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Nottinghamshire, L. Rolleston, Flint, Henry Thrale, of Baof Watnall, Esq.

chegrig, Efq; Oxford, Rd.' Paul Jodrell, of Mérioneth, Edward Lloyd, of Lewknor, Esq;

Maermore, Efq; Rutlandshire, Tho. Sanders, of Montgomerysh. Hugh Mears, Mercott, Efq;

of Finnant, Eig; Shropshire, Ed. Charles Windfor, of Harnage Grange, Esq;

The follouing is an eract Account Somersetshire, John Ford, of

of the Woollen Cloth made in the Hadspen, Esq;

iVet Riding of Yorkshire, from Staffordshire, Ph. Keay, of Abbots-Bromley, Esq;

March 1780, to March 1781,

with the Amount of the Increase Suffolk, Charles Kent, of Farnham St. Genoveve, Esq;

from the twelve Months preceding

that Period. Southampton, Benjamin Smith, of Lys, Erg;

Broad cloth. 102,018 pieces Surrey, William Northey, of Epsom, Esq;

containing 3,099,127 yards. In

creased this Sussex, Wm. Peachy, of Kid

year 7593 pieces conford, Esq.

taining 399,496 yards.

Narrow cloth. 98,721 pieces Warwickshire, John Webb,' of Sherborne, Esq;

containing 2,671,397 yards. In

creased this year 11,412 pieces, Worceftershire, John Darke, of Bredon, Erq;

containing 100,073 yards, Wiltshire, W. Hayter, of Newton-Toney, Efq; Yorkshire, Humphrey Ofbal

BIRTHS for the Year 1781. deston, of Hunmanby, Esq; South Wales.

Jan. 14. Lady of Sir J. Thorold, Brecon, Lewis Williams, of Pentwyn, Erq;

31. Lady of the Rt. Hon. Carmarthen, Sir W. Masel},

Earl of Traquair, a son. of Iscoed, Bart.

Feb. 8. Her Highness the DuchCardigan, David Lloyd, of Al.

ess, of Courland, a printyroden, Efq;

cess, at Mittau. Glamorgan, C. Bowen, of Mer- 26. Lady of Lord Carlow of thyrmawr, Efq;

the Kingdom of Ireland, Pembroke, H. Scourfield, of Robefton-hall, Esq;

One of the Sultanas of the Radnor, Jonathan Bowen, of

Grand Signior, a prinKnighton, Esq;

cess, at Conftantinople. NORTH WALES.

March 6. Lady of Sir Andrew Anglesey, Jonathan Bobyckan

Hammond, a daughter. Sparrow, of Redhill, Efq;

15. Lady of the Hon. Francis Carnarvon, Edw. Carreg, of

Talbot, a fon. Carreg, Esq;

April 9. Lady Abingdon, a son Denbigh, the Hon. Tho. Fitz

and heir. maurice, of Leweny, Esq;

The Confort of the Arch.


a son.

a son.

Duke Ferdinand, of a

MARRIAGES, 1781. fon, at Milan. 13. Lady Hope, a son, at Dec. 2, 1780. Sir John WedderPinky-house, Scotland.

burn, of Ballindean, Bt. May 5. Right Hon. Lady Kin

to Miss Dundas, daugh. naird, a daughter, in

of the late Col. Dundas, Park-ft. Weltminster.

of Dundas. Lady of Sir Edward Astley, Jan. 5, 1781. The Earl of Lanera fon,

borough, to Miss LaJuly 12. Lady Cadogan, a daugh

touche. ter,

In Ireland, Duke Giffard, Aug. 4. Lady of the Rt. Hon.

Elq; eldest son of Sir Sir Richard Worsely,

Duke G. Bart, of CalBt. a daughter.

tle Jordan, co. Meath, 5. Lady of the Earl of Rad

to Miss Maddock. nor, a son, in Grafton- 25. Sir James Hereford, of ftreet.

Safton-court, co. Heref. Lady of Lord Viscount

to Mrs. Fra. Hopton, of Stormont, a son.

Worcester. 20. Lady. Tancred, of a second 31. At Lambeth-chapel, Geo, fon, at Sir Thomas's

Warde, Esq; nephew of feat, at Lyndhurst, New

Gen. Warde, and capt. Forest, Hampshire.

in Ld. Amherst's trocy of Sept, 10. Lady of Rt. Hon. Lord

horse - grenadier guards, Bagot, a son.

to Miss Madan, daugh. 22. Lady of Hon. John Byng,

of the Rev. Dr. M. and

niece of Earl CornwalO&. 10. Lady of Lord Visc. Wey

lis. mouth, a daughter. Feb. 5. Nicolls Raynsford, Erg, The Rt. Hon. Lady Paget,

of Brixworth, North. a daughter.

amptonshire, to Miss Lady of Sir Harbord Har.

Souter, of Beaconsfield. bord, Bart. M. P. a fon. Rich. Wilson, Efq; to Mits 14. Lady of Sir John Perhall,

Eliz. Fountayne, daugh. Bart. a fon and heir.

of the Dean of York. Nov. 14. Lady of George Gipps, March 6. By special licence, the Elg; M. P. a daughter.

Hon. Lord Althorp, son 26. Countess of Harrington,

of Earl Spencer, to Miss a fon,

Bingham, daughter of Dec. 8. Countess of Shelburne,

Lord Lucan. a daughter.

Sir Tho. Jones, Knt. to 10. Lady Grantham, a son and

Miss Fitzgerald, daugh. heir.

of Lady Fitzgerald. 21. The Lady of Major Ken- 10. Lord Mahon, to Miss nedy, a fon.

Grenville, daugh. to the 25. Counters Percy, a daughter.

late Right Hon. Geo. Her Grace the Duchess of

Grenville, and lifter to Rutland, a son.

the present E. Temple.

a son.

27. At Canterbury the Rev.

eldest daugh. of the Earl Rich. Sandys, Vicar of

of Meath. Reculver, to the Right 30. John Vaughan, Esq; M.P. Hon. Lady Fran. Alicia

for co. Caermarthen, to Aflong, relict of Wm.

Miss Maude, daugh. of Allong, Efq; and young.

Sir C. Maude, Bart. fifter to the Earl of Tan- July 3. At Moreton, co. Dorset, kerville.

Evelyn Shirley, of Clift, April 2. Mr. Andr. Drummond,

Efq; son of the Hon. to Lady Mary Percival,

George Shirley, of Eaeldest daughter of Lady

tington, Warwickshire, Egmont.

to Miss Phyllis Byam Io. Capt. Rodney, of the 3d.

Wollaston, daugh. of the reg. of guards, fon of

late Charleton WolSir Geo. Brydges Rod

latton, M.D. ney, Bart. to Miss Har- 17. Robert Auriol Drummond, ley, daughter of the Rt.

Esq; son of the late Hon. Tho. Harley.

Abp. of York, to Miss 29. John Henderson, Elg; fon

Harley, daughter of the of Sir Robt. Henderson,

Rt. Hon. Tho. Harley. Bart. to Miss Robertson, 19. At Exeter, by special lidaugh. of Gen. Robert

cence, Sir Geo. Collier, son, Governor of New

Knt. late Capt. of the York.

Canada, to Miss Fryer, May 2. James Falls, Esq; of Or

dau. of W. Fryer, E1q. tend, to Miss C. Her- 27. The Hon. Horatio Walries, sister of Sir Robert

pole, eldest son of Lord Herries, of London.

Walpole, to Miss Chur20. John Edward Maddocks,

chill, daughter of C. Esq; to Miss Frances

Churchill, Efa. Perryn, youngest daugh. Lately, at Gretna-Green, the Hon. of Mr. Baron Perryn.

Capt. Shirly, son of Ld. 21. Right Hon. Ld. Audley,

Ferrers, to Miss Ward, to Miss Delaval.

niece to Visc. Dudley. 25. Mr. Croft, son of Rich. Edw. Wheeler, Esq; one Croft, Esq; Pall-Mall,

of the Supreme Council to Miss Smythlon, dau.

of Bengal, to Miss Dunof Sir J. Smythson, Bt.

ford, daughter of George June 2. Rev. Henry Jenkin, Rec

Dunford, Esq. tor of Ufford, co. Nor- Aug. 14. At Chester, Sir Peter thampton, to the Hon.

Warburton, Bt. to Miss Miss Aug. Evelyn.

Alice Parker. 10. Tho. Bond, Efq; of Wim- 21., At Norwich, Wm. Drake, bledon, to Miss Bewicke,

jun. Efq; member for daughter of the late Sir

Ammersham, Bucks, to Robert.

Miss Rachid Ives of that 23. Arthur Knox, Esq; to

city. Lady Mary Brabazon, 27. At Bengrove, Suflex, the

Hon. Hon. George Napier, to Sir Jennison Gordon, of the Right Hon. Lady

Hertford-street, to Miss Sarah Lenox.

Hatton, of NorthampSept. 1. At Staunton Harold; the

tonshire. Hon. Washington Shir

By special licence, the ley, to Miss Ward, niece

Hon. Mr. Irby, brother to the late Lord Visc.

to Lord Boston, to Miss Dudley and Ward.

Mary Blackman, young. 8. John Hughes, Esq; of Bet.

daughter and coheiress fhanger, Kent, to Miss

of Rowland Blackman, Hardy, niece to the late

Esq; of Barbadoes. Admiral Sir Charles At Moor Monkton church, Hardy.

near York, Sir Tho. T. 29. Princess Carolina, 4th dau.

Slinsby, Bart, to Miss of the King of Sardinia,

M. Slingsby. to Prince Anthony, bro

Lord Visc. Turnour, son ther to the Elector of

of the Earl of Winterton, Saxony.

to Miss Chapman, dau. At Cuddesden, Oxf, the

of Rich. "Chapman, Rev. Henry Ford, of

Chrift-Church, to Miss Nov. 8. At Glassaugh, Banffshire,
M. L. Yates, niece to

Vice-admiral Duff, of the Bp. of Oxford.

Logie, to Mrs. Morrison, Oct. 3. At Ieworth church, by

of Haddo, daugh. of the his uncle, the Hon, and

late Gen. Abercromby. Rev. Wm. Neville, un- 17. George Drummond, Efq; der a special licence, the

· one of the CommisHon. Henry Neville.

fioners of Public Aceldest son of Geo. Lord

counts, to Miss Anne Abergavenny, to Miss

Shotter. Robinson, only daugh. Dec. 3. The Earl of Aylesford to of John R. Efq; of Sion

the Hon. Miss Louisa Hill, co. Middlesex.

Thynne, eldest daugh. 12. Sir Fred. Reynolds, Knt.

of Lord Viscount Weyof Hatfield, Herts, to

mouth. Miss M. Townshend, of

Hatton-street. 15. Edw. Snıythe, Esq; eldest Principal PROMOTIONS for the son of Sir Edw. S. Bart.

Year 1781, from the London Gato Miss Holford, only zette, &c.

daugh. of Peter H. Efq; 8. Rev. Cha. Birch, of Chi- Dec. 29, 1780. The following

chelter, Suflex, to Miss noblemen and gentlemen have
Anne Seymour, 2d. dau. been appointed of his Royal High-
of Hen. S. Efq; of Han- ness the Prince of Wales's house-
ford, co. ' Dorfet, and hold : Groom of the Stole Lord
niece to Earl Cowper.
Southampton. Gentlemen of the


Bed-Chamber-E. of Courtown, John Hallam, D.D. Dean of
Lord John Clinton, Lord Visc. Bristol.
Parker. Treasurer and Secretary

March 3. Ralph Heathcote, Efq;
-Lieut. Col. Hotham. Master appointed his Majesty's Minister
of the Robes and Privy Purle- Plenipotentiary at the Court of the
Hen. Lyte, Esq. Grooms of the Elector of Cologne, in the room of
Bed-chamber-Hon. Mr. Legge, Geo. Cretlener, Esq; dec.
Hon. Stephen Digby, John John- Wm. Browne, Elq; appointed to
fon, Esq. First Equerry and Com- be Governor of the Bermuda or
miffioner of the Stables-Lient.- Somer's Islands in America, in
Col. Lake. Equerries—Lieut.- the room of J. G. Bruere, Efq;
Colonel Hulse, "Lieutenant-Col. deceased.
Sir John Dyer, Bart. Lieut.-Col. 24. The dignity of a baronet of

the kingdom of Great Britain un. 30. Capt. Andrew Corbet and to the following gentlemen, and Capt. Lord Strathaven to be Aid- their heirs male, viz. Sir Robert de-camps in Ordinary to the Earl Barker, Knt. of Butbridge, in the of Carlisle ; and Capt. Sir James county of Surrey'; Jofeph Banks, Erskine, Bart. Capt. the Hon. Esq; of Revesby-Abbey, in the co. Fra. North, Capt. Arthur Ormf. of Lincoln ; John Ingilby, Efq; by, and Lieut. Rich. O'Brien of Ripley, in the Weti-Riding of Boyle, to be his Aid-de-camps in the co. of York; Alex. Craufurd, Extraordinary.

Efq. of Kilburney, in N. Britain ; Jan. 9, 1781. John Macpher- Valentine Rich. Quin, Efq; of fon, Esq; to be one of the Coun- Adair, co. of Limerick, in Ireland; sellors of the Governor-General Wm. Lewis André, Esq; (captain and Council of the Presidency of in his Majesty's 26th reg. of foot) Fort William in Bengal, in the of Southampton,co. of Southamp-. room of Rich. Barwell, Efq; ap- ton; Fra. Sykes, Efq; of Basildon, proved by his Majesty.

co. of Berks; John Coghill, Efq; 10. Adm. Sir Hyde Parker pro- of Richings, co. of Buckingham; moted from being Rear-Adm of and John Molley, Efq; of Ancoats, the Red, to be Vice-Adm. of the co. of Lancaster. Blue ; and Admiral Kempenfelt, April 3. Edward Emily, A.M. Rear-Admiral of the Blue. Dean of Derry.--Rev. John Mac

20. Dr. Rich. Woodward, Dean Leifh, the united churches, and paof St. Macartin Clogher, to the rishes of Killarow and Kilchoman, Bishoprick of Cloyne

in the presbytery of Kintire, and Rev.W.Cecil Perry,M.A. Dean hire of Argyll and Bute.-Rev. of Derry, to the united Bishopricks John M Conochie, the church and of Killala and Achonry.

parish of Crauford, in the presbyFeb. 17. George Lord Edg- tery and county of Lanark. cumbe, advanced to the dignity 7. Rev. John Lynch, Doctor of of a Viscount, to him and his heirs Laws, a Canon or Prebendary of male, by the name, style, and title, Canterbury, on the resignation of of Viscount Mount Edgcunibe and Dr. Rich. Palmer: Valetort.

14. Tho. Morley, Esq; Cap..


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