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Efect of the Labours of the Messrs. Wesley and Mr.

Whitefield at Kingswood-Mr. Wesley at Bath-

Statement of his doctrinal views Separates from the

Moravians in London-Formation of the Methodist

SocietyMr. Wesley's MotherCorrespondence be-

tween Mr. John and Mr. Samuel Wesley on Extraor-

dinary Emotions, and the doctrine of Assurance

Remarks-Enthusiasm-Divine Influence-Difference

between Mr. Wesley and Mr. Whitefield— Their Re-

conciliation-Mr. Matfeld-Mr. Wesley's defence of

his calling out Preachers to assist him in his work


Pages 70---94.


Persecution in London--Institution of ClassesMr.

Wesley charged with being a Papist-His labours in

Yorkshire, Northumberland, and Lincolnshire-Death

of Mrs. Susanna Wesley-Labours and Persecutions

of Mr. Charles Wesley in Staffordshire and Yorkshire

- Increase of the SocietiesMr. Wesley's danger and

escape at Wednesbury His first visit to Cornwall-Riots

in Staffordshire--- Preaches for the last time before

the University of Oxford-Correspondence with the

Rev. J. Erskine-His sermon on « A Catholic Spi-

rit-First Conference held-Remarks. Pag. 94-116.


Mr. Charles Wesley's Labours in Cornwall, Kent, Staf-

fordshire, and the North of EnglandPersecution at

DevizesRemarks--Mr. Wesley at Newcastle-His

Statement of the Case between the Clergy and the Me-

thodists-Remarks-Labours in Lincolnshire, fc.-

Persecutions in CornwallCount Zinzendorf-Dr.

Doddridge-Mr. Wesley a writer of TractsHis sen-

timents on Church Government-Extracts from the

Minutes of the early Conferences-Remarks-Mr. Wes-

ley's Labours in different parts of the Kingdom-His

zeal to diffuse useful knowledgeMobs in Devonshire-

Visits IrelandSucceeded there by his brother--Perse-

cutions in Dublin.

Pages 116–146.

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