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quiry into the conduct of the navy ; motion withdrawn, Loan
bill opposed by the Marquis of Rockingham. Protest against it.
Report from the select committee on India affairs. Debates on the
minister's motion for a secret committee to enquire into the causes
of the war in the Carnatic. Motion for an amendment, that the
committee might be open, rejected on a division. Great debates on
Sir George Saville's motion, for referring the petition from the
delegated counties for a redress of grievances, to a committee of the
whole house. The motion rejected upon a division. Debate an
Mr. Burke's motion for papers, tending to an enquiry into the
seizure and confiscation of private property in the isand of St.
Eustatius. Motion reje&ted on a division. Bill for new-modelling
the supreme court of judicature in Bengal. Various propositions,
motions, and debates, relative to the affairs of the Easi-India
company. Debates on the minister's bill

, for securing to the public
a certain participation in the profits of the East-India company.
Great debates on Mr. Fox's motion, that the house do resolve itself
into a committee, to consider of the American war.

Motion re-
jeeted on a division. Lord Beauchamp's bill, for affording relief
in certain cases of difficulty produced by the marriage act. Mr.
Fox's bill for amending the marriage act.

Mr. Fox's mar-
riage bill lost in the house of lords. Speech from the throne. [*179

Extra&t of a letter from Capt. Wm. Pere Williams, of his majefy's
ship, Flora, to Mr. Stephens, dated Spithead, June 27, 1781

Extrait of a letter from Captain Curtis to Mr. Stephens, dated
Brilliant, Gibraltar, August 7, 1781


Account of the action betwixt the Savage Roop of war, of 16 guns,

Capt. Stirling, and the Congress, an American frigate of 20



Account of an action between his majesty's Noops the Atalanta and

Trepalpy, and a large American ship called the Alliance


Extract of a letter from Lord George Germain, to the commisioners

appointed to restore peace to America, dated Whitehall, March
7, 1781

Extrait of a letter from IV m. Knox, Esq. fecretary to Lord

Germain, to James Simpson, Esq. dated Whitehall

, March 7,



Copy of a letter written by Mr. Meyrick to Gen. Arnold

Letter from Gen. Washington to the Hon. Benjamin Harrison, Esq.

Speaker of the house of delegates, Richmond, Virginia [256

Letter from Mr. Adams, ambasador from the American Congress at

Amsterdam, to Thomas Cushing, Esq. lieutenant-governor of Maf-



An account of the quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and

imported into England and Scotland, with the bounties and draw-

backs paid, and the duties received thereon, for one year, ended

the 5th of January, 1782


An account of all the men raised for his majesty's navy, marines in-

cluded, from the 29th of September, 1774, to the 29th of Septem-

ber, 1780, distinguishing each year


An account of all the number of the men who have died in actual

service in his majesty's navy since the first day of January, 1776,

distinguishing (as far as may be) those who have been killed by the

enemy; and also of the number of such men as have deserted the

said service in the same period, as far as the several accounts can

be made up, distinguishing each year


State of his majesty's British regular land forces, officers included,

in North America and the IVest-Indies, as they were at the end

of the year 1779


Account of the men loft and disabled in his majesty's British land forces,
including two battalionis of marines serving on fhore, by death,
captivity, desertion, wounds or fickness, in North America and the
West Indies, from Nov. ist, 1774, to the date of the last return


Embarkation returns of all the British corps and recruits, which

have been sent from Great Britain or Ireland, to any part of

North America or the West Indies, in 1778, 1779, 1780 [265



His majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, Nov.
1, 1780


The humble address of the lords spiritual and temporal

, in parlia-

ment assembled, with his majesty's most gracious answer [283

The humble address of the House of Cornmons to his majesty; with

his majesty's molt gracious answer


Address of the archbishop, bishops, and clergy of the province of Can-

terbury, in convocation assembled, presented to his majesty on the
17th of November, 1780; with his majesty's most gracious an-



Meljage from his majesty, delivered to the House of Lords by Lord

Viscount Stormont, Thursday, January 25, 1781 [287

Protest of the Lords, 25th January, 1781


Second protest of ditto


Protest of the Lords, 21/t March, 1781


Answer of the States General to the manifesto of the King of Great



Copy of the maritime treaty between the Empress of Russia and the

King of Denmark, acceded to by the King of Sweden and the

States, General of the United Provinces


The humble petition of the British subjects residing in the provinces

of Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa, and their several dependencies, ta

the Hon. the

House of Commons of Great Britain [303

Petition of the Jews of St. Eustatius to Admiral Rodney and General



Memorial of the Empress of Rusia to the States General (310

Memorial of the States General to the court of Stockholm [311

His majesty's Speech on closing the Sefion of parliament, July 18,


Answer given by Lord Stormont to Monf. Simolin, the Russian mi-

nifter, with respect to the mediation offered by the Empress between

Great Britain and the United Provinces





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