms. 4 vols. folio, large paper, proofs on India paper. London, 1821, &c.

Holbein's (Hans) Original Drawings of the Portraits of illustrious Persons

of the Court of Henry VIII., with biographical notices by E. Lodge,

published by J. Chamberlayne. Folio, large paper. Lond. 1792. Pinkerton's (John) Iconographia Scotica; or, Portraits of illustrious Per

sons of Scotland, with biographical notices. 4to. Lond. 1797. Pinkerton's (J.) Scottish Gallery; or, Portraits of eminent Persons of

Scotland, with brief accounts of the characters represented, and an introduction on the rise and progress of painting in Scotland. 4to. London, 1799.

Separate Biographical Memoirs. Abercrombie (Life of Alexander, Lord). (Mackenzie's Works, Vol. VII.) Adam (Life of Tho.) of Wintringham. (Works, Vol. II.) Æsop (Life of) by De Mezirac, translated, with notes, by R. Dodsley.

(Fables.) Æsop (la Vie d'), par Fontaine. (Euvres de Fontaine, Vol. I.) Alexander the Great (Life of). (Q. Curtius.) Alfieri (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Victor), by himself, trans

lated. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1810. Allan (Life of David), the Scottish Hogarth. (Ramsay's Gentle Shep

herd.) Anglesey's (Arthur Earl of) Memoirs. (Eng. Hist., James II.) Anstey (Life of Christopher). (Poetical Works.) Anville (Eloge de M. d'). (Bibliography.) Apollonius of Tyana (Life of), translated from the Greek of Philostratus,

with notes and illustrations by E. Berwick. 8vo. London, 1809. Argenson (Mémoires du Marquis d'). (French History.) Aristotle (Life of). (Aristotle's Ethics.) Arminius (Life of James). (Works by Nichols, Vol. I.) Ascham (Life of Roger). (Works.) Atterbury (Memoirs of Bp. Fr.). (Correspondence.) Aylmer (Life of Abp.). (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Bacon (History of Fryer). (Miscellanea Antiqua.) Bacon (Memoirs of Antony). (Birch's Elizabeth.) Bacon's (John) Memoirs. (Cecil's Works, Vol. I.) Baker (Life of the Rev. Tho.), by Horatio Walpole. (Orford's Works,

Vol. II.) Barnes' (Life of Robert). (Tyndal, &c.'s Works.) Barrington (Life of Shute, Viscount). (Works, Vol. I.) Barrington (Memoir of Bp. Shute). (Works, Vol. I.) Barrow (Account of Isaac). (Works, Vol. I.) Barry (Life of J.). (Works, Fine Arts.) Barthélemy (Mémoires sur la Vie de J. J.). (Voyage d'Anacharse, Vol. I.) Bannatyne's (George) Memorials; with the contents of the Bannatyne

MSS. 4to. Edinburgh, privately printed, 1829.

Barwick (Life of Dr. John), by P. Barwick. 8vo. large paper, port. by

Vertue. London, 1724. Basire (Memoirs of Isaac). (Basire's Correspondence.) Bassompière (Mém. du Mareschal de). (French History.) Baxter (Life and Times of Richard). (Eng. Ecc. History.) Beattie (Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. James), by Sir W. Forbes, including many of his original letters. 3 vols. 8vo.

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1807. Becket (Life of Thomas à). (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Bentley (The Life of Richard), with an account of his writings, and

anecdotes of distinguished characters during the period in which he

flourished, by J. H. Monk. 4to. Lond. 1830. Berkely (Life of Bp. Geo.). (Works, Vol. I.) Berwick (Mémoires du Mareschal de). (French History.) Besanval (Mémoires du Baron de). (French History.) Beveridge (Life of Bp. W.), by T. H. Horne. (Works, Vol. I.) Bewick (Memoirs of Messrs.). (Select Fables.) Blacklock (Some account of the Life and Writings of Dr. Thomas).

(Mackenzie's Works, Vol. VII.) Bois (Life of Mr. John), one of the Translators of the Bible, by Anthony

Walker. (Peck's Desiderata Curiosa.) Boling broke (Life of Henry, Lord Visc.). (Goldsmith's Works, Vol. IV.) Bourgoing (Memoirs of General). (Works.) Bourrienne (Mémoires de). (French History.) Boyle (Life of the Hon. Robt.), by Birch. (Works, Vol. I.) Bramhall (Life of Abp.), by Bp. John Vesey. (Works.) Brathwait (Life of Richard), by Haslewood. (Barnabee's Journal.) Britton (Memoir of John). (Beauties of Wiltshire, Vol. III.) Brown (Memorial Sketches of the Rev. David) [by his Widow, and

edited by Charles Simeon]. 8vo. London, 1816. Brown (Life of Sir Thos.). (Posthumous Works.) Bruce (James) — Account of the Life and Writings of the Author of the

Travels to discover the Source of the Nile, by Alexander Murray.

4to. Edinburgh, 1808. Brysson (Memoirs of W.). (Scottish Ecc. Hist.) Buchanan (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Dr. Claudius), by Hugh

Pearson. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1819. Buchanan (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George), by David

Irving. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1807. Buchanan (New Anecdotes of George). (Life of Ruddiman.) Bunyan (Memoirs of the Life of John), by Rob. Southey. (Pilgrim's

Progress.) Buonarotti (Life of Michael Angelo), with his Poetry and Letters, by

R. Duppa. 4to, large paper. London, 1807. Burghley (Life of William Cecil, Lord) Secretary of State and Lord High

Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth; published from the original MSS. in the library of the Earl of Exeter. With memoirs of the family of Cecil, by Arthur Collins. 8vo. London, 1732.


Burghley (Life and Actions of Sir W. Cecil, Lord). (Peck's Desiderata

Curiosa.) Burghley (Life and Actions of Sir W. Cecil, Lord), by Nares. (Eng.

Hist., Eliz.) Burns (Life of Robert), by J. G. Lockhart. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1828. Byron (Letters and Journals of Lord), with notices of his Life by Thomas

Moore. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1830. Cabot (Memoir of Sebast.). (Travels, America.) Cadogan (W. B.) Memoirs of. (Cecil's Works, Vol. I.) Calamy (Life of Edmund). (Eng. Eccl. Hist.) Cambridge (Memoirs of R. O.). (Works.) Camoens (Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de), by John Adam

2 vols. small 8vo. Newcastle, 1820. Campbell (Life of Geo.). (Lect. on Ecc. Hist.) Carleton (Memoirs of Capt. George). (Spanish History.) Carnot (Mémoires sur). (French History.) Carstares (Life of William). (State Papers.) Caxton (Life of William). (Bibliography.) Cecil (Life, Character, and Remains of the Rev. Thos.), collected and

revised by Josiah Pratt. 8vo. London, 1812. Cellini (Vita del Benvenuto), scritta da lui. 4to. Colonia, [1730]. Cellini (Memoirs of Benvenuto), a Florentine Artist, written by himself.

Containing a variety of information respecting the arts, and the history of the 16th century. Corrected and enlarged from the last Milan edition, with the notes and observations of G. P. Carpani, now first translated by Thomas Roscoe, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. London,

1822. Cervantes (Life of). (Don Quixote.) Charlemont (Memoirs of James Caulfield, Earl of). (Irish History.) Chatterton (Life' of Thomas). (Works, Vol. I.) Chaucer (Life of Geoffry), by W. Godwin ; including memoirs of his

near friend and kinsman, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. With sketches of the manners, opinions, arts, and literature in England

during the 14th century. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1803. Chaucer (Illustrations of the Life of), by Todd. (See Gower.) Cheke (Life of Sir John). (English History, Edward VI.) Chesterfield (Memoirs of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of), by Maty.

(Misc. Works, Vol. I.) Chillingworth (Life of W.). (Works, Vol. I.) Cicero (Life of M. T.), by C. Middleton. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1819. Clarendon (The Life of Edward, Earl of), to his banishment in 1667;

published from his original MSS. 2 vols. 8vo. large paper. Oxford,

Clarke (The Life and Remains of Dr. E. D.), by William Otter.

London, 1824.
Clement XIV. (Anecdotes of). (Ganganelli's Letters.)
Colet (Life of Dr. John), by Samuel Knight. 8vo. London, 1724.

Collingwood (Memoirs of Lord). (Eng. Naval Hist.)
Columbus (Life of Christ.) (Travels, America.)
Cook (Memoirs of Capt. James), by Andrew Kippis. 4to. Lond. 1788.
Corbet (Life of Bp. R.). (Poems.)
Corneille (la Vie de P.), par B. le Bovier de Fontenelle. (Euvres.)
Coucy (Mémoires Historiques sur Raoul de), par M. de la Borde. 2 vols.

in one, small 8vo. Paris, 1781. Cowley (Life of Abr.). (Works.) Cowper's (Wm.) Life and Posthumous Writings, by Wm. Hayley. 3 vols.

4to. Chichester, 1803. Cranmer (Life of Abp.). (Eng. Ecc. Hist.) Creichton (Memoirs of Capt. John), by Jonath. Swift. (Works, Vol. III.) Crichton (Life of James), of Cluny, commonly called the Admirable

Crichton ; with an appendix [of notes and illustrations, and of testimonia of various authors regarding him], by Pat. Fr. Tytler. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1819. Cromwell (Life of Oliver). (Eng. Hist., Protectorate.) Cumberland (Memoirs of Richard), by himself; interspersed with anec

dotes and characters of the most distinguished men of his time.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1807. Cumberland (Life of Richard); embracing a critical examination of his

writings : with an occasional literary inquiry into the age in which he lived, and the contemporaries with whom he flourished, by William

Mudford. 8vo. London, 1812. Currie (James), Memoirs of his Life, Writings, and Correspondence,

edited by his Son. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1831. Cullen (Account of the Life, Lectures, and Writings of William), by John

Thomson. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinb. 1832. Dante (Life of), translated from Bruni by Boyd. (Poetry.) Darnley (Memoir of Henry, Lord). (Chalmers's Mary Queen of Scots.) Darwin (Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Erasmus); with anecdotes of his

friends, and criticisms on his writings, by Anna Seward. 8vo.

London, 1804. Davy (Life of Sir Humphry), by J. A. Paris. 2 vols. 8vo. London,

1831. De Foe (Life of Daniel), by Chalmers. (History of the Union with

Scotland, and Novels; and by Wilson, English History, Anne.) Dermody (Life and Correspondence of Thomas), by J. G. Raymond.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1806. Doddridge (Life of Philip), by Job Orton. (Family Expositor, Vol. I.) Doppet (Mémoires du Général). (French History.) Drake's (Memoirs of Capt. Peter), by himself; containing an account of

many strange and surprising events which happened to him through a series of sixty years, and several anecdotes regarding King William's and Queene Anne's War with Louis XIV. 8vo. Dublin, printed for the author, 1755.

This was carefully suppressed by Capt. Drake's family. Drake (Life and Death of Sir F.), by Charles Fitz-Geffrey. Small 8vo.

Lee Priory, 1819.

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